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Lineage 2: Revolution - Monster Codex Guide - Monster Cores & Cards

Farming Monster Cores and Monster Cards in L2R is an essential CP buff, but also a great way to spice up your gameplay, and get to... monster-collecting!

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The Monster Codex in Lineage 2, is one of the coolest “collectible” features I’ve seen in an MMORPG – and I’m not talking just about mobile ones. 😁 The biggest complaint I always had when killing monsters in MMOs, is that it’s too unrewarding! The more you kill of a certain monster, you should gain various rewards related just to that monster!

L2R has hopefully implemented an amazing system around that, split in two parts: the Codex Collection, and the more recent arrival, the Card Collection! Both collections will contribute to your overall CP by a great margin, and both are extremely worth going after! These times that you don’t know where to grind, why not start filling your Codex’s pages?

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Monster Codex, and uncover exactly how it works, and all you need to know to grind it effectively.

Codex Collection

Codex Collection Screen, Monster Codex, Lineage 2: Revolution

To access the Monster Codex, simply click the Hamburger Menu, and navigate to Challenges > Monster Codex:

Monster Codex Menu, Lineage 2: Revolution

You will be greeted with the first tab, called Codex Collection. On the left side, you have a list with all of L2R’s regions. Picking one, will load this region’s areas on the right, and you will be able to see all the available monsters you can hunt monster cores for.

By tapping on any monster, you have 3 options:

  • When choosing the compass icon that shows on its top right, your map will open, having the monster of your choice highlighted. There, you can add it to your favorites, check its info, or navigate straight to its location!
  • You also have the ability to Summon the Monster, which will require you to have a relevant Summoning Stone, found mostly in the Bundle & Clan Shops.
  • Last but not least, you can Register your available Monster Cores. You can also do that for all your cores, by choosing “Register All Cores” on the top right of the Codex Collection screen.

Farming Monster Cores is pretty straightforward, just navigate to the monster’s location, and grind until you have the amount of Monster Cores you need! Depending on the monster’s grade (C, B, A, S etc.) it will be easier / harder to drop them, and the amounts you need for each level up vary too.

Each monster inside the Codex Collection, can be leveled up to level 10, providing you extra stat buffs & CP with each level, while each level will require a different amount of cores to be unlocked.

Card Collection

Card Collection Screen, Monster Codex, Lineage 2: Revolution

The Card Collection is the second tab of the Monster Codex, and the most recent addition of the Codex. The mechanics are similar to Cores, but collecting Cards is a lot harder, and far more rewarding CP-wise.

Each card can go up to level 5. You will need a variable number of cards in order to make an attempt at strengthening the card, and your success rate will be lower for each level:

  • Level 0 -> Level 1 – 100% Success Rate
  • Level 1 -> Level 2 – 55% Success Rate
  • Level 2 -> Level 3 – ?? Success Rate
  • Level 3 -> Level 4 – ?? Success Rate
  • Level 4 -> Level 5 – ?? Success Rate

You can use Lesser Giant’s Research Note, in order to gain an additional 7% Success Rate, up to 100%. To buy these, you will need Card Fragments, received from salvaging Monster Cards. So as you already guessed, the grind is huge in the Card Collection, no comparison with Monster Cores!

Monster Inventory

Monster Inventory Screen, Monster Codex, Lineage 2: Revolution

Inside your Monster Inventory, you can see all the Cores and Cards you have collected, and not yet traded or registered. This is also where you need to go in order to Salvage Cores & Cards, to turn them into Soul Powder and Card Fragments, which you will use in the Monster Shop, to buy more relevant items.

You can quickly salvage your duplicates, by tapping “Select All” on the bottom left of the screen, and then making sure only “Select Only Registered Items” is ticked. Registered means that you have already completed their relevant collection.

Another important filter is Tradable / Untradable items. In essence, Tradable items are the ones that show a blue diamond next to their quantity, which means you can sell these to the Trading Post for Blue Diamonds.

Monster Core to Soul Powder Salvage Amounts:

  • C Grade Monster Core – 1 Soul Powder
  • B Grade Monster Core – 2 Soul Powder
  • A Grade Monster Core – 4 Soul Powder
  • S Grade Monster Core – 20 Soul Powder

Monster Card to Card Fragment Salvage Amounts:

  • C Grade Monster Card – 3 Card Fragments
  • B Grade Monster Card – 3 Card Fragments
  • A Grade Monster Card – 7 Card Fragments
  • S Grade Monster Card – ?? Card Fragments

Monster Shop

Monster Shop Screen, Monster Codex, Lineage 2: Revolution

The Monster Shop is where you will spend all your hard-earned Soul Powder & Card Fragments, in order to buy Monster Cores, Monster Cards, Summoning Stones, Lesser Giant’s Research Notes, and more goodies!

The stock of items refreshes every 4 hours, and you can also use 100 Red Diamonds to refresh it instantly. It’s also worth noting, that Cores & Cards which you have completed, won’t show up for purchase. So always remember to check the Monster Shop, for hard to find Cores & Cards you need the most.

Last but not least, keep in mind that Cores / Cards can cost either Soul Powder / Card Fragments, not always their relevant salvageable material!

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  1. Billy Kim says:

    Wow, didnt know about that. But the value of the cards are setted it by the price of them ? or do I have to check on another parameter ??

    • Babalon, Mother of Abominations says:

      Hey Billy,

      I’m not sure what do you mean by the value of the cards?

      Based on their rank / rarity they provide even better combat buffs, and also a different amount of salvageables!

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