Guild Wars 2 – Server Reset Time for Dailies & Login Rewards

    Guild Wars 2 offers many rewards on a daily basis, either by simply logging in the game, or completing certain daily tasks. Unfortunately, the weekly & monthly rewards have been removed from the game, even though they supported this reward system even better.

    Below, you can check what time all the dailies reset for your country / state, whether you are located in an EU or a US server.

    Guild Wars 2 EU Servers Daily Reset Times

    GMT Country Reset Time Local Time
    0 Iceland 00:00 21:40
    +1 Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Portugal, United Kingdom 01:00 21:40
    +2 Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, France, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City State 02:00 22:40
    +3 Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia 03:00 23:40
    +4 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia 04:00 01:40

    Guild Wars 2 US Servers Daily Reset Times

    EDT State Reset Time Local Time
    -6 Hawaii 18:00 11:40
    -4 Alaska 19:00 12:40
    -3 Arizona, British Columbia (Canada), California, Idaho (north), Nevada, Oregon, Vancouver (Canada), Yukon (Canada) 20:00 13:40
    -2 Alberta (Canada), British Columbia (southeast, Canada), Colorado, Denver, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota (southwest), Northwest Territories (Canada), Nunavut (west, Canada), Oregon (east), Saskatchewan (west, Canada), South Dakota (west), Texas (west), Utah, Wyoming 21:00 14:40
    -1 Arkansas, Alabama, Florida (northwest), Illinois, Indiana (north), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky (west), Louisiana, Manitoba (Canada), Michigan (northwest), Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Nunavut (Canada), Oklahoma, Ontario (west, Canada), Saskatchewan (east, Canada), South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin 22:00 15:40
    0 Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky (east / south), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Nunavut (east, Canada), Ohio, Ontario (Canada), Pennsylvania, Quebec (Canada), Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee (east), Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia (EDT Time) 23:00 16:40
    +1 New Brunswick (Canada), Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), Nova Scotia (Canada), Prince Edward Island (Canada), Quebec (island, Canada) 00:00 17:40

    All Dailies in Guild Wars 2

    In order to get the daily reward, you have to complete any 3 daily quests from the “Daily” category. There’s 4 quests in PvE, PvP & WvW respectively, so there’s quite a lot of choices on how you want to acquire your reward.

    Getting the daily reward every day is a no-brainer, since you get 2 gold & 3 spirit shards just for completing it.

    The daily login rewards are also very important, since at the end of each series they will reward you with account gains in xp, gold & magic find, and what’s better is that you can’t lose them, since they are not date-dependent.

    Below you can find a reference of all Guild Wars 2 dailies that give you chests of items and materials:

    • Fractals
    • Bloodstone Fen
    • Ember Bay
    • Bitterfrost Frontier
    • Lake Doric
    • Draconis Mons
    • Siren’s Landing
    • Domain of Istan
    • Sandswept Isles
    • Sunken Treasure Hunter
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