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Old School Runescape - Digsite Pendant Guide - Fossil Island Teleport

In this short OSRS guide we're taking a look at how to complete the Digsite Pendant quest, and get access to Fossil Island's teleport.

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The Digsite Pendant is an enchanted Ruby necklace which can be unlocked at Varrock museum, in the specimen area. Digsite pendant allows you to teleport straight to The Digsite area and it also can be linked to Fossil Island, once you complete Bonevoyage quest. After completing Dragonslayer II quest at Lithkren, just north of Rune Dragons, you will gain one additional teleport item.

Once Ruby necklace is enchanted, it turns to Digsite pendant, but when all 5 charges are used, the necklace will crumble to dust.

Unlocking Αbility to Εnchant Ruby Νecklace

For this part, you need to complete The Digsite quest at Varrock museum. Right after you have completed The Digsite quest, you can enter specimen area that’s where most of the action will take place.

OSRS, Varrock Museum

OSRS, Varrock Museum

When you are inside, in front of the entrance you will find hanging all the equipment and tools you will need. Pick it up, equip leather gloves and boots it is must to search for specimen rocks.

OSRS, Pile of Specimen Rocks at Varrock Museum

OSRS, Pile of Specimen Rocks at Varrock Museum

On the right of the entrance, to specimen area, you will find piles of specimen rocks, that’s where you will need to fill your inventory with unclean findings.

OSRS, Specimen Table

OSRS, Specimen Table

Once you have at least one unclean finding in your inventory, click on the specimen table to clean the findings.
You will find various things, but what you are looking for is the “Clean” Necklace. The chance is 1/51 to get it, so it will most likely take more than one try.


You will find 5 more useful things to put in the display for Kudos, once you find any of the following items just show them to the guys sitting at the table next to specimen rocks.

These items are:

Pottery – display 22
Old Symbol – display 26
Ancient Symbol – display 37
Old Coin – display 45
Ancient Coin – display 44
The case displays are just outside of the specimen, inside the Varrock museum.

Once you already find the “Clean” necklace, show it to one of the NPC’s next to specimen rocks. They will identify the item and you will unlock the ability to enchant the Ruby necklace.

The spell requires Lv 49 Magic. Lv-3 Enchant spell needs 1 Cosmic rune and 5 Fire runes.

When the spell is used on Ruby necklace, it will turn it to Digsite Pendant. Now you can rub it to teleport to The Digsite, next to transportation ship of Fossil Island.

Binding Digsite Pendant to Fossil island

For this part, you need to complete the Bonevoyage quest. Speak to the Guard next to the ship or just right-click on him and choose Quick travel. You will be instantly teleported to Fossil Island.

North-west, there is House on the hill where you can bind your Digsite pendant to teleport you straight to Fossil Island.

When you get there on the 2nd floor (1st floor, UK) you will find a giant book(strange machine) on the southern wall, right-click on the pendant and use on the book to bind it to this place.

After you have completed these steps, you rub your Digsite pendant and it will give you two options to teleport:

1. Digsite
2. Fossil island

When 2nd option is chosen, you will be teleported to Fossil island, house on the hill.

You can check our video guide on how to unlock the necklace and how to bind it to Fossil Island below.


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