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Duplicate Pokémon
Published on February 6, 2022    Updated on February 6, 2022
Pokémon™ Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Duplicate Pokémon, Multi-Release & Judge

You will quickly end up with tons of duplicate Pokémon in Arceus, and this guide will show you how to deal with them!

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Arceus offers a quite unique gameplay compared to the other main Pokémon games, and similar to Pokémon Go / Let’s Go, you will be catching a ton of duplicate Pokémon, in this case to let you fill-up the Pokédex research pages, since most Pokémon in Arceus require you to catch a lot of them to do so.

But what should you do with all these duplicates filling up your pastures (Pokémon boxes), how to release multiple at the same time instead of one by one, and how to tell which ones have the strongest IVs without a judge function?

Let’s answer each question:

How to Use Duplicate Pokémon in Arceus

Even though most Pokémon games don’t incentivize you to catch duplicate species (unless you are hunting for IVs), in Legends: Arceus there is a clear inspiration taken from the Pokémon Go & Let’s Go games, where catching multiple duplicates will let you empower or evolve your Pokémon.

In Arceus, you will instead get Grit items when you release Pokémon, which is a replacement for the IV system.

Grit items will let you empower any stat of a Pokémon you want, and the possible values are 1-10 (instead of 1-31 with IVs). More on that below!

How to Release Multiple Pokémon in Arceus

It will seem counter-intuitive at first, catching so many duplicate Pokémon, and having to release them one by one from your pasture!

Fear not though, as all you need to do to unlock the multi-release function, is fill up 3 pasture boxes with Pokémon, and then add at least 1 more Pokémon in the 4th box.

Then you can just speak with Marie, and she will inform you that you can use the Multi-Release function!

IVs & EVs in Arceus & How to Find the Strongest Pokémon

IVs (Individual Values) & EVs (Effort Values) have been a core part of the Pokémon recipe since the 1st generation.

In Arceus, they have been replaced with ELs (Effort Values), that can be leveled from Level 1 to Level 10, making it possible to obtain the most powerful Pokémon, without any RNG included.

To level your Effort Values, you need to use the Grit items, obtained from releasing duplicate Pokémon, or defeating them in the Wild.

However, there are different Grit items depending on the level you are trying to reach, and higher level Pokémon you defeat or release, have a higher chance for a high level item:

  • Grit Dust – Level 0-3
  • Grit Gravel – Level 3-6
  • Grit Pebbles – Level 6-9
  • Grit Rocks – Level 9-10

You can also catch wild Pokémon that already have some stats empowered, so catching more duplicates for this purpose is a valid strategy, and also quite less grindy than previous generations.

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