OSRS Woodcutting Guide – How to Level 1-99 Fast

    Follow our OSRS woodcutting guide in order to level the skill fast, and make some easy money in both low and high levels.

    Woodcutting is a very useful F2P that can be used in combination with Firemaking, Construction, and Fletching. Training this skill consists of chopping down the various trees all over the map. It can be down in both F2P and P2P, but of course, P2P is faster and generally much better.

    You can use it to make money at the low levels as well as the high levels by selling the Logs in the Grand Exchange, making it a good money-making way for the beginners. Every tree has a chance of depletion but the chance varies according to the type of tree.

    As you level up, you will be able to use better axes and chop down the trees much faster. Having a high Attack level is also useful as you will be able to equip the Axe so you can save 1 inventory slot.

    In this article, we will be introducing the best way to reach level 99 as well as how to make money while training which is not so efficient be useful to get some money off Woodcutting. The following methods are mostly AFK and do not require much attention.

    Make sure to check out all 23 OSRS skills in our relevant guide.

    OSRS Woodcutting 101

    Trees Chopping, Old School Runescape
    Trees Chopping, Old School Runescape

    Chopping down a tree requires you to have an Axe in your inventory or equipped. Clicking on the tree is what you do to chop it down to obtain Logs of the corresponding tree.

    Each tree in the game requires you to have a certain Woodcutting level to chop it down, the higher level you are, the faster you chop it down.

    Tree NameLocationLogs EarnedRequired Woodcutting LevelWoodcutting XP
    Dying treeVarrock, Lumber YardLogs1.0025
    Dead treeHaunted’ or ‘Dark’ forests, such as in the Wilderness, around Draynor Manor or in many areas of Morytania, such as the Haunted WoodsLogs1.0025
    EvergreenCamelot, Taverley, Barbarian VillageLogs1.0025
    Jungle treeKaramjaLogs1.0025
    Achey treeIn the Feldip Hills and south of Castle WarsAchey logs1.0025
    OakMany forestsOak logs15.0037.5
    WillowNear most bodies of water (e.g. Draynor Village, Catherby)Willow logs30.0067.5
    Teak treeSeveral in the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai Village and on Etceteria, and one tree in the woods south of Castle WarsTeak logs35.0085
    Maple treeNear Seers’ Village and Sinclair Mansion, Corsair Cove Resource AreaMaple logs45.00100
    Arctic pineOn NeitiznotArctic pine logs56.00140
    Hollow treeHaunted WoodsBark45.00UP to 357
    Mahogany treeSeveral in the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, on Etceteria, and on Ape Atoll, Kebos LowlandsMahogany logs50125
    Yew treeMany forests, namely south of Seers’ Village, Woodcutting GuildYew logs60175
    Magic treeLletya, Mage Training Arena, around Sorcerer’s Tower, Resource Area Woodcutting Guild, Myths’ GuildMagic logs75250
    Redwood treeWoodcutting GuildRedwood logs90380

    Selling the Logs at the Grand Exchange is totally up to you, but it is advised to drop them at the early levels so you can gain XP more efficiently as you won’t have to run to a bank.


    There are different types of Axes to chop down the trees, each has a required Woodcutting level to use and a required Attack level to equip. Using a better Axe means you will chop down the tree in a shorter time. The table below is showing the required levels you need to know about each Axe.

    ItemWoodcutting LevelAttack Level
    Bronze axe11
    Iron axe11
    Steel axe65
    Black axe1110
    Mithril axe2120
    Adamant axe3130
    Rune axe4140
    Dragon axe6160
    Blessed axe2120
    3rd age axe6165
    Infernal axe6160
    Crystal axe7170

    Note that the Crystal Axe also requires level 50 Agility to be equipped only, that means you can still use it without having the Agility level.

    Machetes are mainly used for quests or cut down the dense jungle at the Tai Bwo Wannai village, but they cannot be used to chop down the trees.

    Woodcutting Guild

    Woodcutting Guild Location, Old School Runescape
    Woodcutting Guild Location, Old School Runescape

    The Woodcutting guild is accessible upon reaching level 60 in Woodcutting. Entering the guild will provide you with an invisible boost of 7 woodcutting levels which will increase your chopping rate. However, this boost will not allow you to chop trees above your actual Woodcutting level.

    The invisible boost will stack with any other Woodcutting boost such as the Dragon Axe Special Attack boost. Note that boosting above level 99 will have no effect on the chopping rate but inside the guild, you will be able to chop at a faster rate by boosting above level 99 using a Woodcutting cape or a Dragon Axe boost.

    The guild is located in the south-western part of the Hosidius region and it requires having 75% Hosidius favour alongside 60 Woodcutting level to gain access to it.

    Depletion Chance

    Depleted Tree, Old School Runescape
    Depleted Tree, Old School Runescape

    Each tree in the game has a chance to deplete in a shorter time than it would normally do. This chance is always(trees that give more than 1 log) 1/8 except for Redwood tree which is 1/11 and Mature Juniper tree which is 1/16.

    Bird Nests

    Bird’s nest is an item that may be received upon cutting a tree (except for Redwood trees) with a chance of 1/256. The nest may contain Tree seeds, Fruit tree seeds, Bird’s egg or Jewellery rings.

    The seeds are used for Farming, Jewellery rings can be sold for money and the Bird’s egg is offered for the shrine for 100 Prayer XP at the Woodcutting Guild.

    A chance of 1/300 to obtain a piece of the Evil Chicken outfit is applied when you offer the Bird’s eggs.

    Equipping Strung Rabbit Foot necklace increases the chance of finding a Bird’s egg inside the Bird’s Nest from 3/100 to 3/95.

    Useful Woodcutting Training Items

    Using the items below are going to help you a bit with training, but they are not required to follow our guide.

    Lumberjack outfit

    Lumberjack Outfit, Old School Runescape
    Lumberjack Outfit, Old School Runescape

    It is an outfit that gives a Woodcutting XP boost when equipped. A level 44 Woodcutting is required to equip it and each piece of it gives a part of the total XP boost. The full outfit gives a 2% XP boost with a bonus of 0.5% when its fully equipped which makes the total 2.5%.

    This outfit is only obtained by killing Undead Lumberjacks in the Temple Trekking minigame.

    Strung Rabbit Foot

    It increases the chance of finding a Bird’s egg from 3/100 to 3/95 which is found inside the Bird Nests. Strung Rabbit Foot requires level 24 Hunter to be worn and it can be obtained by snare trapping rabbits. The completion of Eagles’ Peak quest is required to snare rabbits.

    The Rabbit foot obtained by snaring rabbits is used with a Ball of wool to craft the necklace but it requires level 37 Crafting.

    Woodcutting Quests

    Complete most of these quests depending on your levels if you wanna skip the early levels while making your way to the max quest points. It is not recommended or required just choose what suits you.

    QuestXPRequired Woodcutting LevelOther requirements
    Enlightened Journey1,50020 Quest Points, 20 Firemaking, 30 Farming, 36 Crafting
    Recipe for Disaster (Skrach Uglogwee subquest)1,50041 Cooking, 20 Firemaking
    Heroes’ Quest1,57555 Quest Points, 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing, 25 Herblore, 50 Mining
    Monk’s Friend2,000
    Animal Magnetism2,5003518 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Ranged
    The Eyes of Glouphrie2,500255 Construction, 46 Magic
    The Fremennik Trials2,8124025 Fletching
    Icthlarin’s Little Helper4,000
    The Fremennik Isles10,0005620 Construction, 40 Agility
    Grim Tales14,0007158 Thieving, 45 Farming, 52 Herblore, 59 Agility
    Song of the Elves20,0007070 Agility, 70 Construction, 70 Farming, 70 Herblore, 70 Hunter, 70 Mining, 70 Smithing

    Woodcutting Training – Level 1-99

    Follow the training methods below to reach level 99 Woodcutting as fast as possible without considering making money. Getting level 99 should be your main target in this guide, so don’t think about anything else.

    Redirect to OSRS Woodcutting 101 section to fully understand how to train Woodcutting before following the guide below.

    Woodcutting Level 1-15

    Normal Tree, Old School Runescape
    Normal Tree, Old School Runescape

    • Cutting Regular Trees (25 XP / Log).

    Required Items: The best Axe you can use

    Regular Trees can be found almost everywhere in the game and cutting them doesn’t take much time. The Logs you get off cutting these Trees are totally cheap and it is recommended to drop them instead of depositing them in your bank for more efficient training.

    Beginners tend to sell the Logs for some money, so if you really need these few coins, you can definitely sell them at the Grand Exchange.

    Woodcutting Level 15-30

    Oak Tree, Old School Runescape
    Oak Tree, Old School Runescape

    • Cutting Oak Trees (37.5 XP / Log).

    Required Items: The best Axe you can use

    These Trees are located in many places in the game such as the location east of Draynor Village’s bank. It is recommended to drop the Logs instead of banking them since they are cheap and it is better to focus on the XP.

    Cutting Oak Trees is kinda AFK as you have a chance to get more than one log by cutting one tree.

    Woodcutting Level 30-60

    Willow Tree, Old School Runescape
    Willow Tree, Old School Runescape

    • Cutting Willow Trees (67.5 XP / Log).

    Required Items: The best Axe you can use

    Cutting Willow Trees is fairly AFK because you have a chance to get more than one log from the same tree. These Trees can be found in many spots, but the spot south of Rimmington is very good since you can find 10 trees over there. There is also a chance to find Bird’s Nest by chopping Willow Trees.

    Dropping the Logs is recommended so you can train the skill more efficiently since it is not the best way to make money.

    Woodcutting Level 60-90

    Maple Tree, Old School Runescape
    Maple Tree, Old School Runescape

    • Cutting Maple Trees (100 XP / Log).

    Required Items: The best Axe you can use
    Other Requirements: 75% Hosidius Favor

    Cutting Maple Trees can be done once you reach level 45, but it is recommended to do it at level 60 Woodcutting as you will be able to access the Woodcutting Guild for the extra boost there.

    It is better to drop the Logs instead of moving them to a Bank since they are very cheap. Generally, you should be focusing on getting the highest XP possible, not the best money you can make.

    Woodcutting Level 90-99

    Redwood Tree, Old School Runescape
    Redwood Tree, Old School Runescape

    • Cutting Redwood trees (380 XP / Log).

    Required Items: The best Axe you can use
    Other Requirements: 75% Hosidius Favor

    Cutting Redwood trees can be done inside the Woodcutting guild where you can find two trees with each having two levels. The first level can be accessed by using the rope ladders, and the second level can be accessed through the carved entrance in the middle of the tree (between the two trees).

    These trees have the lowest chance of depletion among all the Trees in the game making it the best way to be AFK training Woodcutting until level 99. It is not worth to bank the Logs because they won’t make you much money by selling them, so you better drop them all.

    You can also still bank the Logs if you want some decent money while training which can be done through the Bank Chest located in the Guild.

    Alternative Woodcutting Training Method

    The training method below is just an alternative to the main guide in case it was partially unavailable for you to follow.

    Cutting Teak Trees

    Teak Tree, Old School Runescape
    Teak Tree, Old School Runescape

    Recommended level: 45+
    Required Items: The best Axe you can use & any Greegree
    Partial Completion of: Monkey Madness Quest

    Cutting Teak Trees can be done in some places, but the best place to do it for XP is at Ape Atoll once you gain access to it during Monkey Madness Quest.

    The place where you can cut these trees on Ape Atoll is dangerous and you will be attacked by the monsters in the area unless you wear a Greegree which is obtained during the Monkey Madness Quest.

    Completing Monkey Madness II will prevent any monster in the area to attack you, so you won’t even need a Greegree. But since Monkey Madness II has very high requirements, you can just use the Greegree.

    It is recommended to drop the Logs to empty your inventory instead of banking them to be more efficient XP-wise, but you can still teleport to a bank using Ring of Dueling. You can teleport back to the spot in Ape Atoll by using Ape Atoll Teleport Table but this can only be done if you Complete Monkey Madness Quest.

    Ring of Dueling can be obtained by casting Lvl-2 Enchant (requires level 27 Magic) on an Emerald Ring or can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

    This method can be so slow, but it also means you can be AFK while doing it.

    Woodcutting Money Making

    Woodcutting isn’t the best skill to make money off, it is just helpful for the low-level players to gain some money by selling their logs instead of focusing on the training. So my advice is to just focus on training and make money somewhere else.

    Cutting Magic Trees

    Magic Tree, Old School Runescape
    Magic Tree, Old School Runescape

    Required level: 75+
    Recommended level: 90+
    Required Items: The best Axe you can use
    Other Requirements: 75% Hosidius favor
    GP/Hour: 120K
    XP/Hour: 30K

    The best place to cut Magic Trees for money is inside the Woodcutting guild which requires level 60 Woodcutting and 75% Hosidius favor to access. Inside the guild, you will find 8 trees in addition to the invisible Woodcutting boost over there.

    Each set of Magic Logs can be sold for around 900 coins at the Grand Exchange which arguably a good money making method. The spot inside the Woodcutting Guild is also very close to a bank chest. This method is AFK and doesn’t require much attention.

    You can also still get some decent XP off cutting Magic trees, so it is not a bad idea to gain some money while training your Woodcutting skill.

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