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How to Play Dreamcast Games on Your Windows PC

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Creating an emulator that is capable of running Dreamcast games on PC has always been a difficult task. There is no denying that the Dreamcast has a plethora of games that will never be brought back to newer hardware and PC. Nevertheless, enthusiastic fans took it upon their shoulders to make the impossible, possible. Although many problems tended to arise, the development of these emulators was simply hard to ignore.

However, one emulator managed to survive, and that is Redream. This emulator is capable of running any Dreamcast game that comes to your mind, and it’s quite facile to configure. Lucky for you, Redream is not demanding as it can run pretty smoothly on low-end hardware. Even a dual-core with an Intel HD 4000 will suffice at running it full speed. So, why don’t you sit tight, and come read all about this magnificent emulator?

Redream – The Best Dreamcast Emulator

Redream is quite easy to track. You can head to their official website, or head straight to emulator-zone. Although it is safe to just download it from the official website to make sure you get the up-to-date version of the emulator. Downloading from the site is facile, with one click you’re good to go. Luckily, Redream runs on mobile phones as well which is pretty for those who want to play anywhere they want.

If you are worried that this emulator might not run your favourite game, check the compatibility section which has all the info you need to know before you get disappointed.

How to Install Redream & Play Dreamcast Games on Your PC

Actually, Redream is easy to install, even a blind person can figure out how to do the job. After pressing ” get for desktop ”, the user is prompted with a section that shows the ” Premium edition ”, the ” stable release ” and ” development builds ”. In this case, you will click on the stable release.

After pressing it, a WinRAR file will be downloaded. Once the download is finished, you need to decompress the file containing the emulator. It doesn’t require any installation phase nor anything. You just have to unpack it and you are good to go, that’s it.

Don’t worry if your system throws a DLL error, or something similar. To fix it, simply download the necessary Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. Unlike the PCSX2 emulator, Redream has all the bios pre-installed on the emulator.

How to Get Dreamcast Games

Known as Roms, are Dreamcast games you need in order to run them on the emulator. Unfortunately, we cant tell you where to find the ROMS, you will have to Google it yourself.

How to Configure Redream

Button Mapping

Redream is well-known for its compatibility with a collection of controllers. The emulator supports both DirectInput and Xinput controllers, as well as, keyboard and mouse. To configure your controller, you click on ” Input ” above the screen. Once clicked, you are prompted to use a keyboard/mouse or a controller. Mapping the controls is pretty easy and doesn’t require much effort.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

Redream runs natively on 720p/1080p depending on your GPU. For my potato graphics card, it ran at 900p. However, you can always increase the internal resolution in the section mentioned above. But note that in order to achieve 4K resolution you need to pay for the premium release. In addition, you can configure the aspect ratio that fits your needs, the aforementioned can either be set to 4:3/16:9 or use the stretch option so that it will fit your computer screen.

Secondly, Redream allows changing the default resolution of the game. It means that you will be able to play classic Dreamcast games in both fullscreen and windowed mode. Finally, Redream has a built-in FPS counter where you can monitor if the game is running smoothly or not. This section is quite easy, and it doesn’t require much effort.


This section allows you to change the system language especially if you prefer playing in your own mother language. In addition, the region can also be changed. This will come in handy in case if you want to play a Japan-only game as the game may sometimes fail to boot. other than that, nothing else to explain.

Saving/loading your progress

So you’ve been playing for hours and decided to take a break. To make sure not to lose your progress, you wanted to save. Luckily, using this emulator isn’t unlike NullDC where you are forced to format the Dreamcast VMU in order to save, and let’s not forget the lack of any save stats.

Fortunately, with this emulator, everything is like stealing candy from a baby. You can use the emulator to save stats by pressing” ESC ”. A window will pop up where you can save or load your save stats. A reminder not to heavily count on this method as the saves sometimes tend to get corrupted. Hence, why I highly recommend saving in the game, then using these save stats as a backup nothing less.

Alternatives to Redream


Flycast is pretty much similar to Redream, but the aforementioned can run Atomiswave and Naomi games which the latter cannot do. Unfortunately, Flycast is pretty much heavy on the CPU, especially when emulating games such as Shenmue, Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver, and Blue Stinger.

My bet is to go with Redream if you want to emulate Dreamcast games since Redream has a better interface, unlike Flycast. If you want to emulate Atomiswave/Naomi games then go for Flycast.

You can download Flycast from the official Github page. The emulator is updated regularly and doesn’t require much thinking to install it.

That’s it for the guide, thank you for reading!


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