Published on April 25, 2022
Updated on August 27, 2022

MIR4 Classes & What to Play

MIR4 offers only 5 gender-locked classes, but at least their gameplay, abilities and appearance are quite unique and tailored to each one. This is a simple list with all 5 classes, along with their in-game descriptions.

The character models look “too same”, but fortunately the customization options are not too bad! If we take a guess based on the previous game of the Korean developer, Riders of Icarus, we should expect more vertical depth with classes, and not just “name” variety.


Arbalist, MIR4 Class

Class Description: A huntsman who shoots down enemies using an arbalest enhanced for quick firing. Freely switches between tracking and escape and rains down a deadly shower of arrows.


Lancer, MIR4 Class

Class Description: A tyrant on the battlefield who suppresses enemies with his long spear. Armed with a variety of skills that attack and defend simultaneously, he breaks the enemy formation and kills his target at all costs.


Sorcerer, MIR4 Class

Class Description: Wielder of magic that destroys enemies with the power of the elements. Although very strong when fighting alone, she becomes even stronger when protected by allies.


Taoist, MIR4 Class

Class Description: A truth seeker who helps others with her swordsmanship and spells. Her divine recovery skill enables her to overcome any difficulties in her path.


Warrior, MIR4 Class

Class Description: A strong fighter who pulverizes enemies by wielding a heavy greatsword as if it weighed nothing. Armed with sturdy armor and an unyielding will, this fighter always leads others in battle.

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