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Published on February 14, 2021    Updated on November 30, 2021
Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Characters - Full Roster of 18 Fighters

Guilty Gear Strive has announced all 15 characters of the base roster, and we can't wait to get our hands on it!

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Guilty Gear Strive is a wet dream for the FGC, since we’ll be getting DBFZ’s polish, into the most demanding fighting game of all times! With an announced roster of 15 fan-favorite characters – that the players also helped vote for – and a couple brand new additions, the hype is definitely real!

The game is set to release on April 6, 2021, June 11, 2021, while the 1st Season Pass is also already announced, and judging from Arc System Work’s recent releases, as well as the fighting game market in general, it’s safe to say that Strive’s roster can easily hit the 30-character mark, making it the biggest Guilty Gear game yet!

The 1st Season Pass has been available since the game’s release, and contains 5 playable characters:

  • Season Pass 1
    • July 27, 2021 – Goldlewis Dickinson
    • August 27, 2021 – Jack-O
    • November 30, 2021 – Happy Chaos
    • 2 Unnanounced Characters

Anji Mito

Anji Mito, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Axl Low

Axl Low, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


Faust, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


Giovanna, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Goldlewis Dickinson

Goldlewis Dickinson, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


I-No, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


Jack-O, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Ky Kiske

Ky Kiske, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Leo Whitefang

Leo Whitefang, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


May, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Millia Rage

Millia Rage, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


Nagoriyuki, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


Potemkin, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character


Ramlethal, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

Zato ONE

Zato ONE, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character

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