Published on February 14, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2022

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Characters - Full Roster of 21 Fighters

Guilty Gear Strive is a wet dream for the FGC, since we’ll be getting DBFZ’s polish, into the most demanding fighting game of all times! With an announced roster of 15 fan-favorite characters – that the players also helped vote for – and a couple brand new additions, the hype is definitely real!

Character Selection Screen, Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

The game is set to release on April 6, 2021, June 11, 2021, while the 1st Season Pass is also already announced, and judging from Arc System Work’s recent releases, as well as the fighting game market in general, it’s safe to say that Strive’s roster can easily hit the 30-character mark, making it the biggest Guilty Gear game yet!

The 1st Season Pass has been available since the game’s release, and contains 5 playable characters:

  • Season Pass 1
    • July 27, 2021 – Goldlewis Dickinson
    • August 27, 2021 – Jack-O
    • November 30, 2021 – Happy Chaos
    • January 28, 2022 – Baiken
    • March 28, 2022 – Testament
  • Season Pass 2
    • August 8, 2022 – Bridget
    • 3 unannounced characters

You can check the complete roster of Guilty Gear characters here.

Table of Contents

Anji Mito

Anji Mito, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Japanese Colony
Date of Birth January 1
Height 6' 0"
Weight 150 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Researching about "That Man", Vigorous sports, traveling
Likes Faith, freedom
Dislikes Contrarian, suphistry
Affiliation None
Weapon Zessen

Outline: A descendant of pure Japanese ancestry, he concealed his identity to escape from the mundane life within the Japanese Colony that he was subjected to. He occasionally travels with Baiken, who lived in the same Colony as him previously, and wields Zessen, one of the sacred treasures, as his weapon of choice.

Personality: Despite his fighting style, which resembles a graceful dance, Anji is a hot-blooded person who acts according to his own intuition rather than logic. Although he has a tendency to jump straight into the action without worrying much about the consequences, make no mistake that he is not an optimist. He just doesn't think things through before acting.

While he doesn't have a particular sense of justice, he will not hesitate to show his dissatisfaction towards dishonesty and things he disagrees with. He also tends to poke fun of the people he is with, but that's just part of his charm.

Axl Low

Axl Low, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin England
Date of Birth December 25
Height 5' 11"
Weight 172 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Billiards, collecting maps from different ages
Likes His girlfriend in the past (Megumi)
Dislikes Preaching, human death
Affiliation None
Weapon Dual chain-sickles

Outline: Born sometime in 20th century England, Axl grew up in a slum where warring gang factions fought for control of the town. He loathed the everyday violence surrounding him and was determined to end the assault on his neighborhood peacefully. With his super-human reflexes and street fighting skills, he successfully cleaned up his community without a single casualty within half a year. However, just as peace had arrived in his everyday life, tragedy struck. On May 14, 1998, Axl was caught in a "time slip" and was hurtled into a world 150 years in the future. Since then, he has bounced around various eras and has become known as a "Causal Anomaly." He continues traveling through time in the hope of returning to his own time period to be reunited with Megumi.

... and that is the outline of Axl based on his memories from another world. In reality, Axl is a being that is not of this universe.

He is originally an ephemeral life-form from an alternate "possible" timeline that has been "discarded." Due to a coincidence of astronomical probability, he shares the same unique ID with I-No, granting him irregular access to this world.

Personality: Living by "A little sloppiness is just right" as his personal motto, Axl is a relentlessly "glass-half-full" sort of person.

Despite having an acute ability to analyze the situation and take the best course of action when faced with a predicament, he rarely thinks about anything deeply and generally goes with the flow as it suits his lifestyle more. As a result, he seems awful at constructing logical arguments, and other people tend to not take him seriously.

He also has twice the compassion of the average person and would never ignore a person in trouble. Hating even the idea of death, Axl would never take a life regardless of the circumstances.

While he enjoys flirting with other women, his heart belongs to Megumi, and would never betray her.


Baiken, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
GGST Additional Character 4 - Baiken (DLC)
Season Pass 1 (Season Pass)
Origin Colony
Date of Birth March 5
Height 5' 4"
Weight 100 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Drinking
Likes Nothing (She lost everything she has liked)
Dislikes Racccoon Ornaments
Affiliation None

Outline: One of the few remaining Japanese people in the world, Baiken, was born to fight. At some point, she had her right arm replaced with a vicious contraption, the only purpose of which is to restrain and kill her opponents. Despite this, Anji Mito - who hails from the same Colony as her - walks a line between polite and taunting her whenever he speaks to her.

Baiken lost her family during the Crusades and was gravely injured herself. That loss drove her to seek revenge against the person responsible: That Man. Her only goal in life is to find him, and she is searching relentlessly for clues that might lead her to him.

Personality: Tougher than most men and a fighter through and through, Baiken has sacrificed everything in the pursuit of one goal. She is always ready with a weapon, and a bicker quickly becomes a fight if Baiken is involved. She often acts before thinking, but she sticks to her principles and prefers to get everything out in the open. Although she is the type who would rather fight than talk, she is honest and will admit she is wrong when shown so.


Bridget, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
GGST Additional Character 6 - Bridget (DLC)
Season Pass 2 (Season Pass)

Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin United States of America (claims he's from Japan)
Date of Birth February 9
Height 6' 0"
Weight 148 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Dreaming, becoming president
Likes Friends, glasses (and the necktie and fountain pen he will eventually purchase)
Dislikes Nightmares, mafia, gangs, yakuza
Affiliation Eastern Chipp Kingdom (he named it)
Weapon Gauntlet blade

Outline: Chipp is a ninja who wants to become president to correct everything that's wrong with the world. He is also one of the few people in the world able to wield the power of ki.

Chipp grew up in some of the US's worst slums, and before long, he was selling drugs as part of a gang. His life was being shaped up to be short and brutal until he met Tsuyoshi, who instructed him in the martial arts. This training honed not only Chipp's body but also his moral center and his spirit and helped him cast aside his dark past. He became an ardent fan of Japan, but his knowledge of its culture remained relatively shallow. He often misunderstood vital elements of it in an attempt to be more Japanese.

Chipp's interest now is in what causes a society to fall to ruin. So he aspires to become president: The person with the absolute political power necessary to combat that decline.

He is acquainted with Erica since she was President of the United States.

Personality: Chipp is hot-headed and not really what anyone would call a thinker. He is more of a street brawler than a college student. He has had some political and social training and is aware of his coarse nature, but he regards it as an asset, not a liability.

His methods may be crude, but the morality he's learned from his master never wavers, and his straightforward approach, bull-headed as it may be, has captured the hearts of his people. He has earned the respect and admiration of those he had saved, and many affectionately call him "boss."


Faust, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 9' 3"
Weight 121 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Collecting high-quality paper bags
Likes Believes it's not good to have such things
Dislikes Those who have framed him
Affiliation Unlicensed Doctor's Union
Weapon Scalpel

Outline: Once a highly renowned surgeon, a mishap that caused the loss of a young patient's life during an operation sent him into a downward spiral of madness, turning him into a murderous psychopath. He was apprehended and sent to the dimensional prison, where he eventually participated in the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament and regained his sanity.

Although he thought of taking his own life to atone for his sins, he ultimately decided to roam the world as an underground doctor, helping those in need and having no one else to turn to. During his travels, he learned that the young patient's death back then was not due to his mishap but a ruse led by the Assassin's Guild.

During the Cradle Incident, he saved May under Johnny's request and investigated the mystery surrounding the Japanese. Uncovering a conspiracy lurking under the shadow of history, he believed that it was the Conclave who was pulling strings behind the scene. However, after confronting Chronus, the leader of the Conclave, he realized that the true mastermind was the vessel of the "Universal Will," the Sanctus Maximus Populi Ariels.

After the decisive battle with the "Universal Will" and learning the truth about his past, he returns to his roots of "saving people's lives," resuming his journey with Chronus to help those who require his service.

Perhaps due to returning to his roots, his erratic behavior and speech seem to have gotten more disturbing.

Personality: At times everything out of Faust's mouth is absolute nonsense, and the next moment he would utter something so profound it would change a person's life.

Going mad had shattered whatever personality Faust had previously, and despite regaining his sanity, a great deal of that wreckage is now permanent. Although his erratic speech and behavior still persist to this day, the compassion and generosity he was once known for have returned undimmed.


Giovanna, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Brazil
Date of Birth November 6
Height 5' 7"
Weight 136 lbs.
Blood Type O
Hobbies Moongazing
Likes REI (Her spirit wolf), her unique professionalism
Dislikes The smell of alcohol and cigarettes

About: She's an officer in the special operations unit that protects the President of the United States.

Although she tries to be careful with her words, she still manages to come off as rude and irreverent due to her attitude.

Deep down, though, she means well, and she is especially friendly with children and animals.

During battle, she allows her wolf spirit companion "REI" to possess her and amazes her opponent with inhuman speed.

Goldlewis Dickinson

Goldlewis Dickinson, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
GGST Additional Character 1 - Goldlewis Dickinson (DLC)
Season Pass 1 (Season Pass)

Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
GGST Additional Character 3 - Happy Chaos (DLC)
Season Pass 1 (Season Pass)


I-No, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth November 25
Height 5' 5"
Weight 101 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Anything as long as it's fun, word games using secret languages, teasing
Likes Her most treasured thing is a secret, Marlene, youth
Dislikes People who don't let her have fun, milk
Affiliation That Man (sort of)
Weapon Guitar (Marlene)

Outline: Like Axl, she can travel through time, although she has much more control over her power, and it manifests in a very different way. She is one of "That Man's" closest associates. She's taken it upon herself to eliminate anyone or anything that stands in his way, but her methods frequently upset him.

I-No's true identity is that she is a Magical Foci.

During the Crusades, mankind's desires for a "better tomorrow" were concentrated into a single entity within the Backyard. Interpreting this existence as an error that would destroy the world, the Backyard severed it away, and thus, I-No was born. When I-No was detached from the Backyard, she was bestowed with irregular powers that could prevent the collapse of the Backyard, making her an all-powerful entity.

Personality: I-No has no problem acting as though you've been friends for years and striking up a friendly conversation... if she wants to. She also has no problem using her feminine charm to manipulate anyone receptive to it - which is just about everyone. The truth, however, is that she considers all of humanity to be beneath her - That Man included. Her true, vicious nature rises to the surface whenever she is pissed off or when facing someone she is instinctively wary of.

Jack-O Valentine

Jack-O Valentine, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
GGST Additional Character 2 - Jack-O (DLC)
Season Pass 1 (Season Pass)
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth December 13th (Decided by herself)
Height 5' 5"
Weight 99 lbs.
Blood Type O
Hobbies Thinking of new methods
Likes Candies, memories, novel ideas
Dislikes Scientific ideas

Outline: Jack-0' was one of the three servants of "That Man," and she is also known as "the Scales of Juno."

As an artificial life-form created by That Man to restore Justice back to Aria, she was awakened to prevent the fusion of Elphelt and Justice.

Within her remains a portion of Aria's soul that loved Frederick, and she possesses those memories as well. As such, she has a complicated feeling of nostalgia towards Sol.

Because she was awakened prematurely, she needed to wear her mask or have some candy as a supplement to function correctly.

She has the ability to self-regenerate and is able to recover from any wounds without treatment as long as it is not instantly fatal. Additionally, she also has a fail-safe "seed" created by the Original, the Scales of Juno, planted within her that could prevent the manifestation of the Absolute World.

During the decisive battle with the Universal Will, she prevented the full awakening of Justice by fusing with Aria's soul within Justice's body.

Presently, Aria's soul is fully restored, but her consciousness has yet to fully manifest.

Personality: As her awakening remains incomplete, Jack-O's personality is in an unstable state, alternating between a cool adult lady and a child-like one that is lively and cheerful.

As the soul imbued within her originated from the early 21st century, her line of thought tends to follow the logic during the era of science. Additionally, the language she uses consists of outdated slang of that era.

Ky Kiske

Ky Kiske, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin France
Date of Birth November 20
Height 5' 10"
Weight 128 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Collecting teacups
Likes Dizzy, Sin, the smiles of others
Dislikes His own weak heart
Affiliation United Kingdoms of Illyria (First King)
Weapon Thunderseal

Outline: A true prodigy, Ky showed great talent as a swordsman and was well-liked by the people around him. By the age of 16, he was promoted to the rank of Captain within the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Although the Order was disbanded after the Crusades, he continued his life of public service by entering the International Police Force. There were numerous occasions when he clashed with Sol due to the difference between their ideals.

During this time, Ky truly believed that the ideal of justice encompasses all beings equally. However, during the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, his encounter with Justice made him questioned [sic] his own unwavering belief in righteousness.

"I bring destruction on humankind to fulfill the purpose of my creation. That is my justice."

During the first Gear's final moment, her last words made him realize that his belief was heavily prejudiced by the convenience of humankind and made him questioned [sic] what true justice is.

Not long after the tournament's dramatic conclusion, rumors of a Gear named "Dizzy," who does not wish to harm humans, began to circulate. His encounter with Dizzy made him reevaluate his own iron-clad view of the world once again, and as time passed, they fell in love, and their son Sin was born. Through understanding love, Ky rose from being a leader who commands to a king who leads his country, gaining more popularity than ever before.

Personality: Ky is straightforwardly honest and sincere in all aspects of his life, including his work, relationships, and morals. A devout advocate of justice, his attitude toward helping the weak is exemplary, and some might find him too altruistic. On the other hand, he can be inflexible and excessively loathes anything that disturbs the rules and order.

Although his view has broadened ever since he assumed his position as the First King, there is still a naive side of him that causes him to act out of emotion.

Leo Whitefang

Leo Whitefang, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Germany
Date of Birth July 1
Height 6' 5"
Weight 183 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hobbies Editing his own personal dictionary
Likes Records, his own pride
Dislikes Pickles, those more capable than he is
Affiliation United Kingdoms of Illyria (Second King)
Weapon Twin Blades

Outline: Leo oversees the local government of more than twenty nations in the European and Asian regions of Illyria and is one of the Three Allied Kings. He has brokered an alliance with the Federation of China, which effectively controls more than 60% of the Eurasian continent.

He is both a rival and a friend to Ky Kiske, and they fought together during the Crusades. Leo's fighting style is unique: He prefers a stance where his back faces the opponent while he wields his twin blades, ready to strike at any moment. In one pivotal moment in Australia, his unit faced what appeared to be certain death, but Leo's combat skill and tactical acumen allowed them to escape.

His strength, leadership, and charisma all help account for his steadily growing popularity.

Personality: Although Leo's boisterous attitude might make others think he is the sort to shoot first and ask questions later, in reality, he is actually exceptionally cautious. Above all, he hates losing and has far more pride than the average man. His solution to this problem is to be constantly and overwhelmingly intimidating. That does not mean he is necessarily arrogant, at least not in aggregate: He is a much harsher critic of himself than he is of anyone else. He is in the process of building his own dictionary and tends to redefine words as he sees fit.


May, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Unknown (Japan)
Date of Birth May 5 (the day she was found)
Height 5' 2"
Weight 108 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Thinking about Johnny
Likes Johnny
Dislikes Bald people
Affiliation Jellyfish Pirates
Weapon Anchor

Outline: After losing her entire family in the Crusades, May wandered the battlefield until she was picked up by Johnny, the roguish captain of the Jellyfish Pirates. Since joining the crew, she has become one of the most important members and loves her crewmates like a family.

May has immense respect for Johnny, in addition to some other, somewhat more amorous, feelings. She is anxious to become a woman so that he might notice her, but so far has met with little success on that front.

During the Cradle Incident, she learned about Ramlethal Valentine's declaration of war during Johnny's absence. She headed to Japan to stop Ramlethal but became troubled by the discovery of the "disease" she was suffering from, which was unique to only the Japanese.

Nonetheless, thanks to Johnny, Chipp, and Faust, she regained her energy and was cured of the so-called disease.

Personality: May is cheerful and openhearted, and never sweats the small stuff. She believes in taking action first and thinking later, which is an attitude her friends often wish she could temper a little. Still, her constant positivity is infectious, and no one can be around her for long without feeling buoyed by her enthusiasm.

She has an intense and abiding love for her savior and captain, Johnny. She often boasts that she would choose Johnny every time if it came down to Johnny or the world.

Millia Rage

Millia Rage, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Russia
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 5' 5"
Weight 106 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Chasing cats
Likes Her current life
Dislikes Hair loss
Affiliation Post-War Administration Bureau
Weapon Hair

Outline: Having lost her parents at a young age during the Crusades, Millia was taken in by Zato-1, the Assassin's Guild leader at the time, and was raised as an assassin.

As the years went by, she grew stronger and raised in ranks within the Guild, eventually becoming the right-hand of Zato. Their relationship also blossomed from one of a master and disciple to something more amorous. Wanting to be of more use to Zato, she lays her hands on the "Forbidden Beast" despite the risks, obtaining the ability to control her hair at will.

More years passed, and as the number of assassinations she committed increased over time, she became more conflicted and started questioning her life as an assassin.

This led to her cutting ties with Zato and the Guild amidst a large-scale operation, resulting in Zato being apprehended.

Millia went on to live as a fugitive for the next few years, running away from her pursuers sent by the Guild. Determined to settle the scores once and for all, she decided to confront Zato and end his life.

However, during their fated showdown, Zato had already lost most of his sanity due to the drawback of the Forbidden Beast within him, and she easily vanquished him.

Feeling unfulfilled, she redirected her anger towards Eddie, the Forbidden Beast within Zato. Eddie, who once lived within Zato's shadow, had taken over Zato's body after his death. However, his ascendancy did not last long without a living host, and he eventually perished along with Zato's deteriorated body. With their leader gone, Millia was finally free from the Assassin's Guild. However, a sense of emptiness lingered within her as she felt she did not have a proper closure.

During the Cradle Incident, she is reunited with Zato, who was resurrected, and while surprised by his change in personality, she is relieved to see him. Through much doubt and thought, she reaffirms that her place is within the Assassin's Guild.

Inheriting the Assassin's Guild's philosophy and beliefs, she gathered the Guild's former members and form the new Post-War Administration Bureau. Acting as the director of the Bureau, she currently works to support the Illyria government.

Personality: Millia was a silent and cold woman, but ever since she left the Assassin's Guild and lived among ordinary people, she has become more compassionate and kind to others. Nevertheless, she still has some difficulties moving forward from the years of conditioning during her time in the Guild, resulting in some coldness remaining in her demeanor. When faced with a situation she doesn't know how to handle, she will act more like a child than her usual self.


Nagoriyuki, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Nigeria
Date of Birth March 18
Height 6' 7"
Weight 212 lbs.
Blood Type Unclassified
Hobbies HAIKU, meditation
Likes Bushido, Tomato Juice
Dislikes Dishonesty, Earthly desires, Crab

About: A well-built samurai who is also a vampire.

Blessed with a good physique and outstanding combat prowess, combined with his supernatural abilities as a vampire, Nagoriyuki is a force to be reckoned with for anyone who faces him.


Potemkin, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Independent Airborne State of Zepp
Date of Birth October 18
Height 8' 6"
Weight 2,672 lbs.
Blood Type O
Hobbies Drawing
Likes A pencil box that won't break, even when stepped on by a dragon
Dislikes Pencils that cannot withstand 4 tons of pressure
Affiliation Independent Airborne State of Zepp
Weapon His fists

Outline: Born as a slave in the Imperial State of Zepp, he was not called by his name during his childhood and was simply identified by a barcode. Due to some genetic mutation, the upper half of his body developed tremendously, giving him raw strength that was largely unmatched. In terms of pure strength, he easily outstripped any of his fellow slave-soldiers.

The turning point in Potemkin's life came when Gabriel launched his coup d'état. His brilliant coordination paid off, and the revolution was a success. Gabriel re-founded the country as the Independent Airborne State of Zepp and became its first president. He revived the principles upon which Zepp had originally been founded and freed the slaves. Potemkin's own achievements during the revolution were worthy of note as well, and he earned Gabriel's trust. He currently serves in a covert unit commanded directly by the president himself.

Gabriel is Potemkin's superior, savior, and mentor in all things, including life.
Upon receiving Ramlethal Valentine's declaration of war against mankind, Gabriel dispatched Potemkin to the ruins of Japan to apprehend her.

In the Cradle Incident, Gabriel ordered him to scout Japan to find out what was happening. However, while he was traveling to Japan, he was discovered by Bedman and put out of duty.

Personality: Potemkin is an honorable person with an honest heart. He has a kind, gentle character and great love for nature. Under no circumstance would Potemkin swing his fist with the intent to injure another person.

He places the utmost importance on custom and loathes superficial behavior or unreasonable demands. Because of this personality trait, he is headstrong when met with pressure and adversity. While Potemkin can withstand pain, he cannot bear to witness the pain of others.


Ramlethal, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Backyard
Date of Birth June 3
Height 5' 6"
Weight 115 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Pondering about the meaning of things
Likes Almost everything
Dislikes Arthropods
Affiliation Illyrian Special Brigade
Weapon Greatswords

Outline: During the Cradle Incident, she declared war on the entire world but was quickly subdued by Sol and the others. However, she was only a diversion for the Conclave to set their plans in motion.

Fulfilling the task assigned to her, she was taken into custody and interrogated. Although the interrogation did not go smoothly initially due to her lack of emotions, she started to open up and learn about her own feelings after Sin attempted to befriend her.

Eventually understanding her "emotions," she sided with humanity and disclosed the Conclave's plan to revive Justice using the energy from the St. Elmo's Flame.

After the decisive battle with the Universal Will, she was recruited by Leo and Ky into the special brigade of the Illyrian government as the brigade leader.

She now leads a fulfilling life, gaining new experiences and learning something new every day.

Personality: Valentines are life-forms birthed in the Backyard and are devoid of emotions. They have no values of their own, nor concept of right and wrong, and they neither like or dislike anything. Therefore, they view themselves as mere tools to achieve the orders from the one they call "Mother." However, Ramlethal shows faint signs of emotion compared to her other counterparts.

Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin America
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 6' 0"
Weight 163 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Listening to Queen
Likes His "Sheer Heart Attack" record by Queen
Dislikes Effort, trying hard
Affiliation None
Weapon Outrage Mk.II

Outline: Sol was born in the United States of America sometime in the 20th century. With two colleagues he met during college - "That Man" and "Aria" - he devoted the early years of his career to groundbreaking research on Gear cells in an attempt to improve humanity itself. However, as the Gear project grew in prominence in 2016, That Man's betrayal turned Sol into the very first Prototype Gear.

He also has a "Seed" created by the Original that could prevent the manifestation of the Absolute World planted within his throat, earning him the name the "Flame of Corruption."

Transformed into a Gear against his will, he started developing the Gear Cell Suppressor. After successfully maintaining his humanoid form, he blends back into human society as a bounty hunter, calling himself Sol Badguy.

In 2073, upon catching wind of "That Man" completing the Gear Justice, he created the "Outrage," the ultimate anti-Gear weapon, in response.

In 2074, when Justice's rebellion sparked the beginning of the Crusades, Sol set out to exterminate the Gears.

The war raged on for the next one hundred years, and Sol was always in the thick of it. In 2103 he saved a child who would later become the Sacred Order of Holy Knights commander: Kliff Undersn.

As the commander, Kliff scouted Sol into the Holy Order, where he met Ky Kiske for the first time. Not long after, he stole the "Fireseal" and left the Order. Operating alone, he sealed Justice and brought the Crusades to an end. Following the incident, he took Ky and Dizzy's child, Sin, under his wing and raised him while wandering the world.

In 2186, an army led by a girl who calls herself Valentine began an assault on humankind. Sol narrowly managed to defeat her but discovered an entity known as the "Universal Will" that wished for mankind's destruction.

During the Cradle Incident, he traveled to Japan and captured Ramlethal after she declared war against humankind. However, only then did he realize that she was just a diversion for the Conclave, the real masterminds, to transport Justice's body. He then managed to stop the Conclave's plan after learning from Ramlethal their motives. However, the "Universal Will," who was one step ahead, succeeded in securing Elphelt and Justice's body.

After the decisive battle with the "Universal Will" and retrieving Aria's soul, he led a peaceful life as a bounty hunter. However, the respite was short-lived, as a series of events, starting with the assault on Illyria Castle by I-No, brought him to the United States.

Personality: Sol hates working any harder than he has to, which means he rarely puts much effort into anything. A man of few words, he says only as much as he has to to get his point across. Consequently, he is not very good at expressing himself and tends to compensate by bullying people into line or simply steamrolling them. Although most people see him as crude and self-centered, he has been accepted by those close to him for who he is.


Testament, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
GGST Additional Character 5 - Testament (DLC)
Season Pass 1 (Season Pass)

Outline: Testament is Kliff Undersn's foster son and was originally born in Switzerland. Testament had always intended to inherit Kliffs name and become his heir, but before he could make that a reality, he was captured by government agents and transformed into a Gear. His powerful force of will and emotional fortitude allowed him to retain his memories and personality - something most Gears are unable to do - but he was unable to resist Justice's order to destroy all of humanity.

Despite his powerful mind, Testament was only a mid-class Gear after his conversion and was easily defeated by his foster father. He was brought back to life after his defeat for reasons unknown and was stronger than before. He wields a massive scythe created from his own blood in combat and is able to use force fields and bend time and space to move in and out of other dimensions. He is also well-versed in advanced magic and can summon a familiar by the name of Exebeast.

After regaining his true self following Justice's defeat, Testament was tormented by the horrific things he had done under her control. He chose to isolate himself from humanity and traveled to the forest of demons. Once there, however, he met Dizzy, and with her help, slowly began to recover.

Currently, his whereabouts are unknown, but rumors say that he keeps in touch with Johnny.

Personality: Testament is a kind and loving young man who places the needs of others before his own. He is especially fond of children and tries to provide shelter for those who have lost their homes.

He prefers to find ways to reform and educate those who have fallen from the righteous path rather than blame and condemn them for their crimes. He is diligent, curious, and abhors violence.


Zato-1, Guilty Gear™ -STRIVE- Character Artwork
Base Roster
Origin Spain
Date of Birth January 28
Height 5' 11"
Weight 150 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hobbies Learning language of flowers
Likes Pride
Dislikes Women
Affiliation Post-War Administration Bureau
Weapon Forbidden spell and beast (Shadow / Eddie)

Outline: Zato is the former head of the Assassin's Guild and can manipulate his own shadow. He was once at the very bottom of the Guild hierarchy, but after trading his eyesight for the curse to control shadows provided by the Post- War Administration Bureau, he quickly rose through the Guild's ranks.

Soon after becoming the Guild leader, he launched a large-scale mission that deployed many of the Guild's personnel, ultimately failing due to Millia Rage's betrayal, who held a crucial role in the mission. The Guild suffered a great many losses, including the capture of Zato himself by the authorities. The affection he had for Millia turned to hate, and the thought of revenge engulfed his mind during his time in the dimension prison.

Not long after his incarceration, he learned of the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, which allows the participation of criminals. Believing that this was his chance to exact revenge against Millia, he participated in the tournament.

However, his mind and body were weakened gradually due to the price of his curse, and his body was eventually taken over by the shadow (Eddie).

Eddie's ascendancy did not last long as Zato's body continued to deteriorate. As the body withered and came to an end, Eddie died along with it before he could find a new host.

Eventually, Zato was resurrected at the hands of the Conclave. However, perhaps due to his time in the Underworld, he became indifferent towards all matters—save for one exception, Millia.

After reuniting with Millia and reaffirming his feelings towards her, he swears to protect her at all costs.

He is currently a member of the reconstituted Post-War Administration Bureau, where he works together with Millia to support Illyria from the shadows.

Personality: When he was alive, Zato was known for having a calm disposition and was someone who would analyze each aspect of a problem with great consideration.

However, that changed when he died. Being subjected to the entirety of human experiences endlessly in the underworld has burned out all emotional capacity within him after being resurrected. As such, he perceives no value in anything, including himself. Good and bad, joy and anger—these are all just words to him. He claims the world is a dull place, but even that is a statement born from hi^ stoic analysis rather than his feeling.

However, there is one exception to his ennui: Millia. Only around her can he feel anything close to what one might call emotion.

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