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Annoying Alien Astroknights Minion Talent
Talent: Name a minion. All…
Talent: Name a minion. All minions here with that name get -2 until the start of your next turn
Power (Remove), Turn (Next) 2 1
Armor Stego Dinosaurs Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: Has +2 power during…
Ongoing: Has +2 power during other players' turns.
Power (Add), Turn (Next) 3 3
Bruiser Changerbots Minion
Ongoing:This minion cannot be destroyed.…
Ongoing:This minion cannot be destroyed. Talent: this minion gains +2 power and loses its Ongoing ability and all other abilities until the start of your next turn
Indestructible, Power (Add), Turn (Next), Abilities (Lose) 2 3
Change Into A Gun Changerbots Action Ongoing
Play on one of your…
Play on one of your minions to destroy a minion of power 4 or less there. This minion has -2 power. Destroy this card at the start of your turn.
Minion (Play On), Minion (Destroy), Power (Remove), Action (Destroy), Turn (Next) N/A 2
Choking Vines Killer Plants Action Ongoing
Play on a minion. Ongoing:…
Play on a minion. Ongoing: At the start of your turn destroy this minion.
Minion (Play On), Turn (Next), Minion (Destroy) N/A 1
Complete the Ritual Minions of Cthulhu Action None
Play on a base where…
Play on a base where you have at least one minion.At the start of your turn, place all minions and actions on it to the bottom of their owners' decks and swap this base with the top card of the base deck.
Base (Play On), Turn (Next), Deck (Bottom), Base (Swap) N/A 1
Glymmer Fairies Minion Talent
Talent: Until the start of…
Talent: Until the start of your next turn, either another minion has -4 power OR this minion has +2 power.
Turn (Next), Power (Add), Power (Remove) 4 2

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