The Monster Smash expansions is one of the best Smash Up expansions released to date. It features 4 very powerful factions that can be combined well with each other as well as with the rest of the game’s factions. It introduces one really great feature to the game. POWER COUNTERS.

Which add permanent power to your minions.If you want ALL the power, well then, thats the expansion for you. Bringing creatures of the night to suck the life out of your opponents while giving them nightmares with the classic horror touch we all love.



Werewolves is a high minion power faction that can give even more temporary power to your minions , having a lot of removals and destruction cards while equipping your wolves with actions that make them indestructable , or drawing cards,and many more buffs.

And get ready to howl under the Full Moon.




A classic horror reference that respects itself could not leave the kind of our beloved Count Dracula out of battle. The Vampires do what they do best. They kill , and they feed from the kills to get stronger.

A little bit of returning from the grave and enough power counters to make a newcomer vampire into and ancient one in just a few rounds are all the undead need to try and establish their rule over the night. Or the battlefield of Smash Up at least.


Mad Scientists

Dr. Frankenstein and his gang are here, and they are conducting some really weird experiments with this faction.

Placing counters and playing extra minions is the way to go. One of the nice things about that faction is it’s overall compatibility with almost any other faction in smash up. And yes. It’s alive.



Giant Ants

These gargantuan insects are all about Power counters. The bread and butter of Giants Ants are those tiny bits of power you place over the cards.

From moving them to doubling them to just adding more of them, this faction can just do it all and jungle with those counters like performing on Vegas.




Its unique playstyle is based on Power Counters. Which may be put on your minions in many different ways. Depending on the Faction , how you do this may also be very interesting. One very straight forward way is with actions played on minions.

We all love them, and some of them can be a real headache to your opponents if played correctly and with strategy in mind. Another kind of straight forward way is by playing some minions that they give power counters to other minions or even to themselves.

Other minions build power counters every time a certain event occurs and can become really powerful if left alone.other cards or minions allow you to transfer Power Counters and even distribute them any way you choose among your minions.

There are even actions played on base that give power counters. More Power Counters, more fun. And many ways to experiment with those little thingies.So go ahead and buff your minions to Victory (points).


The Monster Smash expansion is actually one of the most compatible expansions with the core set, and maybe the most independent expansion to be played by itself. The reason why is its special feature.

Power Counters work well with almost any deck on the core set. Because it is always a good thing to increase your power. Leaving us with some of the strongest combinations in the whole game.

They even play well with other expansions which makes this expansions one of the basic and must have expansions you could have in your collection.


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