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There are 611 unique cards released for Smash Up! as of 23rd July 2018. Learn all about them.

G.E.L.F. Shapeshifters Minion Talent
Talent: Search your deck for…
Talent: Search your deck for a non-G.E.L.F. minion of power 4 or less. Shuffle this minion into your deck and play that minion here as an extra minion.
Search 4 2
Mall Crawl Zombies Action None
Search your deck for any…
Search your deck for any number of cards with the same name and place them into your discard pile. Shuffle your deck.
Search, Card (Discard), Shuffle N/A 1
Mine! Dwarves Action None
Search the treasure deck for…
Search the treasure deck for a card that can be played on a minion. Play it on one of your minions as an extra action. Shuffle the treasure deck.
Search, Treasure, Minion (Play On), Action (Extra), Shuffle N/A 1
Scry Wizards Action None
Search your deck for an…
Search your deck for an action and reveal it to all players. Place it into your hand and shuffle your deck.
Search, Reveal, Card (Draw), Shuffle N/A 1
Terraforming Aliens Action
Search the base deck for…
Search the base deck for a base. Swap it with a base in play (discard all actions attached to it). Shuffle the base deck. Yoou may play an extra minion on the new base.
Search, Base (Swap), Card (Discard), Shuffle, Minion (Extra) N/A 1
Transmogrify Shapeshifters Action None
Destroy one of your minions.…
Destroy one of your minions. Search your deck for a minion with the same or lower power and play it as an extra minion. Shuffle your deck.
Search, Shuffle N/A 2

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