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There are 611 unique cards released for Smash Up! as of 23rd July 2018. Learn all about them.

Change of Venue Steampunks Action None
Place one of your actions…
Place one of your actions that is on a base or a minion into your hand. Play it again as an extra action.
Action (Return), Action (Extra) N/A 1
Eternal Hero Warriors Action Ongoing
Play on one of your…
Play on one of your minions. Ongoing: When this minion goes to the discard pile, place it and this action into your hand instead.
Minion (Play On), Discard Pile, Action (Return) N/A 1
Friendship Power Mythic Horses Action None
Move one of your minions…
Move one of your minions to a base where you have a minion. You may place this action into your hand instead of the discard pile.
Move, Action (Return) N/A 1
Non-Infinite Loop Geeks Action None
Choose an action in your…
Choose an action in your hand. Play it as an extra action, then you may put it back to your hand instead of the discard pile.
Action (Extra), Action (Return) N/A 1
Primate Park Cyborg Apes Base None
The winner may place his…
The winner may place his or he actions played on minions here back into his or her hand.
Action (Return) 20 1

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