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Lyn: The Lightbringer - June 27th Update Patch Notes

The latest update from Lyn: The Lightbringer arrives with 2 new carefully crafted female heroes, the long awaited Battlefield mode and a few more nice extras!

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Lyn: The Lightbringer will be down for maintenance on June 27th 2019 00:00 – 04:50 UTC worldwide, for both iOS & Android devices. Make sure to login after June 27th’s maintenance is over and until 15:00 UTC, in order to receive 250 Adventure Wings & 400 Red Diamonds for free!

Build Name: release_1.12.2(103)_1028_201906271047

Lyn: The Lightbringer June 27th 2019 Update

The new update is quite packed, offering 2 new heroes (which are up to Lyn standards in aesthetic uniqueness) – Miren & Kreul, a new Match Mode called Battlefield, new events, bug fixes & hero skill balances. The update weighs around 1.5GB, so make sure to download it on WiFi.

New Ancient Lyn Hero – Miren

Miren The Dragon Race, Lyn: The Lightbringer Hero

Name: Miren
Grade: Ancient
Type: Magic
Attack Type: Magic Attack
Armor Defense: Cloth Armor Defense

The new Ancient Hero, Miren, looks amazingly cool, and takes the space of the new loading screen – as is appropriate. With so many great mages in the game, I really don’t know how I’ll shape up my team if I get so lucky and drop her. Any Ancient tanks coming soon?

There’s a “Normal Rate Up” event for Summons, that will give you a higher chance to acquire the 2 new heroes, along with Vekki. There’s also a few heavy p2w packages with the new heroes, for those interested to spend a AAA game’s worth on a gacha hero.

New Legendary Lyn Hero – Kuel (Kreul?)

Kuel the Witch, Lyn: The Lightbringer Hero

Name: Kuel
Grade: Legendary
Type: Support
Attack Type: Magic Attack
Armor Defense: Cloth Armor Defense

First off, I don’t know who’s on drugs from Nexon, but in their patch notes they mention the character name to be “Kreul the Witch”, which already exists, and I actually logged in to check if my Kreul is still fine, he seems amused at the typo:

Kreul the Witch when he realized the new hero has exactly the same name with him.

So I want to hope that the new hero is actually named Kuel, even if it’s “Kuel the Witch” again, which well, makes sense if we compare their clothing. There could be a cool story hiding in there – if there was any actual lore apart from the few stories in the Time Rift Challenge Mode.

New Match Mode – Battlefield

Battlefield, Match Mode Overwiew

One of the new Match Modes is at last out, it’s called Battlefield, and will let us grind for Battle Tokens, which can be used to acquire precious 5 & 6-Star Chests from the in-game Battle Shop.

You are able to use 3 teams of 5 heroes at the same time, which is awesome! I’m so glad they put a mode like this so early in the game, as I really hate gacha games where all these amazing heroes just go to waste because they are not the best option.

Each team can have its own Divine Beast as well, but keep in mind that you can’t use the same hero twice, even in different teams. You also have the ability to hide up to 5 heroes (can be all from the same team or however you want), so that your opponent can’t easily tell your real strength.

Joining the battle works like Rank Blitz, where you can choose between 3 human players, and choose to go with the easiest, or the hardest one, depending on your strategy. During the battle, there are 3 rounds, and each of your teams is joining 1 of them, so the player to reach 2 wins first, wins the whole match!

New Altar of Advent Hero – Tao

Tao Week in Lyn: The Lightbringer

The Altar of Advent in Challenge Mode has just reset, so I hope you took the chance to spend all your Advent Coins before the update (as they reset with each bi-weekly update).

This time we can grind for Tao.. the panda. A strong melee DPS, but come on.. the panda? 😒 Good news is that since it’s an Epic rarity, it costs just 9,000 Advent Coins for each, and you can buy up to 3 per week!

New Event – Fortune’s Wheel

Fortune Wheel, Event, Lyn: The Lightbringer

Fortune Wheel, Event, Lyn: The Lightbringer

Lyn brings over a classic “spin the wheel” event, which awards for you grinding game content. While not huge, the game definitely suffers from being able to offer more rewards through its game modes.

You can drop 100-Day Keys through various activities:

  • 1 100-Day Key for every 1 Adventure Wing used
  • 50 100-Day Keys for each Raid Victory
  • 10 100-Day Keys for each Arena / Rank Blitz / Battlefield Progress
  • 10 100-Day Keys for each Essence Fields Victory
  • 10 100-Day Keys for each Dragona Ruins Win

Each spin of the wheel costs 100 Keys, and it can drop various precious items, like 6-star gear & 6-star requests. You can also use 5,000 Gold to reset the Wheel’s items, which is quite worth it.

In-Game Currency Shop Restructuring

The new Battle Shop (from Battlefield mode) offers amazing gear rewards.

There’s been a few changes to the in-game shop items:

  • Advent Shop offers Essences for Attack Heroes.
  • Guild Shop limit for Grand Essence Chest is now 3 per week instead of just 1.
  • Battle Shop is the new shop from the Battlefield Mode, and it offers a wealth of high-level chest pieces.
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