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There are 611 unique cards released for Smash Up! as of 23rd July 2018. Learn all about them.

Power of Madness Elder Things Action None
All other players reveal their…
All other players reveal their hands, discard all Madness cards and then shuffles their discard pile into their deck.
Reveal (Hand), Madness (Discard), Shuffle, Discard Pile N/A 2
Rude Awakening Halflings Action None
Choose a base. Reveal your…
Choose a base. Reveal your hand and play all minions in it onto that base as extra minions; cancel their abilities until the end of the turn.
Reveal (Hand), Minion (Extra), Abilities (Lose), Turn (Current) N/A 1
Teleport Overflow Star Roamers Action None
Return one of your minions…
Return one of your minions to its owner's hand. Reveal any number of minions with the same name from your hand, and play them as extra minions.
Minion (Return), Reveal (Hand), Minion (Extra) N/A 1
The Price of Power Elder Things Action Special
Special: Before a base scores,…
Special: Before a base scores, All other players with minions there reveal their hand. One of your minions there has +2 power for each Madness card revealed.
Base Scoring (Before), Reveal (Hand), Power (Add), Madness (Reveal) N/A 1
The Spy Who Ditched Me Super Spies Action None
All other players must discard…
All other players must discard a minion or reveal their hand to show they have no minions.
Card (Discard), Reveal (Hand) N/A 2
Unfathomable Goals Elder Things Action None
All other players reveal his…
All other players reveal his or her hands. Each player who reveals a Madness card must destroy one of their minions.
Reveal (Hand), Madness (Reveal), Minion (Destroy) N/A 1

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