Published on December 8, 2020
Updated on February 19, 2023

32 Best Overwatch Character Cosplays

Welcome to our best Overwatch cosplays list, where we’ve handpicked the best cosplay we could find for each one of the 32 Overwatch characters! It’s one of the most popular choices for gaming cosplay along with League of Legends, and picking out the best costumes wasn’t easy – we had to leave out a lot of great ones as well!

I can’t wait to find out how the Overwatch community is bringing to life their favorite heroes, through hard work and amazing perseverance! It’s worth noting that the youngest cosplayer on this list is just 11 years old, so there are really no limits to creativity, age is just a number. ?

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Ana by Cide Cosplay

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DeviantArt: Cide-Cosplay
Facebook: Cide Cosplay
Instagram: Cide Cosplay


Ashe by Penberly

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Patreon: Penberly
Facebook: Penberly
Twitter: Penberly
Instagram: Penberly

Baptiste by Cornelius Nelson

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Instagram: Cornelius Nelson

Bastion by Mathoz Costumes

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Facebook: Mathoz Costumes
Twitter: Mathoz Costumes
Twitch: Mathoz Costumes
Instagram: Mathoz Costumes

Brigitte by Henchmen Studios

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Facebook: Henchmen Studios Moosefix (Model)
Website: Henchmen Studios by Komori Cosplay

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Facebook: Komori Cosplay
Instagram: Anastasia Komori
Twitch: Anastasia Komori
Twitter: Anastasia Komori
VK: Anastasia Komori

Doomfist by Henchmen Studios

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Facebook: Henchmen Studios
Website: Henchmen Studios
Instagram: Caviar Bleu (Model)

Echo by Jayden Cassidy

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Instagram: Jayden Cassidy
Twitter: Jayden Cassidy
YouTube: Jayden Cassidy

Genji by Just Cosplay

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Facebook: Just Cosplay & Props
Instagram: Just Cosplay

Hanzo by Rian Synnth

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Instagram: Rian Synnth
Twitter: Rian Synnth
Patreon: Rian Synnth

Junkrat by Blink’s Cos-Cave

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DeviantArt: Blink
Facebook: Blink’s Cos-Cave
Ko-fi: BlinkCos

Lúcio by IBlue Cosplay

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Facebook: IBlue Cosplay
Twitter: IBlue Cosplay

McCree by Leon Chiro Cosplay

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DeviantArt: LeonChiro Cosplay Art
FacebookLeon Chiro Cosplay
TwitchLeon Chiro
TwitterLeon Chiro
InstagramLeon Chiro

Mei by Naetori

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Instagram: Naetori
Twitter: Naetori
Twitch: Naetori
Facebook: Naetori

Mercy by ButtercupBrix

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DeviantArt: ButtercupBrix
YouTube: ButtercupBrix
Twitch: ButtercupBrix

Moira by Henchmen Studios

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Facebook: Henchmen Studios Libby Ives (Model)
Website: Henchmen Studios

Orisa by Mel Colley

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DeviantArt: shinigami714
Website: Melanie Colley
Facebook: Mel Colley
Instagram: Deverel

Pharah by Wonyumi

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Facebook: Butzkopf Productions
Twitter: Butzkopf Productions
YouTube: Wonyumi

Reaper by Crafts of Two

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Facebook: Crafts of Two
Instagram: Crafts of Two
Twitter: Crafts of Two

Reinhardt by NerdCore Creation

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Facebook: NerdCore Creation
Instagram: Dave Barnes

Roadhog by Shyaku Cosplay

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Facebook: Shyaku Cosplay
Instagram: Shyaku Cosplay
Twitter: Shyaku Cosplay

Sigma by Viercosplay

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Instagram: Viercosplay
Picuki: Viercosplay

Soldier: 76 by Corrupt Cosplay

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Facebook: Corrupt Cosplay
Instagram: Corrupt Cosplay
Picuki: Corrupt Cosplay

Sombra by Pion Kim

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Facebook: Pion Kim
Instagram: Pion Kim
Twitter: Pion Kim

Symmetra by Lunar Crow

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Facebook: Lunar Crow
Patron: Lunar Crow
Instagram: Lunar Crow

Torbjörn by Atom Cosplay

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Facebook: Atom Cosplay
Twitter: Atom Cosplay
Instagram: Atom Cosplay

Tracer by Shirogane-sama

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Facebook: Shirogane-sama
Twitter: Shirogane-sama
Instagram: Shirogane-sama

Widowmaker by Jannet Incosplay

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Facebook: Jannet Incosplay
Twitter: Jannet Incosplay
Instagram: Jannet Incosplay
Website: Jannet Incosplay

Winston by Aerlyn

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Facebook: Aerlyn’s Cosplay and Designs
Instagram: Aerlyn Cosplay

Wrecking Ball by Mochiko & Rian Synnth

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Model: Mochiko the hamster!
Rian Synnth
Twitter: Rian Synnth
Patreon: Rian Synnth

Zarya by Akishuna-Cosplay

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DeviantArt: Akishuna-Cosplay
Facebook: The Three Queens Cosplay
Twitter: Akishuna Cosplay
Instagram: Akishuna Cosplay

Zenyatta by Celtic’s Lair

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Facebook: Celtic’s Liar
YouTube: Celtic’s Liar

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