Published on August 7, 2021
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SoulWorker Classes - All 9 Characters & What to Play

SoulWorker – like most traditional Hub MMORPGs – offers classes that take the shape of a certain character, locking your gender and appearance to your class choice.

The good news is that SoulWorker will at least let you make some customizations to your eyes, hair etc. as well as gain more unique appearances through the cash shop.

This list aims to introduce you to all of SoulWorker’s classes / characters, and help you with your decision of which one to play!

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Chii Aruel

Chii Aruel, SoulWorker Class

Age: 16 (Physical Body Aruel) / 1 (Soul Junk Chii)
Birthday: May 2nd
Gender: Female
Alias: Desire DesperRoar
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Katana
Starting Location: Candus City


Ephnel, SoulWorker Class

Age: 17
Birthday: October 1oth
Gender: Female
Alias: Indomitable Bombing Spear
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Spear
Starting Location: Candus City

Erwin Arclight

Erwin Arclight, SoulWorker Class

Age: 18
Birthday: May 29th
Gender: Male
Alias: Gun Jazz of Charm
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Gun
Starting Location: Rocco Town

Haru Estia

Haru Estia, SoulWorker Class

Age: 17
Birthday: September 10th
Gender: Female
Alias: Soulum of Vengeance
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Sword
Starting Location: Rocco Town

Iris Yuma

Iris Yuma, SoulWorker Class

Age: 18
Birthday: November 4th
Alias: Hammer Stol of Rage
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Hammer
Starting Location: Rocco Town

Jin Seipatsu

Jin Seipatsu, SoulWorker Class

Age: 17
Birthday: July 28th
Gender: Male
Alias: Spirit Arms of Passion
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Spirit Arms
Starting Location: Rocco Town

Lee Nabi

Lee Nabi, SoulWorker Class

Age: 19
Birthday: April 15th
Gender: Female
Alias: Loyal Rifle of Obedience
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Rifle
Starting Location: Tower of Lord

Lily Bloommerchen

Lily Bloommerchen, SoulWorker Class

Age: 15
Birthday: February 27th
Gender: Female
Alias: Mist Scythe of Insanity
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Scythe
Starting Location: Rocco Town

Stella Unibell

Stella Unibell, SoulWorker Class

Age: 14
Birthday: June 16th
Gender: Female
Alias: Howling Guitar of Sorrow
Weapon Used: Soul Weapon Guitar
Starting Location: Rocco Town

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