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Updated on August 27, 2022

Rocket League Guide - The 5 Best Cars for Owning Every Game

After spending some time with Rocket League, the most common question becomes “what’s the best car in Rocket League?”. But before answering this question, you have to decide which playstyle suits you better, and what will end up being more entertaining in the long run!

There are 5 different Hitboxes in Rocket League, so developing the right muscle memory for all of them won’t be efficient when starting out. We definitely suggest you try all of them to get hands-on experience, and then decide what feels best to you.

Below you will find our best pick for each car hitbox, to set you on the right path for Rocket League greatness!

This is the official hitbox data from Psyonix:

Preset Length Width Height Surface Volume
Dominus 1671.40.00 549.35.00 531.00.00 34558.17.00 335100.59.00
Breakout 951.40.00 948.20.00 530.00.00 35374.52.00 321406.27.00
Hybrid 159.00.00 395.07.00 299.07.00 36025.49.00 357394.42.00
Octane 130.20.00 416.21.00 301.07.00 35373.51.00 359395.53.00
Plank 1494.20.00 1201.16.00 686.20.00 34811.40.00 320866.50.00

You can also find more detailed stats for each car here.

Table of Contents

1. Dominus



With a wide body and its clean design, Dominus is a special car that focuses on the most important skill a Rocket League player needs, Flickshots.

Flickshots are done as a consecutive strike when you Air, Ground and Bounce Dribble.

In order to achieve Flickshots you need to keep the ball close to your car and flick the car the moment you believe you will score a goal.

The flat body of Dominus gives a better feeling for controlling the ball close to it allowing the player to do micro adjustments to achieve the perfect flip.

It is also a great starter car for people who are interested in learning Freestyle.


Lenghty body has the ability to pop the Ball off the ground, best used for initiating Air Dribbles. Best car for Flickshots, Freestyle and Power Shots. Easy to place the ball onto the car.


As easy as it is to place the ball on the hard that doesn’t mean that it’s as easy to Ground Dribble and Bounce Dribble so you need to calculate your Flickshots fast. Not too great for 50/50s. Learning how to do Air Dribbling with this Hitbox isn’t going to be easy.

2. Breakout



Breakout has one of the cleanest car body and it’s low and pointy body allow players to have a clear view in front of them making it easy to decide their next step faster, that’s why most players prefer the original Breakout as one of the cars that offer the easiest Air Dribble in the game.

For players who are interested in playing with Air Dribbles then we recommend to change your control scheme which favors an easy way for you to Roll while in the air and using your Boost simultaenously.

To Air Dribble you need to learn how to move your car in the air flawlessly.


Body Length great for reaching the ball faster on Kick-Offs and for accurate Power Shots. Perfect for Air Dribbles and Flickshots.


Flat but Low Hitbox means more difficult to Ground Dribble and do precise Bounce Dribbles it can also be Dunked easily. Side Shots are harder with this car since it’s very Thin.

3. Endo (Hybrid)



Endo is a car that belongs in the Hybrid category of Hitboxes and is one of the most preferred cars along with Jager 619 RS and ’99 Skyline GT-R R34.

Hybrid cars are the least preferred ones from advanced players and the best use for them is to teach newcomers to learn how to play the game until they have tested the cars they find more comfortable.

The Hybrid Hitbox sits between a Tall and Long Hitbox and is mostly suited for Goalkeeping and Air Dribbles.


Great for Air Dribbles. Perfect for avoiding other cars. Hitbox is pretty high making it another great choice for reaching the ball in high places and for Goalkeeping. Due to its Height its a great car for Front Shots and Power Shots.


Not the best for Flickshots. The Hitbox doesn’t have the best representation of the car models. Side Flicks are not as effective as other cars.

4. Octane



Octane is the jack of all trades, it’s good at everything and one of the most popular cars in Rocket League and even since before that, back in the days of SARPBC.

Octane is best for people who look to get better at Ground Dribble and Bounce Dribbling.

Ground Dribbling is the easiest technique to learn and with Octane’s square-ish hitbox it becomes really easy to keep the ball close to your car, even when you engage fast movements such as Powersliding or taking sharp turns.

Bounce Dribbling is a little bit trickier as you have to wait for the ball to bounce one time before you touch it again, type of dribble is better when you see your opponents rotate and it gives you a chance to calculate your next movements and to make Fake moves.


Easy to maneuver tight angles has great Ground Dribble and Bounce Dribble control. Side Shots are pretty easy with this car, and Wall Dribbling has better potential. Pretty decent at Air Dribble as well.


The Tall design of the car makes it hard to see and anticipate the opponents move. Has great Goalkeeping potential. The Horizontal Length of the Hitbox is short, not ideal for Kick-Offs and the margin for error is small.

5. Batmobile (Plank)



The ’16 Batmobile has the Widest Hitbox in the game and its name is Plank.

The Batmobile has one of the Lowest front bodies in the game and still to this date you can find numerous players choosing this car over other Plank Hitbox cars just because of how clearly visible the tires can be seen in the front.

This allows for players to make the most precise clean Pinches.

Pinches are mostly done on the walls so that means that the ’16 Batmobile is more useful in the defending areas, but that doesnt mean you cant play offensively as Plank Hitbox cars can also be used for Freestyiling and Flickshots.


Best car to for Pinching the ball off surfaces. Long Hitbox making it perfect for Kick-Offs and reaching the Ball before your opponent. Great for Flickhsots. Pretty decent for Air Dribbling. Great for Goalkeeping.


Very Low car not ideal for Ground and Bounce Dribbling. Hard to win over 50/50s. Its Long Hitbox give the opponent the chance to Blow your car easier.


If you are new to Rocket league then we suggest you start by trying out the cars in our list, find which Hitbox suits your playstyle better and then find what car model you like the most from that type.

Below you will find some links that will help you see how each Hitbox is visualized on the cars and a list with all the cars and which category they fall into.

In the end, it’s all personal preference and what makes you feel better while playing the game.

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