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Published on October 30, 2018    Updated on February 15, 2019
Maple Story 2

Maple Story 2 - Mini Games Ultimate Guide - How to Play & Win

One of Maple Story 2's unique features is the multitude of mini-games it offers, so we're taking a deeper look at them, helping you win every time!

by Babalon, Mother of Abominations
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The first time I took part in a Maple Story 2 mini-game, I instantly thought “why haven’t I seen something similar in another MMO?”. Soon, I came to say the same thing for many other mechanics MS2 has to offer – such a unique & well-made game indeed!

So.. mini-games! You will get a popup for these in the bottom right of your screen every 30 minutes, and you will always be able to choose from 2 different mini-games. Then you will teleport to the special map the game takes place, wait for everyone to join, then be on your way to ultimate fun!

Let’s break down all the different mini-games Maple Story 2 has to offer, and what you should do on each one, to secure a winning position, or at least your special Kay coin!

Crazy Runners

Crazy Runners, Maple Story 2 Mini Game

Crazy Runners, Maple Story 2 Mini Game

In Crazy Runners, you’ll be racing on foot with 50 other players, through a maze of obstacles, narrow corners & buffs / debuffs.

Your aim of course, is to finish first by carefully navigating the map, avoiding the blue arrows that slow you down, as well as traps players ahead of you can activate with levers. There’s also orange arrows that will boost your speed considerably, and making the right jumps in certain sections will secure your position.

For now there is a single map for Crazy Runners, but who know, I guess they will be adding more soon to spice it up! After playing the game a couple of times, you’ll get way more acquainted with the hard obstacles, and be able to easily secure a Kay coin every time (just make sure you arrive at the finish line before the time runs up!).

Dance Dance Stop

Dance Dance Stop, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Dance Dance Stop, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Dance Dance Stop is definitely my favorite mini-game! Nothing beats a flood of cute characters dancing around with their silly animations 😍

The goal of the mini-game is simple: there’s 5 rounds, and each time a different number shows up on each square. You have to stand in a square, with the same amount of players as the number on it. Less or more, will mean that when the round is over, you are going to collapse with the floor, and lose the game 😑

Between each round, you’ll get a chance to dance for a while, admiring your character’s moves, and also gaining some of the easiest mini-game XP! After the dance is over, you’ll have to lookout all the numbers around you, and figure out with which group you are going to co-operate in order to survive the round!

It’s important to note, that if you choose a square with 1, someone can “ruin” it for you. With squares of 2 or more people, you can defend your square with the action button, so that no nasty trolls can bring you to their suicide!

Also, watch out for the “special” rounds, where some extreme squares like 10 or 20 show up. I’ve never seen a group make it on a red square, with more than 50 games of DDS played, so watch out!

Ludibrium Escape

Ludibrium Escape, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Ludibrium Escape, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Similar to the Ludibrium Clock Tower Normal Adventure, the Ludibrium Escape mini-game takes place in a 2D platformer map, full of jumps & falls!

You will start at the bottom of the tower, and you will have to reach the top within the set time. Watch out for many moving blocks, traps, destructible blocks and most of all, jumping carefully so that you don’t end up in the beginning after sweating to reach the top!

Make it on time, and a Kay coin, along with a lot of XP along the way is waiting for you 😉 Platformer fans are going to love this one, as it’s an awesome fast-paced race, which puts you to the test way more than Crazy Runners.

Maple OX Quiz

Maple OX Quiz, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Maple OX Quiz, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Ugh.. Did I already choose too many favorite mini-games? Bear with me, as they’re all freaking amazing 🤣

Maple OX Quiz, oh what a nice idea! The process couldn’t be simpler, there’s two big squares, one with a blue circle for True, and one with a red X for false. All you gotta do, is stand on the right square depending on the question / statement on your screen.

It sounds easy, but I’ll be honest with you. After more than 40 Quizzes I’ve joined, I didn’t even make it after round 5.. (there’s 10 rounds in total).

Why? Well a) because I always sucked at Trivial Pursuit, and b) because there is simply too many traps! I mean trap questions of course!

Most of the questions focus on “general knowledge” stuff, while there’s a few Maple Story 2 lore questions, which are the hardest for those not into the lore of the game.

In general, you’ll find many helpful fellows in the mini-game, so if you are not sure about an answer, follow the discussions and the crowd (which is not always the best choice, especially in trap questions!).

Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Sole Survivor, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Sole Survivor is one of the “positioning” mini-games, where watching carefully all the tiles around you, and every tiny movement, will make you shine & win every time! I find it easier than Spring Beach or Trap Master, but I guess it always comes down to training.

There’s 5 rounds again, and on each round many of the tiles from the playing area will start to collapse. Obviously, you don’t want to be standing in a collapsing block, as that will put you out of the game.

Some people prefer to jump around all the time, and keep as little contact with the floor as possible. Others, are more focused, and stay still until they have to move. The best advice I can give you, is always be on the lookout for the safest / nearest escape route, as the mini-game is quite strategic, and you want to go with the most chances of surviving!

Spring Beach

Spring Beach, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

Spring Beach, Maple Story 2 Mini-Game

One of the hardest mini-games for me, and probably one of the easiest if you get used to how it works!

The premise is simple again. All the players gather in the middle, and there’s 5 rounds. Each round, most of the tiles in the designated area will start to tremble more and more, resulting in a bouncy trap that’s going to send you out of the game if you stand on it.

So you simply have to watch out for the tiles that stay still, and stay on one until the round is over. Sounds simple, yes, but it’s hectic in there! Just trying to figure out which tiles don’t move, while 50 more players jump around you in a small space, well I’m playing Maple Story 2 at 4K, in a 40 inch monitor, and still struggle with that!

It’s worth noting that you can fish in Spring Beach while waiting for the game to start, and you’ll also get some extra fishing time at the end of it. It’s also worth mentioning that you can’t teleport out of the game until it’s over (like with the other mini-games that a portal is always there), I guess because every round is blazing fast, and even if you lost on the 1st round, you’ll be out in no time.

Trap Master

Trap Master, Maple Story 2 Mini Game

Trap Master, Maple Story 2 Mini Game

The Trap Master map looks identical to Sole Survivor, but the way the game works is different, and quite more fast-paced.

The tiles will always collapse in groups, and by following a pattern. This means that it’s easier to identify which way you should move in order to survive the 5 rounds, but it’s harder in the sense of how quick you should react because of the tiles collapsing in big groups, and not one at a time.

The rounds go fast, so stay focused, and you’ll make it! You can always follow the players that seem to know what they’re doing, but I suggest you invest on learning how the game works instead 🤓

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