Published on October 10, 2020
Updated on August 27, 2022

Rocket League - Best Camera Settings

ever tuned in a pro player’s stream and suddenly found out their camera view is entirely different ? Are you a new player and don’t know what the best camera settings are?

Or a casual player that never bothered with camera settings, but you somehow noticed that you could be so much better with just a few tweaks.

This guide is for you and will explain everything you need to know about camera settings.

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rocket league camera settings

Rocket league camera settings screen.

1. Camera Shake

Camera Shake is one of the worst settings to have on, so we strongly suggest you turn this setting off.

What this does is to shake the screen every time you do an action.
Hit a ball shake, jump shake, bump shake.

As you can see it’s a big no-no and we are sure enough to say that 99.9% of the player base has this turned off.

2. Field of View

Field of View works similarly to changing the lens to a camera.

It widens your range of vision allowing you to see more of your surrounding area.

If you increase it you will start seeing the things in the center being further and further away, and the sides of your screen will begin to stretch.

If you decrease it you will start seeing fewer things around you and everything in the center will get closer.

The best settings for Field of View is around 100° and 110°.

3. Distance

Distance controls how far or how close the camera is to your car.

Most players tend to increase this to the max, but what they don’t understand is that the further the camera is from your car the easier it is to miss your shots.

If you move it too close you lose a lot of what’s happening around you.

The best settings for Distance is around 240 and 300.

4. Height

Height pans the camera up and down in a straight line, it controls how high the camera is in relation to your car.

Putting it too low will block your vision because all you’re going to see is the bumper of your car, and will give you a very hard time dribbling the ball.

If you tune it too high all it will make it harder for you to aim the ball at all.

Best settings for Height are between 90 and 110.

5. Angle

Angle controls the camera in an arch behind your car, allowing you to see more in front of you or more on the ground.

Decreasing the Angle too much will make you lose sense of how cars are supposed to be driven and make the world look flat.

You will have a harder time hitting aerial shots.

If you increase it too much it will make it harder to dribble because you won’t be able to see what’s happening in front of your car when you have the ball.

This is the most narrow windowed setting in the game where there are not many options to choose from and most pro players stick to 3 choices.

Best settings for Angle are between -3.00 and -5.00

6. Stiffness

Stiffness is an option that falls mostly on personal preference since what it does is more minuscule than the settings above.

It controls how stiff or loose the camera will follow you behind the car, if you increase it too much it will follow you directly and there won’t be any motion from the camera.
It also controls how the camera moves behind your car as you pick up speed making it go further away the faster you go.

If you decrease it too much the movement of the camera will become more loose.
Best settings for Stiffness is 0.50 and from there start experimenting yourself to find out the sweet spot.

7. Swivel Speed

Swivel Speed is how fast the camera will move when you manually move the camera with the right thumb stick or whatever option you have mapped for yourself.

Having it too low will make the camera move smoother but slower and having it to high will make a lot faster.

This is another settings that is mostly based on personal preference.
Best settings for Swivel Speed is 4.00 for most players, anything lower than that is too slow but some even increase it to the max.

8. Transition Speed

Transition Speed changes how fast the camera switches from the Car Camera to the Ball Camera.

Lower values switch slower and is more easy to follow.

Higher values switch it instantly but makes it hard for some players to keep track of where their car is.

This is another setting that is based on your taste so you have to experiment with it but if you can handle the highest speed then go for it.

Best settings for Transition Speed are between 1.50, anything lower will be too slow.


We hope this guide helped you find the best camera settings you want to use in Rocket League.

I advise that you play around with the first 5 settings, figure out what works best for you, and lock these settings.

Then you can experiment with the last 3 camera settings, in order to end up with a custom camera setup, that will enhance your gameplay!

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