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Angry Pillagers Orcs Action Special
Special: Play when a base…
Special: Play when a base scores. If you have at least 3 more power there than the runner-up, gain 1VP.
Base Scoring (After), VP (Gain) N/A 2
Betrothed Ignobles Minion Ongoing
You may give control of…
You may give control of this minion to another player. Ongoing:The owner of this minion gains 1 VP if another player wins this base and controls this minion
Control (Give), VP (Gain) 3 3
Cave of Shinies Tricksters Base None
After each time a minion…
After each time a minion is destroyed here, its owner gains 1 VP.
Minion (Destroy), VP (Gain) 23 1
Clever Distraction Thieves Action Special
Special: Play after a base…
Special: Play after a base scores if you have a minion there. The winner loses 1 VP and you gain 1 VP.
Base Scoring (After), VP (Lose), VP (Gain) N/A 1
Cosplay Geeks Action Special
Special: Play when you gain…
Special: Play when you gain a 1 or more VP. Gain 1 additional VP.
VP (Gain) N/A 1
Factory 436-1337 Robots Base None
When this base scores, the…
When this base scores, the winner gains 1VP for every 5 power that player has here.
VP (Gain), Base Scoring (After) 25 1
Fence Thieves Minion None
You may discard two treasure…
You may discard two treasure cards to gain 1 VP.
Treasure (Discard), VP (Gain) 3 2
Field of Honor Bear Cavalry Base None
When one or more minions…
When one or more minions here are destroyed, the player who destroyed them gains 1VP.
Minion (Destroy), VP (Gain) 18 1
Furthering the Cause Minions of Cthulhu Action Ongoing
Play on a base. Ongoing:At…
Play on a base. Ongoing:At the end of every turn, if another player's minion here was destroyed, gain 1 VP.
Base (Play On), Minion (Destroy), VP (Gain) N/A 1
Garrison Orcs Base None
2 Monsters. When this base…
2 Monsters. When this base scores, if the total power of all players' power here is 22 or more, the players with the top three totals each gain 1VP
Base Scoring (After), VP (Gain) 12 1
Happily Ever After Princesses Action Ongoing
Play on a base. Ongoing:…
Play on a base. Ongoing: If you are the winner here when this base scores, gain 1 VP.,
Base (Play On), VP (Gain) N/A 1
Helping Hands Elves Action Special
Special: Play before a base…
Special: Play before a base scores if you have a minion there. Choose another player. That player gets +2 total power;your minion gets-2 power (minimum 0). If that player is the winner, you get one of that player's VPs.
Base Scoring (Before), Power (Add), Power (Remove), VP (Gain) N/A 1
Invader Aliens Minion
Gain 1 VP.
Gain 1 VP.
VP (Gain) 3 2
R’lyeh Minions of Cthulhu Base None
At the start of each…
At the start of each player's turn, that player may destroy one of their minion's here. If they do, they gain 1 VP.
Minion (Destroy), VP (Gain) 18 1
Rhodes Plaza Mall Zombies Base None
When this base scores, each…
When this base scores, each player gains 1VP for each minion that player has here.
VP (Gain) 24 1
Shady Deal Ghosts Action None
If you have two or…
If you have two or fewer cards in your hand, gain 1 VP.
VP (Gain) N/A 1
Smuggling Thieves Action None
Discard two treasure cards to…
Discard two treasure cards to gain 1 VP. Shuffle your discard pile into your deck. Place this card on the bottom of your deck.
Card (Discard), VP (Gain), Shuffle, Discard Pile, Deck (Bottom) N/A 1

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