Do you feel pretty? Do you like kittens? Ever had a dream of having a pony or even a unicorn? Maybe deep down inside you want to be a princess? This could be your chance.
In Smash Up that is.

This expansion comes with the pinkest of colours, flowers, sugar, spice and certainly not everything nice. Because Tinkerbell may not be as nice as expected, Snow White may not be the victim,ponies may stomp you,and cats… Well, cats are…cats.



They do exist. And they play hard. From actions played on minions and bases that can be transferred in an instant, to buffing your creatures while shrinking your opponent’s power,these little things can really pull of some magic with many mighty combinations.

They can transfer actions played on minions from one minion to another, or even steal one from your opponent. Tinky is back to stay.


Kitty Cats

Wanna pet them, wanna cuddle them, wanna play with them. But the cats are devious and mischievous creatures by nature. So they will try to make friends out of you at first, and when they own you, then they kill you.

They have the ability to take control of your creatures, and then kill them to enable various events,like drawing cards.Cute but deadly, they are not to be taken lightly.


Mythic Horses

The definition of strength in numbers, this little army of ponies, seahorses and unicorns works well in groups. Their cards allow them to play extra minions to bases they already have minions, grant them protection or even draw cards if they stick together.

But most importantly they add to their overall power, which makes them a good choice to be played with other Factions that are based on their numbers. A faction that helps you stomp your opponents to the ground.



A unique kind of Faction featuring the lowest number of minions to date. But what it lacks in numbers it makes up in power with all of the minions being unique princesses that have several very powerful special abilities.

The princesses have some amulet like actions played on them called Heirlooms, which increase the power of your minions. A tricky Faction that needs a little experience and a good combination to work properly, it gives a nice touch to the game especially if you are a big fan of Disney’s classics.


This pinky expansions has 4 very special Factions regarding their playstyle. And that is due to the fact that there is no special feature in this expansion.

The magic happens with the way each of these Factions interacts with the rest of the Factions in the game. Each of them has its own way of achieving victory with the fairies trying to debuff their enemies while buffing themselves. A trait well combined with almost any other Faction.

Kittens excel in taking control of your opponent’s low power minions and assassinating them afterwards to do various stuff. That, in reality, can prove to be a tricky thing. But, even the control by itself if you are scoring a base, can give you a big enough advantage over your opponent, that could lead to victory.

With Mythic Horses you want to play as many minions per round as possible, because most of the cards are based on how many minions you have on a base. They could be easily combined with some play-an-extra-minion Factions, for maximum output, but they work well with most of the combinations available.

As for the Princesses, their lack of numbers is replaced with maximum strength, which most of the times is a good thing. However, they do not work well with most combinations, and require a careful pick of the Faction you will combine them with.

This expansion sure brings a little of pinkiness to the already colourful world of Smash Up. Nice touch.


The overall compatibility of this expansion is quite adaptive, and most of the Factions included, work really well with many of the Core Set Factions. Giving them a more versatile way of gameplay that can give many hours of bonus fun at your already amazing Smash Up experience.

They are also a very interesting combination with the Factions from some other Expansions. And right about there,the race for base breaking, and scoring, will never be the same. Some combinations between the expansion’s own Factions can work efficiently, while others are not recommended.

It is not designed to be a stand alone, but a very intriguing addition to the core set, making it a considerable expansion to buy. Definitely pays off.



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