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Heir of Light - Transcending & How to Use Duplicate Servants

We're taking a look at how the Transcend system from Heir of Light works, and in what ways you can use your duplicate servants.

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With so much going on in Heir of Light, it’s hard to make good decisions as a new player. There are a ton of characters (called servants), and each one has a different version for each element. So when you start summoning duplicates, it’s natural to wonder “what to do with duplicate characters?”.

In Patch 2.0 Re:Start, Gamevil introduced the “Servant Transcend” system, which allows you to use duplicate servants in order to Transcend the original, raising their level cap by 2 levels, and also providing a huge boost to the main stats.

How to Transcend Your Servants

In order to transcend a Servant, you need to go to Servant > Upgrade > Transcend, and make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • The main Servant you want to Transcend must be 6-stars and Level 60.
  • The duplicate Servant must have the same Element as the main Servant.
  • The duplicate Servant must also be 6-stars, the level doesn’t matter.

Keep in mind however, that the 4.0 version is planning to revamp the Transcendence system, and you will no longer require Servant duplicates.

The 4.0 Transcend changes:

  • You can use Servant Shards, Universal Shards, or natural 5-star Servants in order to provide Transcendence EXP.
  • Servant Shards & Universal Shards will provide 1 Transcendence EXP, while natural 5-star Servants will provide 500 Transcendence EXP.

This update will make it easier to transcend your most rare servants, that you only had to rely on luck & events so far.

Transcendence Levels & Stat Boosts

So, you may be wondering how much Transcending is worth it?

Well, the stat boosts you gain are huge, not to mention the extra power you get from the max level cap raising:

  • 3-star & 4-star Servants get a 15% boost to HP, ATK & DEF with each Transcend Tier.
  • 5-star Servants get a 20% boost to HP, ATK & DEF with each Transcend Tier.
  • 5-star Servants that you can’t grind through the World Map, get a 25% boost to HP, ATK & DEF with each Transcend Tier.
  • All Servants get a secondary Stat boost (servant-dependent) with each Transcend Tier, the higher the servant’s rarity, the higher the boost.

How to Get More of The Same Servant

And here’s the hard part, how are you supposed to find the duplicates you need?

You simply need to choose the Servant from your list, and you will notice an icon just below the “Dismiss” button, that will show you all the Stages you can grind for the shard drop.

Once you have enough shards, you can craft the servant.

These are the various ways you can gain servants:

  • Summoning – Make sure to check the “Probability” table, in order to make sure of the drop rate of the Servant you seek.
  • Mass Invasion – The available Servant shards change on a weekly basis, and you are limited to 5,000 battles per week, so always choose wisely!
  • Servant Shard Stages in World Map – Check the Servant Shard icon on the bottom right of your Servant, to get a list of the Stages you can grind his / her Shards.

Never Dismiss Duplicate Servants

Another option you have for duplicate Servants, or the ones you don’t really need, is the “Dismiss” action.

However, you should never dismiss a Servant in any scenario.

The only thing you get is 400 Gold for 4-star servants and 800 Gold for 5-star servants, which is a big joke!

I’m not sure why this is even an option, maybe so that some players can do it by mistake and lose their characters?!

It’s far better to use a Servant as Upgrade material of any kind, than to simply dismiss him / her.

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