How To Play PS1 Games on Your Windows PC

If you are yearning for the past and wanted to relive your PSX memories, the ePSXe emulator will fill your needs, and let you play any PS1 game on your PC!

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How To Play PS1 Games on Your Windows PC

After the brutal competition with Nintendo and Sega back in the nineties, who would have thought for one second that Sony was slowly marching...

After the brutal competition with Nintendo and Sega back in the nineties, who would have thought for one second that Sony was slowly marching in with a console such as the PlayStation? Since Sega was already struggling with the competition, the PS1 brought nothing but more worries and more hardships.

Sony wasn’t playing around that time. They made a lot of games that convinced the customer to instantly purchase the console. Such games are Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Spyro, Medievil and others that are still haunting players to this day. (No wonder why fans are clamouring for remakes every single day).

If by chance you had a sudden surge of nostalgia that went through your veins, fear not, because there’s an emulator that is capable of emulating any PS1 game you can think of. This emulator is ePSXe. A fine and easy emulator that will help a lot of people to play any game they want from the platform. Stay, and read all about the emulator from the site.

1.Intro about ePSXe:

ePSXe emulator enables you to play a myriad of PSX games. The emulator is considered the number 1 option for PS1 emulation. However, lately, a new rising competitor appeared out of nowhere that is said to offer what ePSXE doesn’t provide. We will discuss that alternative below. Luckily, Most games run flawlessly on the emulator, and with its several offerings, players can enhance the visuals, the 3D graphics, and the performance.

The emulator can be obtained from the official site. The emulator has a Linux, Mac and an Android version. However, the emulator stopped receiving any new updates as the emulator is near perfect according to users.

2.How to install:

Just like DeSmuME, Redream, and PPSSPP, ePSXe is a standalone emulator that doesn’t have an installation wizard. Installation is simple, extract the Zip/Winrar which contains the emulator and you are good to go. As always, you need to place the emulator on anything than the C drive.

3.How to configure the emulator:

I.Plug-ins & Bios:

Just like PCSX2, ePSXE requires plug-ins and a Bios in order to function, without these, good luck running the emulator. They are essential pieces of software to let the program up and running. These can be easily obtained online. Once you download them and set up the emulator, you won’t be required to re-download or configure the emulator once again.

To get the Bios, simply head to this site. Once you download it, paste it into your bios file inside the emulator folder. Secondly, to get your ePSXE plug-ins, simply click here.  If you are feeling unsafe, here’s what the link contains:

A. cdrPeops.dll – This is the CD-ROM plug-in. CD-ROM drives aren’t really used anymore so this plug-in is optional.

B. DFSound.dll (Recommended!) – This is the best audio plug-in.

C. gpuPeopsSoft – This is a video plug-in. This plug-in is ideal for people with slower/older computers.

D. gpuPeteD3D.dll, gpuPeteDX6D3D.dll, gpuPeteOpenGL.dll, gpuPeteOpenGL2.dll – These are the video plug-ins that render the 3D graphics according to a specified resolution (as explained in About ePSXe). Pete’s OpenGL plug-in is the best of this trio.

E. gpuPeopsOpenGL.dll (Recommended!) – Same as the above plug-ins, except this is the best and most advanced plug-in.

F. spuEternal.dll – This is the second-best audio plug-in. It’s friendlier for slower/older computers.

G. spuEternalL.dll – This is just a supporting file for spuEternal.dll. (Credit to Fantasyanime website)

II. How to setup plug-ins and Bios:

After you have downloaded both the bios and plug-ins, extract the Winrar file in which they are located, and put them in the folders shown above this picture ( Section 3). To put it simply, move the bios files to the ” Bios folder ” and plug-ins files to the ” Plugins folder”.

Now, how to configure the Bios? simply go to config> Bios as shown on the picture above. Secondly, you’ll arrive at the ”Config Bios”  window. Click on the select button. After that, another window will pop up with the bios you downloaded. It should show something like ” Scph1001.bin”. Double click on it, and you are good to go.

III. Configuring the video plug-ins:

First of all, go to Config>Plugins>Video as shown above. Next, you’ll arrive at the window with ” Config Video ”. Click on it, and look at ”Select/Config Main Video plug-in”. Then choose P.E.Op.S. OpenGL Driver. You can choose another plugin, but it is told that this one is the best. You can enhance this driver by pressing ” configure ” below the plugin. I recommend choosing nice as it offers better visuals and decent performance. Other than that, you’re good to go.

IV. Configure Audio:

To configure your audio plugins, simply go to Config>Plugins> Audio. The process is similar to the previous images above. You’ll arrive at the “Config Sound” window. Click on the drop-down selection under “Select Sound plug-in”. Then select DirectSound Driver. If you are using a slow computer ( from ancient Egypt ) Eternal SPU might be your only choice. Next, to configure, just like video plugins, go to the Configuration button below the driver. I think it’s easy from here and doesn’t require much explanation.

V. Configure the controls:

Just like any emulator out there, ePSXE allows you to use your controller or mouse/keyboard. To configure the controls, simply head to Config> Gamepads > Port 1> Pad 1. After you do that, you’ll arrive at the window above you. The emulator is set to play games using your keyboard by default. To change them, simply press the field you desire, and press the button from your controller.

4. How to find Iso:

As always, you have come to the right place when it comes to games. To get your games simply head to either Coolrom, Cdromance, or Romsmania. These are the safest places where you can get games from.

A.How do I load up a PSX Iso:

Note, the Iso that you download should be either a Winrar or Zip or 7Z. After you download, extract the file where your game is located at. Next, paste it into the folder where you usually put your games. This will be helpful if you want to organize your library. Lastly, to run your game, go to File> Run Iso on your emulator, and you should be good to go.

B.How do I load a PSX game CD:

You can rip your own physical PSX game into a format that emulator would support since running the actual PSX game is prone to have several unsolvable issues. However, it’s great to have a digital backup in case your game gets broken or lost. If you want to do the process, first, you have to have downloaded the plug-ins showed above. Then, you go to Config > Cdrom and select the CDR plug-in. Lastly, To load a game: insert the game CD into your CD-ROM drive. In ePSXe go to File & Run CDROM. That’s it! Oh, and one thing, don’t expect the game to load immediately; be patient for a minute or two.

5. How to fix several issues:

A. ePSXE crashing to desktop:

If every time you load a game, ePSXe crashes to desktop and prompts you with a ‘ePSXe.exe has stopped working‘ error There are two possible reasons this could be happening:

1-Your video card doesn’t like the video plug-in you’re using. If this is the case, switching to another video plug-in should resolve this problem.
2-Run the emulator with windows 7 compatibility.

B.The game is running at Sonic speed!

If you’re using a high-end video card, the games might run at double speed. To resolve this just beef up the settings. Doing so is easy. Go to Config > Video > Configure. If you’re using one of Pete’s plug-ins (which I hope you are) all you need to do is click on the Nice button.

C.ePSXE doesn’t close:

Sometimes when you close ePSXe, it closes the ePSXe window but you can still hear your game and its music running in the background. This is slowly becoming a more common issue with new computers. ePSXe hasn’t been updated since 2013. There’s not a fix for this. Every time this happens you need to go into Windows Task Manager and force close the ePSXe process.

D.I’m getting a “zlib.dll is missing” error!

That’s a common error with ePSXe v1.70. Download this, extract it, and paste it over to the folder where ePSXE is located at.

E.Black Screen:

The first time you’ll load a game using ePSXE, you might just get hit with a black screen, a screen that will make you think about the future, your ex, and probably college. Just kidding, here are a few solutions in case you encounter this issue:

Solution 1:

Wait a minute, games don’t load instantly as they take several seconds before you can see something on the screen.

Solution 2:

You can fix this by going to Options > CPU overclocking > x1

Solution 3:

Try a different video plug-ins, or try different settings with your current video plug-in.

Solution 4:

Run with Windows 7 compatibility mode.

F.Recompile block too large:

If you encounter this issue, try the following:

1-Make sure the file format of your game is BIN or ISO. If it’s not in those file formats, then that’s why it’s not working.

2-If the game is in a ZIP, RAR, or 7Z archive, you must extract it before playing.

-Still getting the error? It would seem your game (your ISO) is corrupt. There are a number of reasons that could have caused this. The most likely reason is maybe it didn’t download completely. Try downloading the game again or download it from another website.

G.cdrom was not found error:

When trying to run the bios, the emulator may prompt you with a “cdrom not found” error. This happens when you’re on a computer with no CD-ROM. To fix that, you need to install virtual CD-ROM software so that you can provide ePSXe with a CD-ROM drive. See below for instructions:

-First, download and install Virtual Clone Drive.
-Secondly, Open ePSXe. Go to Config > Plugins > Cdrom.
-Thirdly, In the drop-down field, select a CDR plug-in. It doesn’t matter which one. Then click on the Configure button.
-Fourthly, In the drop-down field, select the drive letter associated with Virtual CloneDrive. Click OK.
-Lastly, now try loading the BIOS again. Go to File > Run BIOS. It should be working now.

6.Full Screen:

On default, ePSXE doesn’t feature a full-screen mode. You’ll have to manually set it by going to Config> Video. Tick the fullscreen mode and click ok. If you want to switch between modes, press Alt+enter to go windowed or fullscreen mode.

7.How to save and load your progress:

To save your progress on ePSXE, simply go to Run> and press save state then choose the slot you want to save in. If you want to load up your game, just follow the same steps. Note that sometimes the game may end up being corrupted or something if you keep using this method as your own option of saving. I highly recommend saving in-game to avoid any issue.

8.How to delete saves:

You cannot delete saves that easily from your computer as you need to delete them through the ePSXE bios. To access it, go to File> Run Bios. Once you do that, you should see a screen like the one above you. Next, press Memory Card and start deleting what you want.
If you encounter an error like ” cdrom not found ” please, check above for further help.

9.Using cheats:

ePSXE has the best cheat engine system of all time in my book. You don’t have to hunt down cheat codes online or install any patches. It’s all there by going to Option> Cheat codes. Note, you need to have the game running in order for this to work. After you go to cheat codes, simply click ” Download ” and it should automatically download all the cheat codes for you. The only unfortunate thing in all of this is that you will have to repeat the process every time you boot the game.

10. Alternative to PS1 emulation:

Retroarch is a program that can run a variety of consoles including PSX. While the latter is said to be better than ePSXE in some aspects, the emulators can be a hassle when it comes to swiping CD’s. Especially for games that require more than 1 Disc.


If you are yearning for some nostalgia, ePSXE will be there to fill your needs. ePSXE runs on a potato PC at a decent speed and it doesn’t require a brainer to get the hang of it. Before I close this guide, here are some games that I recommend: Parasite Eve 1, Silent Hill, Panzer Bandit, and Klonoa. I hope you will enjoy them.

Disclosure: We may sometimes use affiliate links to reputable retailers like Amazon.

Just your average gamer who enjoys hunting hidden gems and underrated games - but still open to any game in the industry if you ask me! My favourite game is Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams and nothing comes close to it to this very day imo. I highly recommend you to play it!


  1. By the way I just tried this several times, for several days and I cannot connect with “” for the plugins on any of my devices or my roommates. This includes phones (Android and Apple), tablet (Microsoft), or pc. My net and wifi are great and I can do anything anywhere else, just not that site. Not sure if that is just for the past few days or what.
    Is there an alternate site for the plugin pack mentioned? Any other suggestions?

  2. Another competitor that you didn’t mention is Duckstation. It’s a young PSX emulator, so hot in development it has no stable build [it has an update to install every time I open it pretty much]. It favour both compatibility and low system requirements. It can easily render PSX games 3 or 4 times native resolution with perspective accurate texturing on integrated graphics solutions. It also supports two shared memory cards like ePSXe, so swapping discs is no problem. It also supports per-game settings as an option. It’s also even easier to configure than ePSXe.

    • I have not personally heard of it until you mentioned it. I’ll make sure to update the guide in the near future!
      May I ask, have you tried PCSX-R? I heard good things about it.


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