Killing Floor 2 – The Descent Content Pack Review

On 21st of March, Killing Floor 2 made two more maps official, KF-Nuked and KF-The Descent. In addition, they released two (almost) brand new weapons, one for Commandos, the Stoner 63A LMG, and one for Firebugs, that existed in the first Killing Floor, the beloved Spitfire! These new maps hide very exciting surprises and the guns carry a taste from the past. 10 new achievements have been implemented as well, for (us) achievement whores!

KF – Nuked

This one has an awesome old building in the middle with a huge circular road, which we personally think is a life saver. It has also a big parking underneath these buildings and outside there are a lot of buses and steel walls to hide in case of tight moments! We think it’s a great map for all perks, so make sure to watch our sneak peek below!

KF – The Descent

This map is hiding many other maps inside it! By that we mean that in the first wave you start off in a pretty small yard. The second wave you jump in an endless “wormhole” that gets you to the next stage, and rinse-repeat with a random stage each time!You’ll meet lava floors, abyssic stairs, comforting circular corridors and rooms that will definitely remind you of Jigsaw and his crooked ways.

(Dual) Spitfires

These awesome little trash-killing-helpers have pretty high fire rate, range and ammo capacity! Firebugs we’ve encountered, were more than just excited using these guns, with us being no exception (any KF1 memories are well-received)! They shoot pretty darn fast and that was a core weakness of the Firebug perk.

Stoner 63A LMG

This light machine gun has one of the best fire rates we’ve seen so far! It can obviously hold a ton of ammo (while holding you down with its weight), and prove a lethal option for large zeds. Some will rage for commandos getting all the attention, but it does offer a unique new play-style, as well as promises to deliver a greater weapon variety for all perks in the future!

Last Words

The Descent Content Pack was a bit late to arrive, with many sneak peeks from Tripwire for almost a month, making us wait for it more and more! Well, that was a bit bad marketing on over-waiting, but we do hope the future Killing Floor 2 updates will follow this model of waiting more time – getting more stuff to the players.

What’s your take on The Descent? What more do you want to see in the next updates?


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