Published on November 8, 2022
Updated on November 12, 2022

League of Legends - How to Get Mythic Essence

The Mythic Shop is the newest shop in League of Legends, where you can use in-game currency to unlock extra special champion skins with a little more effort than P2W, using Mythical Essence (ME). This shop contains very exclusive skins with new visual effects, custom loading screen splash arts, or even special home teleport effects.

Okay okay, but how do I get more mythic essence to unlock these awesome contents? In this guide, we have collected all general information about the operation of the store, about the rewards, and how to obtain as many Mythic Essence as possible.

Table of Contents

Basics about crafting in the Mythic Shop

Prestige Skins in League of Legends (from left to right: Prestige Battle Academia Leona, Prestige KDA Ahri, Prestige PsyOps Ezreal, Ashen Slayer Sylas)

Mythic Essence

Mythic shop currency. This is combined from Gemstones and Prestige Points and it has a special value.

Mythic Shop

Mythic Shop in League Client (Photo source: official Riot note)

The Mythic Shop is the new long-term home of all craftable and unvalued Mythic and Prestige Content. It’s accessible via the Loot Tab in your League Client.

Purchasable from the Shop

  • Unvaulted Prestige Skins
  • Unvaulted Mythic Skins
  • New Prestige Skins
  • Blue Essence (BE)
  • Orange Essence (OE)
  • Random Skin Shard
  • Seasonal Mythic Skins with Border + Icon
  • Seasonal Mythic Ward Skins
  • Mythic Emotes
  • Mythic Chroma + Icon (requires Mythic Skin ownership)

The store’s offer changes every month. But what is certain is that you can expect the following with every store update: a Random Skin Shard for 10 Mythic Essence, and 150 Blue Essence or 50 Orange Essence for 1 Mythic Essence.

All methods of obtaining Mythic Essence

  • event mission reward
  • event orbs and capsules
  • Masterwork Chests
  • Hextech Chests
  • Summoner Leveling up rewards
  • Loot Milestone rewards
  • Prime Gaming drops

Mythic Essence through event missions

If there is an ongoing event in the game, then there are often ME among the rewards that can be pocketed. However, primarily this is not a free reward that Riot throws at us, we have to buy the pass for it, which is around 1650 RP.

During the Worlds 2022 event, for example, a total of 50 pieces can be collected, with so many other valuable rewards. And of course, this is the guaranteed side, not to mention the chests, which you can also open more pieces with a good chance.

Mythic Essence from event orbs

Event orbs contain x10 Mythic Essence with a chance of 4.11%. These orbs can be obtained through quests, but can also be purchased in the shop for 250 RP.

Mythic Essence from Chests

There is a certain chance that you can also obtain Mythic Essence pieces by opening chests. These chests can be accessed as free content (completing missions, achieving S and S+ ratings with a champion) and P2W (from the store) too.

Masterwork Chest Hextech Chest
  • x5 Mythic Essence 3.5% Chance
  • Mythic Skin Permanent 0.04% Chance
  • x10 Mythic Essence 2.68% Chance
  • Mythic Skin Permanent 0.04% Chance

Earn Mythic Essence from leveling up

A significant amount of Mythic Essence can also be collected for the level steps of our user. We can acquire a total of 80 pieces in this way, but this type of acquisition requires quite a lot of playing hours.

Of course, there are many different rewards for reaching each level, now I have only collected the levels that give essence:

Target Level Mythic Essence Reward
150 x10 Mythic Essence
200 x10 Mythic Essence
250 x10 Mythic Essence
300 x10 Mythic Essence
350 x10 Mythic Essence
400 x10 Mythic Essence
450 x10 Mythic Essence
500 x10 Mythic Essence

Loot Milestone rewards

The point is if you get a reward from the game, then after certain rewards, you get more rewards! This is a guaranteed bonus reward for Masterwork Chests opened. There is no time limit to get them and once you grab all rewards, the loop will repeat.

Opened Chests Guaranteed Reward
x5 Masterwork Chest
  • x5 Mythic Essence
  • Random Skin Shard
x10 Masterwork Chest
  • x5 Mythic Essence
x15 Masterwork Chest
  • x5 Mythic Essence
  • Random 975+ Skin Shard
x20 Masterwork Chest
  • x5 Mythic Essence
x25 Masterwork Chest
  • x10 Mythic Essence
  • Random 1350+ Skin Shard

 Prime Gaming Drops

This is a paid service, for which we receive valuable rewards for a monthly fee. Among them, of course, there is also Mythic Essence: 5 pieces every month. Cost: €5.99 per month

Prime Gaming Website

Summary: Obtain Mythic Essence without P2W

To be honest, we’re not going to get dozens of Prestige Skins by completely excluding the P2W option. However, with a good dose of patience and persistence, you can collect a few. It’s worth putting a great deal of emphasis on the events, maximizing them, and of course, spending 18 out of the 24 hours of the day playing games. With leveling up, you can slowly but surely pocket 80 pieces of ME. Then fingers crossed when you open hextech & masterwork chests.

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