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Feb 25, 2021
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Published on February 26, 2021    Updated on December 30, 2021
League of Maidens

League of Maidens - Release Date & First Impressions Review

League of Maidens is an adult waifu simulator, that aims to become a full-fledged MMORPG. We're taking a family friendly first look at it!

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League of Maidens is a Hack N’ Slash Superhero RPG that focuses on adult Waifu customization, and aims to be a full-fledged Hub-based MMORPG. It’s been in development since 2016 by just 3 people, and just released on Steam Early Access for PC on February 25, 2021. Other platforms, controller support, and more languages than English may be considered in the future, as the main focus in this Alpha release is adding all the features and content.

Another major feature missing from the game is any kind of Multiplayer mode, but hopefully we get leaderboards, various chat channels, and a neat Faction vs Faction mini-game, where you can just assign Battle Points from your expeditions in your country of choice for now.

The game is quite rough around the edges currently, but if you fall inside the target audience (waifu addict) then the least you can do is try it – it’s free to play! Even though heavy criticism has been made for its monetization methods (we’ll add on to it later), there’s really not much money can get you that’s not purely aesthetic.

Grinding for cosmetics is tedious – but possible, and if you’re like me, well I just want one nice outfit, I’m not the type that wants to swap his wardrobe all the time!

Boob-tastic Character Creation

The main feature that drew most of the attention to League of Maidens, is its promising character creation tool, that offers (too much) freedom in customizing your face and body, with hundreds of sliders and extensive color customization. Before you ask, there are 11 boob sliders, 9 butt sliders, and even genital sliders (but you can’t really… appreciate those without the Nude mod, that is offered to Patreon subscribers, or sold separately as a one-time 30$ purchase).

An overwhelming interface will greet you, but to be fair it’s quite better than what we’ve seen in most Alpha releases, and that goes for all of the game’s interface too. There, you will also be greeted by a big paywall behind most hairstyles, tattoos and other cosmetics, since aesthetics is all that this game will charge you for (almost).

Fancy, But Unbalanced Combat

Flying, dodging and sprinting feel superhero-ish enough, and each class’ abilities are few (at a time), but will fill your screen with enough flash and damage to make up for it! Unlocking or upgrading skills is quite the grind sadly, but it’s not like there’s too much else to grind for.

Any class can also use 4 different guns, with each one specializing in different types of enemies. The combination of melee weapon attacks, spells and guns is not too great, but when you figure out what to use in each situation it’s fun nonetheless! Most enemies will pose a big threat, so using your cooldowns and having potions handy is crucial, but most of the difficulty is stat-based, and not skill-based sadly.

Enough Content… for Early Access

The main questline is not too big, and you can get through it in a few hours. Aside from the storytelling there’s not too much variety you can expect in the quest objectives, they are just kill or fetch quests. Combined with a grindy open world, repeatable quests, and floor-based dungeons similar to Soulworker, there’s definitely enough to give LoM a try!

Almost everything from your character, to account, skills and gear has its own progression system, and leveling them up is quite hard. A bigger gameplay variety would definitely help with that part, and I’m sure excited to see the plans for the game’s endgame content, as well as the implementation of the multiplayer features.

Fair Story & Voiceovers

Something I wouldn’t expect from LoM, is a full voiceover on all the quest content and NPC lines! The performances are quite good too – at least enough for the game’s premise and overall polish. If 3 people could pull that off, I wonder how Blizzard still can’t add voiceovers to WoW’s older content after 15 years.

The storyline doesn’t strive too far away from your typical mobile MMORPG, but I have to admit there are quite a few plot twists that make it more fun and interesting than its counterparts! Foul language exists to spice things a bit more, and remind minors verbally too, that this is not a game for kids!

Cosmetics Galore… But It’s Expensive

There’s a ton of different cosmetic slots you can combine, and quite a few choices for each one, considering the game has just launched! The good news is that you can drop them from lootboxes or buy them with in-game currency too, or even get them as rewards for grinding some hard bosses.

The bad news are that (depending on the currency package you buy) each outfit will cost you roughly 10$, while other cosmetics around 3$ each. Not too bad, but combined with the other paywalls scattered around – but not limited to – aesthetic features, it’s arguably a bit much.

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