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Aug 25, 2015
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Character Roster
Published on February 10, 2021    Updated on May 19, 2022
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- 2 Characters - Full Roster of 25 Fighters

GGXrd Revelator's characters are beautifully crafted and incorporate unique mechanics known to the franchise, making for a fulfilling fighting roster with unpredictable matchups!

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator offers the most satisfying GG roster to date, since it’s the biggest one (along with GGXXACPR), and includes (almost) all characters from the previous games!

Character Selection Screen, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

Each character offers a unique story through the Arcade Mode, as well as a slew of combo challenges to help you master him / her, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the full roster.

You can check the complete roster of Guilty Gear characters here.


Answer, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork

About: Adjutant to self-proclaimed President Chipp Zanuff. He is blessed with a preternatural memory, and can remember any fact after hearing it only once. Some refer to him as a human database.

When Answer first met Chipp, he was poor and had fallen in with a rough crowd. He found Chipp's incessant preaching irritating, and challenged him to a duel - when he then proceeded to lose spectacularly. It was at that moment that he fell under the sway of Chipp's charisma.

He has since put his memory to good use in Chipp's service, and has sworn to put Chipp in office.

Axl Low

Axl Low, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin England
Date of Birth December 25
Height 5' 11"
Weight 172 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Billiards, collecting maps from different ages
Values His girlfriend in the past (Megumi)
Dislikes Preaching, human death
Affiliation None
Weapon Sickles on chains

Outline: Axl hails from 20th century England. He has had super-human reflexes since birth, and as he grew that translated into incredible street fighting skill—which he used to bring order to the slum community where he grew up.

But then, on May 14, 1998, tragedy struck.

Axl time-slipped far into the future, leaving behind his girlfriend, Megumi. Ever since then he has danced through past and future with no apparent pattern. He has visited every time period and every country, and his own twisted timeline has advanced several years, but so far he has failed to find a way to return to his own time period.

Axl did not belong to this world... He was only a fragment, or possibility in a world that never was. He is teleported to this world and incidentally shares I-No's physical "ID", which makes him to be an irregular entity with inexplicable powers in this world.

Personality: Axl is a relentlessly "glass half full" sort of person. He rarely thinks about anything very hard, and is generally content to just get the gist of things or go with the flow. This means he’s not especially good at constructing logical arguments, so other people tend not to take him very seriously. That isn't to say he's apathetic, though: He's just trying to find an answer that'll satisfy everyone. If someone is in trouble he can't ignore it, and in fact his inability to leave someone behind shows that he has twice the compassion of the average person. Axl hates even the idea of death, and would never take a life, even if someone deserved to die.

He loves women, but would never dream of betraying Megumi.


Baiken, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork

About: A playable character from the Guilty Gear franchise.

Tougher by far than any man, and a fighter through and through, Baiken has sacrificed everything in the pursuit of one goal. She's always ready with a weapon, and a dispute quickly becomes a fight if Baiken is involved. She often acts before thinking, but she sticks to her principles and prefers to get everything out in the open. Although she'd rather fight than talk, she's capable of admitting she was wrong if the argument is strong enough.

Outline: One of the few remaining Japanese people in the world, Baiken was born to fight. At some point she had her right arm replaced with a brutal contraption, the only purpose of which is to restrain and kill her opponents. Despite this, Anji Mito - who hails from the same village as Baiken - walks a line between polite and taunting whenever he speaks to her.

Baiken lost her family during the Crusades, and was gravely injured herself. That loss drove her to seek revenge against the person she holds responsible: That Man. Her only goal in life is to find him, and she is searching relentlessly for clues that might lead her to him.


Bedman, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 5' 1" (8' 11" with bed)
Weight 99 lbs. (1,468 lbs. with bed)
Blood Type A
Hobbies Unknown
Values His buckwheat pillow
Dislikes The brown-eared bulbul's cry, people who talk too much
Affiliation Unknown
Weapon Bed

Outline: Bedman is a boy who sleeps in a highly-modified and weaponized bed. He has an inhuman IQ, and even while asleep is able to outwit and outperform others. It is important to note, however, that he does not wake up, even when attacked directly.

Nothing is known about Bedman's origin, background, or intentions. There are no official public documents that can even confirm he exists. Though it is impossible to verify who he works with or for, evidence suggests that he has a "client" calling the shots from somewhere behind the scenes. Who exactly that client might be, however, is still unclear. All that is known is that Bedman appears out of nowhere to eliminate anyone who challenges him.

His skill in battle is frighteningly high, and those who fight him remember only terror, regardless of the outcome. His "signature move," so to speak, is bringing his opponent into a nightmare world of his own creation. Once inside this dream, Bedman is in control of everything, and anyone who dies there also dies in real life. He is apparently capable of rotating his head much further than a normal human, and is uncomfortably good at anticipating his enemy's attacks.

Under the common goal of forming an Absolute World, he worked with Ariels, and even in REVELATOR, their alliance continues. Also, we now know that he has a little sister with a similar capacity to himself. Her name, Delilah.

Personality: Bedman sleeps constantly, so little of his personality is seen in the waking world. Only within the dream world can one see the sort of person he truly is.

He possesses an acute intellect and an expansive vocabulary, and excels at identifying his opponents' weaknesses and at finding and exploiting the truths they try to bury. He is extremely proud, and it frequently comes across in his condescending attitude, but he has no concern for distinctions like race, gender, or age: To Bedman, only his objective matters. Everything else is immaterial.

Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin United States of America (claims he's from Japan)
Date of Birth February 9
Height 6' 0"
Weight 148 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Dreaming, becoming president
Values Friends, glasses, (the necktie and fountain pen he will eventually purchase)
Dislikes Nightmares, mafia, gangs, yakuza
Affiliation Eastern Chipp Kingdom (he named it)
Weapon Gauntlet blade

Outline: Chipp is a ninja who wants to become president so that he can correct everything that's wrong with the world. He is also one of the few people in the world able to wield the power of ki.

Chipp grew up in some of the US's worst slums, and before long he was selling drugs as part of a gang. His life was shaping up to be short and brutal, until he met Tsuyoshi, who instructed him in the martial arts. This training honed not only Chipp's body, but also his moral center and his spirit, and helped him cast aside his dark past. He became an ardent fan of Japan, but his knowledge of its culture remained rather shallow, and he often misunderstood vital elements of it in an attempt to be more Japanese.

Chipp's interest now is in what causes a society to fall to ruin, and so he aspires to become president: The person with the absolute political power necessary to combat that decline.

As countries like Illyria grow, there are still large communities that the government cannot or will not reach out to. These poor and disenfranchised communities are where Chipp does his work, trying to change the social order from the bottom up. At first he and his companions seemed like a violent group of bandits, but before long his community grew to more than 20,000 strong. This seemed to Chipp like his chance to fulfill his dream of becoming president, and he founded his country: The Eastern Chipp Kingdom. At around the same time, Ramlethal Valentine declared war on the human race. Thinking that her defeat would earn him the international clout necessary to pursue his dreams, Chipp set off for the ruins of Japan, where Ramlethal waited.

During the Cradle Incident, he participated in its resolution with hopes that it might boost his country's PR. Currently, he is independently investigating the most recent occurrences, and is trying to find the "real" culprit behind the chain of events. When he discovers this, he immediately takes the information to Ky Kiske.

Personality: Chipp is hot-headed and not really what anyone would call a thinker - he's more street brawler than college student. He has had some political and social training, and is aware of his own coarse nature, but he regards it as an asset, not a liability.

His methods may be crude, but the morality he's learned from his master never wavers, and his straightforward approach, bull-headed as it may be, has captured the hearts of his people. He's earned the respect and admiration of those he's saved - which is not an insignificant number - and many affectionately call him "boss."


Dizzy, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork

About: A playable character from the Guilty Gear series, and a half-gear who was the product of the union between a Gear and a human.

Once born, Gears mature at a rapid rate, which can cause some confusion when their apparent age does not match their "real" age. Even their chronological age is not comparable to a human's, as their superior ability to absorb and process information means that by the age of three a Gear is essentially equivalent to an adult human.

At one time Dizzy distrusted humans, but she has met several very nice ones that have changed her mind. She has an honest heart and a pure mind, and loves nature and humanity... though she strongly opposes all conflict. That doesn't mean she's necessarily a pacifist, as she understands destruction is simply part of the cycle of life, but she does resist violence when she can.

Outline: Dizzy was found and raised by an elderly human couple who, when it became clear she was at least part Gear, hid her away in the forest to save her from angry villagers. She lived alone for some time, until her cottage was discovered by a group of humans. Others soon came to attack the cottage, but she drove them back—taking care not to hurt them too much. Unfortunately, it was not long before keeping people away became much more difficult.

One day another Gear appeared: Sol Badguy. He defeated Dizzy, but did not kill her. Johnny of the Jellyfish Pirates found her after the battle, and took her under his wing.

After so long alone, she finally found a home with the Jellyfish Pirates, and during her time with them she met one of the directors of the International Police Force: A man named Ky Kiske. They fell in love, and she soon bore him a child, who they named Sin. As his Gear blood soon became apparent, they agreed that he could not remain with Ky, and so Sin was given to Sol to raise.

Some years later, the Baptisma 13 event took place, and Dizzy was high on Valentine's list of targets. She was attacked and began to disintegrate, but Ky's last desperate attempt to halt the process worked, though it locked Dizzy into a separate dimension where time flowed much more slowly. She is still sleeping there.

After spending much time asleep, she is freed from her cage during the Cradle Incident.


Elphelt, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Backyard
Date of Birth December 25
Height 5' 6"
Weight (Dreamy) lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Romantic discussions, pretending to be a bush dog
Values Smiles, saving up for a bush dog, anything sweet
Dislikes Creepy insects, killing, loneliness
Affiliation Universal Will
Weapon Guns

Outline: An adorable young woman who is obsessed with improving her feminine charm. She loves animals and nature, and can't bear to see anyone alone. Elphelt will charge into any problem head-first, shielded by impenetrable optimism. Her efforts at improving the aforementioned charm, however, often fall short. If you start a conversation about love, she'll start talking and won't stop — often taking off into flights of slightly strange fantasy.

Personality: Elphelt is one of the Valentines created by the Universal Will, who she calls "Mother." Her mission is to assist Ramlethal in activating the Cradle, but unlike the other Valentines she appears to have human emotions. When those emotions awaken, she discovers a boundless compassion for humankind and finds herself at odds with her original mission. She chooses to find Ky Kiske and help him with his instead. Originally destined to marry a death metal singer, Elphelt discovered her true identity during the ceremony and fled. She still wears her wedding dress.

During the Cradle Incident, she lends her strength to Sol, but in the final moments, she loses all semblance of emotion and begins to execute her destiny, and everything around her. While Sol manages to wake her up, she is taken away by the Universal Will, to complete Justice.


Faust, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 9' 3"
Weight 121 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Collecting high-quality paper bags
Values Believes it's not good to have such things
Dislikes Those who have framed him
Affiliation Unlicensed Doctor's Union (only member)
Weapon Scalpel

Outline: Faust is a doctor who operates outside of the licensed medical system, and roams the world helping those who have no one else to turn to, asking nothing in return. Once upon a time Faust was a celebrated doctor, but a single error and the resultant regret and misery twisted him into a bloodthirsty murderer. In time, Faust regained his sanity, and began attempting to atone for his awful deeds with good ones. In order to hide his identity, however, he has taken to wearing a paper bag as a mask. Faust's nigh-miraculous medical skill has proven an asset in battle as well.

Recently, he has discovered that his "accident" was in fact orchestrated by shadowy forces, and has set out to discover the truth.

During the Cradle Incident, he saves May under Johnny's request, and begins to investigate the mystery of the Japanese population. He discovered a mysterious body that was manipulating the health and information of the population, and that that body was linked to the Conclave.
When Chronus was confronted with this information, however, he genuinely seemed to not know...

Personality: The moment you think everything out of Faust's mouth is complete nonsense, he'll utter something so profound it'll leave you scratching your head. At times he has been known to help people find their paths in life. Going mad shattered whatever Faust's original personality might have been, and even though he regained his sanity, a good deal of that breakage is now permanent. What is certain, however, is that while his behavior may still be erratic, the compassion and generosity he was once known for has returned undimmed.


I-No, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth November 25
Height 5' 5"
Weight 101 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Anything as long as it's fun, word games using secret languages, teasing
Values Secrets first and foremost, Marlene, youth
Dislikes People who don't let her have fun, milk
Affiliation That Man (sort of)
Weapon Guitar (Marlene)

Outline: Like Axl she can travel through time, although she has much more control over her power, and it manifests in a very different way. She is one of That Man's closest associates. She's taken it upon herself to eliminate anyone or anything that stands in his way, but her methods frequently upset him.

I-No is in fact a magical foci. During the Crusades, mankind's desires for a "better tomorrow" concentrated and formed a single entity. The Backyard deemed this existence the single greatest threat to its stability — an error — and swore to keep it bound in human form. But humans would not be cornered so easily...

Personality: 1-No has no problem acting as though you've been friends for years and striking up a friendly conversation... if she wants to. She also has no problem using her feminine charm to manipulate anyone receptive to it — which is just about everyone. The truth, however, is that she considers all of humanity to be beneath her — That Man included. Her true, vicious nature is never far away, and it quickly rises to the top whenever someone challenges her.

She is fully aware of her own eccentricities, and their source, but she isn't quite sure where they will ultimately take her.

Jack-O' Valentine

Jack-O' Valentine, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Unknown
Date of Birth Not yet fully born
Height 5' 5"
Weight 99 lbs.
Blood Type O
Hobbies Thinking of new methods
Values Candy, memories, novel ideas
Dislikes Scientific ideas

Outline: She is one of three people, who are extremely close to That Man, and also called the Scales of Juno.

An artificial organism created based on the human being Aria, with the intent of preventing Elphelt and Justice’s merge. Inside her remains the portion of Aria's soul that loved Frederick, and she possesses those memories, as well. There is a complicated feeling of nostalgia towards Sol.

Because she was woken up before she was ready, she cannot operate without a steady supply of candy and her mask. Her past is shrouded in mystery and even she isn't sure of her own past. Her instability causes her voice to change drastically, at times.

She has the ability to self-regenerate, and unless the wound is instant and fatal, she is able to recover over time without treatment. Furthermore, she has a fail-safe "seed" planted inside of her by That Man to ensure she stands against the Absolute World. The seed is called the "Scales of Juno" and is the source of her nickname.

Personality: She's a cool adult woman, but is technically not yet born, which makes her unstable. She will sometimes go out of character and speak like a child.

Jam Kuradoberi

Jam Kuradoberi, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Chinese Federation
Date of Birth February 8
Height 5' 4"
Weight Secret lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Cooking, observing, research
Values Kitchen, youth, beautiful men, a restaurant that won't burn down
Dislikes Indecisive men, uneducated, real-estate running at a loss
Weapon She fights with her bare hands and is known as the Iron Fist Chef

Outline: In the Federation of China there are two dining establishments of note: Hyuma and Hanagata, and each has their own culinary philosophy. Hyuma believes that pouring passion and love into their food will bring out those same feelings in their customers. Hanagata believes in using the best possible ingredients to create a delicious assortment of flavors — money, of course, being no object.

While it would be any chef's dream to work at either of these restaurants, Jam had no interest in either one. To her, the philosophies of both were equally ridiculous. To her, cooking was about making something that anyone would think was delicious, and the method of preparation and ingredients should serve that end. Determined to prove her point, Jam decided to open a restaurant of her own. When investors proved to be in short supply, she turned to high-value bounties to assemble the necessary capital. With that in mind, she made her way to the forest where Dizzy was rumored to hide—only to discover the Gear had already been defeated by Sol.

Refusing to accept defeat, however, Jam attempted to claim credit for destroying Dizzy, saying she had blown her into millions of tiny pieces. Apparently she was convincing, because she got the bounty and used it to open her restaurant.

Personality: Jam is extremely determined, and hates losing. In fact, her rather arrogant attitude and confrontational nature offset her incredible good looks, which keeps interested parties at arm's length. She is easily irritated, especially by indecisiveness, but can also be very forgiving. Her one weakness is pretty boys.

Though it might seem easy to write her off as a narcissistic hypocrite, Jam is able to approach situations with a different perspective than anyone else, which is an incredible asset. She never reveals her true self, however. Jam's almost inhuman fighting skill is the result of extensive self-criticism and perseverance.


Johnny, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin America
Date of Birth October 24
Height 6' 0"
Weight 159 lbs.
Blood Type O
Hobbies Finding beautiful women
Values His secret guitar collection
Dislikes People who can't take a joke
Affiliation Jellyfish Pirates
Weapon Japanese sword

About: Leader of the Jellyfish Pirates. He is a master of the Hirofumi Style of swordsmanship. He's very widely known in the world he lives, and his reputation as a womanizer precedes him. He rescues children orphaned from war (women only) and brings them aboard his ship. He’s a world-class outlaw, but lives by the mantra, "Help the weak and sprain the strong," which has made him popular among the masses.

Outline: After a Gear murdered Johnny's father before his eyes he was completely alone. He longed to be as beloved as his father had been, and decided that piracy was how he would reach that goal. Since then he has traveled the world to find and protect other orphaned children — people like April and May. By and large, the members of his crew see him as a father figure... although some hope for something more intimate.

The Jellyfish Pirates have few compunctions about breaking the law, and in fact they regularly do so in the name of protecting those the law cannot. Despite being outlaws, however, they have a vast network of friends and acquaintances which includes First King Ky Kiske and Zepp President Gabriel. There is a little-known, unspoken rule among the Jellyfish pirates: No men allowed... except for Johnny, of course.

In the Cradle Incident, he tried to uncover the secrets of the so-called "disease" of the Japanese people, without letting May know what he was up to. During his investigation, he encounters the famed doctor, Faust. Dr. Faust manages to successfully reverse May's symptoms. Johnny is still working hard to help cure more victims of this symptom.

Personality: Johnny is an easy-going guy who's always ready to kick back, but when the going gets tough he's undoubtedly the man for the job. No matter how grim the situation he never loses his cool, and is often there to break the tension with a clever joke. He loves the members of the Jellyfish Pirates like his own family, and has often told them he puts their safety before his own life.

Kum Haehyun

Kum Haehyun, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Korea
Date of Birth December 5
Height 8' 1"
Weight 438.7 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hobbies Grooming his beard, making accessories
Values Virtue, the chain strapped to his arm
Dislikes Those who don't give 100%

Outline: Descendant of a tribe that was cornered into extinction at the hands of Justice. He is a "tuner," who is able to see and control the flow of energy in all things under the sun. Only a select few members of the Kum family possess this ability, which makes him extremely valuable to the entire world.

Traditionally, only males in the family may inherit its name and headship. While he possessed the proper right and bloodline to inherit, "he" was actually born a she, which is why she pilots the exoskeleton, "Jeon Ryok Kum" to appear a man on the outside. Only a select few people know this truth, including Johnny and May.

Personality: His mantra is to constantly give 100% to everything he approaches. He prides himself on his work and appreciates those who can speak with him frankly, but he would never look down on anyone with which he works. His skills as a tuner are second to none, but he is constantly striving for even higher achievements.

Ky Kiske

Ky Kiske, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin France
Date of Birth November 20
Height 5' 10"
Weight 128 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Eye Color Blue-green
Hobbies Collecting teacups
Values Dizzy, Sin, the happiness of others
Dislikes Those with weak hearts and minds
Affiliation United Kingdoms of Illyria (First King)
Weapon Magnolia Eclair II

Outline: Ky has always been an ambitious and gifted young man. At 16 his swordsmanship earned him the post of Commander in the Holy Knights. Once the Crusades came to an end and the Order was disbanded, he took a position with Interpol to help restore peace across the world. His dogged pursuit of justice and order has brought him into conflict with Sol more than a few times.

During the Second Sacred Order of Holy Knights selection tournament Justice, the most powerful Gear on the planet, spoke to him and said "For my own preservation, I must bring destruction on humankind" which caused Ky to reconsider his own righteousness. That perhaps there was no single truth that governed everything was a significant blow to his identity.

Soon after the tournament's dramatic conclusion, rumors began to circulate of a Gear who chose to live in harmony with humans. Ky met this "Dizzy," and once again came face-to-face with something that challenged his formerly iron-clad view of the world. This time he fell in love, and before long they gave birth to a son: Sin. At the same time Ky became a king, and went from commanding soldiers to commanding an entire country. His popularity is never questioned.

Now he provides secret support to Sol, as the other man travels around the world confronting threats to all of humanity. At home, Ky must keep an eye on his political agenda, and avoid becoming ensnared by a tremendous conspiracy.

Personality: When he was younger, Ky was a zealous defender of justice and order above all. And although he was sincere in his convictions, he was also notoriously inflexible.

Since becoming king, however, his view has broadened significantly, and he has learned to see the world from the perspective of others. No matter how kind-hearted he is, though, once Ky gets angry he is prone to taking rash actions that betray his inexperience. Some doubt his abilities and think him unfit to rule, but many others adore him for displaying such human behavior.

During the Cradle Incident, he is shot through the heart by the Conclave's Axus. It is unclear how he survives the fatal wound, but the red glimmer in his eye resembles that of a Gear...

Leo Whitefang

Leo Whitefang, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Germany
Date of Birth July 1
Height 6' 5"
Weight 183 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hobbies Editing his own personal dictionary
Values Records, his own pride
Dislikes Pickles, those more capable than he is
Affiliation United Kingdoms of Illyria (Second King)
Weapon Twin Blades

Outline: Leo oversees the local government of more than twenty nations in the European and Asian regions of Illyria, and is one of the Three Kings. He has brokered an alliance with the Federation of China, who effectively controls more than 60% of the Eurasian continent.

He is both a rival and a friend to Ky Kiske, and they fought together during the Crusades. Leo's fighting style is unique: He prefers a stance where his face faces the opponent and he holds his twin blades ready to strike at any moment. In one pivotal moment in Australia, his unit faced what appeared to be certain death, but Leo's combat skill and tactical acumen allowed them to escape.

His strength, leadership, and charisma all help account for his steadily growing popularity.

In the previous episode, he took control of the command center in lieu of Ky, who charged the front lines. His support for Sol and Ky throughout their missions was unprecedented. But in the climax of the story, he himself joins the front lines.

Personality: His boisterous attitude might make others think him the sort to shoot first and ask questions later, but in reality he is exceptionally cautious. Above all he hates losing, and has far more pride than the average man. His solution to this problem is to be constantly and overwhelmingly intimidating. That doesn't mean he is necessarily arrogant, at least not in aggregate: He is a much harsher critic of himself than he is of anyone else. He is in the process of building his own dictionary, and tends to redefine words as he sees fit.


May, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Unknown (Japan)
Date of Birth May 5 (the day she was found)
Height 5' 2"
Weight 108 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Thinking about Johnny
Values Johnny
Dislikes Bald people
Affiliation Jellyfish Pirates
Weapon Anchor

Outline: After losing her entire family in the Crusades, May wandered the battlefield until she was picked up by Johnny, the roguish captain of the Jellyfish pirates. Since joining their crew she has become one of the most important members, and loves her crewmates like a family.

May has immense respect for Johnny, in addition to some other, somewhat more amorous, feelings. She is anxious to become a woman so that he might notice her, but so far has met with little success on that front.

During the Cradle Incident, she learns about Ramlethal Valentine's declaration of war during Johnny's absence. She heads to Japan to stop Ramlethal, but discovers the " disease" of being Japanese, and is troubled.

Nonetheless, thanks to Johnny, Chipp and Faust she regains her energy and is saved from the so-called disease. Now, she is headed to the Japanese Colony to save her race, along with Kum Haehyun.

Personality: May is cheerful and openhearted, and never sweats the small stuff. She believes in taking action first, and thinking later, which is an attitude her friends often wish she could temper a little. Still, as much as she may be exasperating, her constant positivity is infectious, and no one can be around her for long without feeling buoyed by her enthusiasm.

She has an intense and abiding love for her savior and captain, Johnny. She often boasts that if it came down to Johnny or the world, she would choose Johnny every time.

Millia Rage

Millia Rage, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Russia
Date of Birth Unknown (orphan)
Height 5' 5"
Weight 106 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hobbies Chasing cats
Values Chastity
Dislikes Zato, losing her hair
Affiliation None (Formerly the Assassin's Guild)
Weapon Hair

Outline: Millia was orphaned during the Crusades. When Zato-ONE, the head of the Assassin's Guild, found her and took her in, her life as an assassin began. Before long she gained the ability to manipulate her hair with magic. If Venom was Zato's right hand, Millia was his left. Her relationship with Zato evolved from savior, to teacher, to... something more amorous, and as it did, she began to question her life as an assassin. Finally she made the choice: She would cut her ties, and leave the Guild.

Unable to sort out her feelings toward Zato, Millia spent her time running and searching for answers. Zato, however, lost himself to the magic that gave him his power, and eventually perished.

With Zato gone, her long-standing wish had been rendered worthless, and so she redirected her anger towards Eddie, the forbidden beast. Eddie was the manifestation of the curse that had given Zato his powers, and he had taken on a personality of his own - as well as Zato's body. He could not sustain it after Zato's death, however, and soon he followed his host into oblivion.

With their leader gone, the Assassin's Guild abandoned their search for Millia, having more important issues to attend to, but she has yet to find any sort of closure.

During the Cradle Incident, she is reunited with Zato, and while surprised by his change in personality, is relieved to see him. And through much doubt and thought, she reaffirms that her place of existence can only be with the Assassin's Guild.

She currently supports Slayer and Venom in their efforts for revenge, and is trying to determine the future of the Assassin's Guild in her own way.

Personality: Millia has always been somewhat silent and cold, but since leaving the Guild she has abandoned the practice of action solely on the basis of cost and benefit. After living among more normal people she has learned to tap into a wider range of human emotion. Though she might not seem to have changed much, it has made her more considerate of others, and more compassionate.

Nonetheless, years of assassin conditioning do not disappear overnight, so some coldness remains. She also takes pains to make sure the danger that follows her does not spread to others. In situations that she doesn't know how to handle, she will sometimes act more like a young girl than the woman she has become.


Potemkin, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Independent Airborne State of Zepp
Date of Birth October 18
Height 8' 6"
Weight 2,672 lbs.
Blood Type O
Hobbies Drawing
Values A pencil box that won't break, even when stepped on by a dragon
Dislikes Pencils that cannot withstand 4 tons of pressure
Affiliation Independent Airborne State of Zepp
Weapon His fists

Outline: Born as a slave in the Imperial State of Zepp, during most of his childhood his name was never spoken - instead he was simply identified by a barcode. Due to some genetic mutation, the upper half of his body developed tremendously, giving him raw strength that was largely unmatched. In pure strength, he easily outstripped any of his fellow slave-soldiers.

The turning point in Potemkin's life came when Gabriel launched his coup d'état. His brilliant coordination paid off, and the revolution was a success. Gabriel re-founded the country as the Independent Airborne State of Zepp, and became its first president. He revived the principles upon which Zepp had originally been founded, and freed the slaves. Potemkin's own achievements during the revolution were worthy of note as well, and he earned Gabriel's trust. Now he serves in a covert unit commanded directly by the president himself.

Gabriel is Potemkin's superior, savior, and mentor in all things, including life.

Upon receiving Ramlethal Valentine's declaration of war against mankind, Gabriel dispatches Potemkin to the ruins of Japan to find her. Why she has remained there is a mystery... as is why she appeared in the first place. With a sense of foreboding, Potemkin boards his ship and sets out for Japan.

In the Cradle Incident, Gabriel orders him to scout Japan and find out what’s going on. However, in transition Bedman finds and decommissions him from duty.

Ashamed by his staggering defeat, he was down. But, Ky’s warm words of encouragement brought him back to the front lines.

Personality: Potemkin is proud, and has an honest heart. He has a kind, gentle character, and great love for nature. Under no circumstance would Potemkin swing his fist with the intent to injure another person.

He places the utmost importance on ceremony, and loathes superficial behavior or unreasonable demands. Because of this personality trait, he is able to meet pressure and adversity head on. While Potemkin can withstand pain, he cannot bear to witness the pain of others.


Ramlethal, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Backyard
Date of Birth June 3
Height 5' 6"
Weight 115 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies None
Values None
Dislikes Arthropods
Affiliation Universal Will
Weapon Greatswords

Outline: Previously, in Guilty Gear she declares war on the entire world, but Sol and his team's quick maneuvers lead to her immediate arrest. But even that was a part of her plan.

With her role complete, she was to be interrogated, but normal interrogation techniques had no effect. But, Sin's genuine attempt at communication reaches her heart.

Her true goal, however, was to teleport the Cradle, with Justice on board into the heart of Illyria, and use St. Elmo’s Flame to energize Justice back to life. In the end, having understood human "emotions,” she reveals the Conclave's goals, and sides with humanity.

She currently is with Sol and his team to find her little sister, Elphelt.

Personality: The life forms known as Valentines are born in the Backyard, and have no emotions. They do not grasp concepts like right, wrong, like, dislike, or value - apart from desiring the completion of their missions. As such, orders from the entity they call "Mother" are absolute. They have no sense of affection, but no feelings of doubt or restraint either - only a machine-like determination to see their mission completed.


Raven, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Medieval Germany (Holy Roman Empire)
Date of Birth March 28
Height 5' 11"
Weight 130 lbs.
Blood Type A
Wants Proof that he was alive
Values Anyone who can make him feel threatened, New discoveries
Dislikes People who can't love anything
Affiliation That Man

About: One of the few people who are truly close to That Man. He excels at combat, due in no small part to his immortality.

While his role in That Man's plans is unclear, what is known is that he manipulates events around the world by controlling the flow of information. No one knows Raven's true history and his origin is a mystery. Why he fights for That Man is also a mystery, although his loyalty is absolute.

Outline: Born during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire, he lived a very average middle-class life, until he was enlisted as a soldier and sent far away. It was in this foreign country he had his first near-death experience. (*For more information on this arc, take a look at the short story inside Guilty Gear 2 Overture's setting booklet.)

While the reason is unknown, the next moment he wakes up where he thought he died, in the pool of his own blood. But he, was somehow, unharmed.

Going through an infinite circle of death and life, he has lived for close to 1,000 years. Unable to die, in a constant state of perpetual life, he has lost interest in life. Finally, he can no longer be moved by any of his five senses. Pain becomes the only source of pleasure.

Personality: Raven is an unapologetic masochist, and in his own words: "The closer I come to death, the more I feel alive... We must first die in order to truly live." Apparently, the only thing that makes him feel alive is the terrible anticipation of imminent pain. It isn't difficult to notice the many needles and spikes protruding from his body.

Sin Kiske

Sin Kiske, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Illyria
Date of Birth May 31
Height 5' 11"
Weight 160 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Discovering new adjectives, overcoming various weaknesses
Values His mother, his appetite, (last cannot be mentioned)
Dislikes Those who do not overcome their weaknesses, being treated like a child
Affiliation Self (bounty hunter)
Weapon Flag

Outline: The Gear blood that runs through his veins has meant Sin grows much faster than any normal human. In order to keep him out of the public eye, he was placed in Sol's care when he was still very young. Given Sol's personality, however, Sin's upbringing has not been... balanced, and he lacks a good deal in the way of refinement.

In his youth he held something of a grudge against Ky, who he blamed for his mother's pain. After being reunited with his father during the Baptisma 13 event and fighting alongside him, he quickly realized he had been mistaken. Father and son have since grown much closer.

In the Cradle Incident, he is able to communicate with the captured Ramlethal and Elphelt, and as a result, he would reveal the enemy's scheme and help save humanity. His remark that came from his simple and honest mind inspired his stepfather Sol. Currently, he is with Sol and Ramlethal in order to bring Elphelt back.

Personality: He is the child of Ky and Dizzy, making him one-quarter Gear by blood. He has been kept a secret from the larger world, and given to Sol to raise. He looks much older than he really is — in truth, he's less than 10. He is brimming with relentless optimism, and doesn't overthink things. Some would say he doesn't think, period. While it can make him seem innocent, it also demonstrates his naiveté.


Slayer, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Transylvania
Date of Birth October 31
Height 6' 1"
Weight 154 lbs.
Blood Type Unable to analyze
Hobbies Haikus, competition, observing humans
Values Sharon
Dislikes Those with no sense of romance
Affiliation None (Formerly the Assassin's Guild)
Weapon His own flesh and bones

Outline: Slayer comes from an ancient lineage: He is a vampire. Nonetheless, he prefers duels and haiku to meaningless bloodshed. He will treat even opponents he has never met before with the sort of gentlemanly politeness usually reserved for a respected foe. Gabriel is one of the few people he could reasonably call a sparring partner.

In order to sate his thirst for blood, Slayer formed a band of honorable assassins dedicated to destroying evil. When he discovered Sharon, however - an immortal woman who did not die or become a vampire after he drank from her - he began to devote less and less of his time to running the Guild.

When he eventually retired, he passed the reins to Zato and left to live a life of comfortable leisure. Before too long, however, news of Zato's death and the ensuing chaos reached him, and he opted to come out of retirement and put an end to what he had begun.

Beginning with leaking information to Sol and Ky, and investigating the truth behind Zato's alleged resurrection.

During the Cradle Incident, he received word of Zato's revival, and discovered the Conclave’s true motives as a result of his investigations. Having lost spectacularly to the mysterious young boy, Bedman, Slayer now fights to vindicate his honor.

Personality: If one were to look up the definition of "unflappable" in Leo's dictionary, they would find an (admittedly crude) drawing of Slayer. His calm demeanor is impossible to shake, and he approaches every situation and encounter with gentlemanly composure.

The code which Slayer adheres to is, in a sense, a form of role-playing, in that he does not seek to influence others to adopt his morality.

Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin America
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 6' 0"
Weight 163 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Hobbies Listening to Queen
Values His "Sheer Heart Attack" record by Queen
Dislikes Effort, trying hard
Affiliation None
Weapon Junkyard Dog

Outline: Sol was born in the United States of America sometime in the 20th century. With two colleagues he met during college - That Man and Aria - he devoted the early years of his career to groundbreaking research on Gear cells in an attempt to improve humanity itself. As the Gear project grew in importance in 2016, however, That Man's betrayal turned Sol into the very first Prototype Gear.

After developing a process to hold his Gear cells at bay, Sol is able to maintain his humanoid form. Sometime later he reappears, now calling himself Sol Badguy, and claiming to be a bounty hunter.

In 2073 That Man completes Justice. When news reaches Sol, he creates a weapon called "Outrage" to defeat her.

The following year Justice rebels, and the Crusades begin. Sol begins his own private war against the Gears.

War rages for the next one hundred years, and Sol is always in the thick of it. In 2103 he saves the man who would later go on to command the Holy Order: Kliff Undersn. Kliff will have a great respect for Sol for the rest of his life.

After Kliff joins the Holy Order, he scouts Sol, and he immediately joins and meets Ky Kiske. Before long, he steals the Fireseal and runs away. Operating alone, he seals Justice and brings the war to an end. Following the incident, he takes Ky and Dizzy's child, Sin under his wing and raises him while wandering the world.

2186, a girl named Valentine declares war on the world. He manages to win the war, but discovers a power known only as the Universal Will that wishes for mankind's destruction.

After accepting the declaration, he travels to Japan to capture Ramlethal, and succeeds. But only they does his team realize that that was a diversion, and the real masterminds were the Conclave. Their plan - to teleport Justice inside Illyria, and revive her with St. Elmo’s Fire. With Elphelt’s help, they manage to stop Justice's revival, but in the process, Elphelt falls into the hands of the enemy...

Personality: Sol hates working any harder than he has to, which means he rarely puts much effort into anything. A man of few words, he says only as much as he absolutely has to in order to get his point across. Consequently he's not very good at expressing himself, and tends to compensate by bullying people into line or simply steamrolling them. Most people see him as crude and self-centered...even people who might call him a friend.


Venom, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin England
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 5' 11"
Weight 146 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hobbies Reading, chess
Values Zato, compassion
Dislikes Blood, anyone who would wrong Zato
Affiliation Assassin's Guild
Weapon Pool cue

Outline: He was orphaned at a young age and taken in by the Assassin's Guild, who gave him the name "Venom." Though he could kill with nearly any tool he laid his hands on, his innate dislike for taking life rendered that lethal gift somewhat blunt.

After meeting with Zato, the Guild's leader, Venom’s full abilities were finally unleashed. He had lost the will to live, but Zato-ONE showed him hope. Venom swore eternal loyalty and devotion to Zato — his teacher, his commander, and his savior. For him, Venom would die without hesitation, even after Zato's death, his loyalty persists.

After Millia's defection and the loss of Zato, Venom took his place as head of the Guild, though his inexperience has made that task difficult. He has chosen to take the Guild in a different direction: His goal is to only eliminate those whose deaths would benefit society as a whole. That, after all, was what Zato taught him to do. Having successfully been reunited with Zato, he has begun to seek his own purpose, and act on it.

Personality: Though he is an assassin by trade. Venom is a gentle and honest man who can only rarely bring himself to lie. There is a rigidity to his speech that suggests he favors reason above all else, but in fact he places high importance on emotion, empathy, and his own humility. Anyone who openly considers Zato an enemy, however, will ignite a flame of rage in Venom that is not easily extinguished.


Zato-1, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Character Artwork
Origin Spain
Date of Birth January 28
Height 5' 11"
Weight 150 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hobbies Flower quotes
Values Pride
Dislikes Women
Affiliation None (Formerly the Assassin's Guild)
Weapon Forbidden spell and beast (Shadow / Eddie)

Outline: Zato is the former head of the Assassin's Guild, and has the ability to magically manipulate his own shadow. He was once at the very bottom of the Guild hierarchy, but after trading his eyesight for the power to control shadows he quickly climbed the ranks.

Soon after becoming the leader of the Guild, he participated in a high-risk mission that was thrown into lethal disarray by Millia Rage's betrayal. The Guild suffered a great many losses, including the capture of Zato himself by the authorities. The affection he had felt for Millia turned to hate, and from his prison cell he plotted revenge.

Not long after his incarceration began, Zato learned that criminals would be allowed to participate in the Second Sacred Order of Holy Knights tournament, and decided this was his chance to begin his revenge against Millia. The cost of his curse was proving higher than he'd anticipated, however, and before long, his physical body could no longer maintain its form, and Eddie took control of it.

Eddie's period of ascendancy did not last long, as Zato's body deteriorated faster than Eddie had expected, and he was unable to keep it alive. When Zato died, Eddie soon followed.

The moment Zato awoke he knew he had been resurrected—he recognized the sensation of being alive. Now, however, he saw both himself and the world from a much broader perspective. Though his memories remained intact, nothing could elicit excitement or interest in him. The Conclave had imprisoned him after his resurrection, but he made no attempts to escape the world of darkness they had trapped him in. Only one thought aroused any emotion in him: That of Millia, the person who had once betrayed him.

Now reunited with Millia, he swears to protect her at all costs.

Personality: When he was alive, Zato was known for having a calm disposition, and for being someone who would give each aspect of a problem great consideration. He still felt things strongly, even if he kept his feelings hidden from the rest of the world. During his time in the underworld, however, Zato was subjected to the breadth of human experience, and seems to have all capacity for emotional reaction burned out of him by it. He cannot even remember how it felt to be emotionally moved.

As such, he perceives no value in anything, including himself. Good and bad, joy and anger -these are just words to him. He claims the world is a dull place, but even that is a statement born more from habit than actual feeling.

There is one exception to his ennui: Millia. Only around her can Zato feel anything like what one might call emotion.

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