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October 08, 1992 (29 years)
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Mortal Kombat
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United States
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Midway Games
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Midway Games
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2D Fighting
Published on November 7, 2020    Updated on October 6, 2021

28 Insane Mortal Kombat Kosplay Costumes

We've handpicked the best fan-made Mortal Kombat cosplays, including all-time favorites like Kitana, Mileena and Sub-Zero, as well as unique takes on D'Vorah, Cetrion, Skarlet, and many more!

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The Mortal Kombat video game franchise offers an exciting combat-based and bloody experience when viewed through the lenses of professional cosplayers. This list features 28 MK characters, lined up with really talented cosplayers. We guarantee you will find your favorite too!

Creating a cosplay is very complex, and it comes down to how much you can immerse yourself in the details, what tools you have at your disposal, and what dexterity you can work with. It certainly takes a lot of time – even months as a pro cosplayer told us – which varies heavily according to the outfit’s complexity.

Cosplay Mortal Kombat at Japan Expo & Comic Con 2012, shot by Jonathan Quest

What’s special with Mortal Kombat, is that each character is a warrior figure, so we can often encounter armors and weapons. The character palette consists of both intricate and easier-to-make costumes: there are armors that can be made with quite meticulous work, but there are also characters that wear minimum clothing, so they can be easily made at home too!

And now put your hand up 🙋‍♀️ if, as a child, you also stood with a Nintendo controller in front of the TV, and imitated the commentator by shouting “Scorpion Wins!” (Good heavens! It’s been almost 30 years since the first MK game was launched!)

In the following galleries, we can see the work of 28 talented fans who hide in the skin of iconic Mortal Kombat characters!

Round 1. Fight!

Scorpion by melonicor

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DeviantArt: melonicor
VK: Kostorez Nesterov

 Sub-Zero by Taryn Cosplay

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Instagram: taryn_cosplay
Twitter: Taryn Cosplay
Facebook: TarynCosplay

Raiden by kirchos

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Instagram: kirchos
DeviantArt: kirchos
VK: kirchos
Facebook: kirchos

 Kitana by Cashmere Tart

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Instagram: cashmere_tart
Facebook: Cashmere Tart

 Shao Kahn by Knightmage

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Instagram: Michael Knightmage Wilson
Twitter: Michael Wilson
Facebook: Knightmage

 Sonya Blade by snugzmeow

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Instagram: Meghan Norts
YouTube: Snugzmeow
Twitch: Snugzmeow
Twitter: snugzmeow
Facebook: Snugzmeow

 Mileena by Vikahnum

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Instagram: Vi_kahnum
DeviantArt: vikahnum

 Kano by Nerd Alert Cosplay

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Instagram: nerd_alert_cosplay
Facebook: Nerd Alert Cosplay

 Cassie Cage by CaptainIrachka

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Instagram: irine_meier
DeviantArt: CaptainIrachka
Facebook: Irina Meier Cosplay

 Noob Saibot by JetCosplay

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Instagram: Jetcosplay
Facebook: Jet Amunra

 Sindel by Helveiga Cosplay

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Instagram: Helveiga
VK: Olga Bessonova
Etsy shop: FragileLabs
Twitter: Helga Veiga
Facebook: Helveiga Cosplay

 Smoke by piratesavvy07

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Twitch: MissPiratesavvy
YouTube: piratesavvy07
DeviantArt: piratesavvy07
Twitter: misslorilynn
Twitter: Lory Lynn
Facebook: Miss Lori Lynn

 Liu Kang by realhopeman

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Instagram: realhopeman
DeviantArt: realhopeman
VK: realhopeman

 Jade by Kristen Hughey Cosplay

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Instagram: Kristen Hughey
YouTube: Kristen Hughey
Twitter: Kristen Hughey
Facebook: Kristen Hughey

 Shang Tsung by Haute Cosplay

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Instagram: Haute Cosplay
YouTube: Haute Cosplay
Twitter: Haute_Cosplay
Facebook: Haute Cosplay

 Nightwolf by julisvegas

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Instagram: julisvegas
VK: julisvegas

 Skarlet by nebulaluben

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DeviantArt: nebulaluben
Instagram: nebulaluben
Etsy shop: nebulaluben
Twitter: Laura Sánchez

D’Vorah by Adora Shandy Cosplay

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Instagram: Adora Shandy Cosplay
Facebook: Cosplay by Adora Shandy

 Quan Chi by ricardocoutinho

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Instagram: Ricardo Coutinho
DeviantArt: ricardocoutinho
Facebook: Ricardo Coutinho

Johnny Cage by riezforester

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Instagram: riezforester
YouTube: Riez Forester
Twitter: riezforeste

Baraka by Carmine Scala

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Instagram: Carmine Scala
Facebook: The SKA zone

Goro by bdcharacterlab

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Instagram: bdcharacterlab
FacebookBryan Doell

Jacqui Briggs by LucidBelle

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Instagram: LucidBelle
Twitter: Belle
Facebook: LucidBelle
DeviantArt: LucidBelle

Reptile by Danquish

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Instagram: danqu15h
DeviantArt: danquish
Twitter: Danquish
Facebook: Danquish

Sheeva by AnaMaria88

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Facebook: Anatema Cosplay
DeviantArt: AnaMaria8

Tanya by AliciaMarieBODY

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Instagram: Alicia Marie
DeviantArt: AliciaMarieBODY
Twitter: AliciaMarieBODY
YouTube: AliciaMarieBODY

Cetrion by Miss Taurus Cosplay

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Instagram: Miss Taurus Cosplay
YouTube: Miss Taurus Cosplay
Twitter: Miss Taurus
FacebookMissTaurus Cosplay
Website: MissTaurusCosplay&Art
Twitch: Miss Taurus Cosplay

Kotal Kahn by Just Yeliz

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Instagram: Just Yeliz
Website: Just Yeliz
Twitter: Just Yeliz
Facebook: Just Yeliz


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