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Black Desert Online - Star’s End Rotation & Grinding Guide

Star’s End is one of the best grinding locations which is popular for its rare drop – Black Distortion Earring. Although it can’t compete with the recently released Hadum locations, it is a big step up compared to other grinding zones that require overall less AP and DP.

In April 2021 Star’s End received an update that added 3 pillar shaped structures – Vessels of Inquisition, that offer stationary style of grinding. We will go in details in later section of the guide.

On July 14, 2021 various spots including Star’s End got a nice permanent boost in Drop Rate of Caphras Stone and Ancient Spirit Dust, making the zone slightly more attractive for players seeking Caphras Stone gear progression.

July 28th Vessels of Inquisition has received slight change, ranged type of mobs was added to prevent players from standing in place.

Enormous Profit Potential
Location Accessibility
Unique Mechanic
Rare Drop Reliant
Repair NPC is Far
Somewhat Contested

Star’s End Information

Node Location

The node is located to the West of Calpheon and it’s worth investing your Energy, as it benefits you with +50% Item Drop Rate for every 10th monster you kill.

The most common route is through Calpheon:

  • Calpheon (17 Contribution Points) – Gabino Farm (2CP) – North Kaia Pier (3CP) – Calpheon Castle Site (1CP) – Calpheon Castle (3CP) – Brellin Farm (2CP) – Calpheon Northwestern Outpost (3CP) – Star’s End (3CP)

An alternative viable route, which requires less CP and goes through Ash Forest, is connecting from Grána city:

  • Grána (15 Contribution Points) – Lake Flondor (3CP) – White Wood Forest (1CP) – Tooth Fairy Forest (3CP) – Loopy Tree Forest (2CP) – Ash Forest (3CP) – Star’s End (3CP)

By investing 1 more CP into the Excavation node of Star’s End, you can send workers to collect Mass of Pure Magic, Trace of Violence and Trace of Death. If these materials are important to you, connecting through Calpheon will save you some time.

Item Drops

Item Comment from Author
Black Distortion Earring Rare Drop. Worth ~300 million. Enhanced version can drop, with DUO worth ~2,7 billion!
Black Stone (Armor)
Black Stone (Weapon)
Clear Blackstar Crystal Is a component used to craft Corrupted Magic Crystal. Worth ~120 million. Forest Fury is a bottleneck.
Black Magic Crystal – Precision
Mass of Pure Magic Is used to enhance Blackstar gear.
Ancient Spirit Dust 5x of Ancient Dust ~ 1x Caphras Stone
Caphras Stone
Trace of Origin
Sanguine Crystal of Despair Primary trash loot. Vendor price = 15500 Silver.
Destroyed Star Fragment Secondary trash loot. Vendor price = worthless.
In case of weight problems you can throw it away.
Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard Used to craft Karlstein outfit boxes.
Laila’s Petal Used to upgrade your fairy, exchangeable to Sweet Honey Wine or “Valks’ Cry” equivalent Fairy’s Blessing.
Black Energy Residue is used to craft Dragon Slayer Weapons.
Pure Forest Breath Place on marketplace or use for Dream horse attempts (Doom).

Average Silver / Hour

Distribution Silver
56% 69,021,500 Primary and Secondary Trash
16% 20,187,500* 5x Black Magic Crystal – Precision
15% 18,550,400* Caphras Stones + Ancient Spirit Dust
3% 4,165,000* Trace of Origin
10% 12,240,000* Black Stone (Armor) & (Weapon)
124,164,400 Total (whereas “*” means taxed with Value Pack)

Your average hour of grinding with blue Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) probably will look slightly underwhelming. You have to keep in mind, that it is possible to grind 15+ hours and getting no Distortions drops. But if you happen to drop a Black Distortion Earring you would earn an additional 272* Million Silver making it ~400 million profit in one hour.

As you can see the spot has low lows and enormous highs, making it one of the most inconsistent grinding spots in Black Desert Online.

Gear Requirements

A good starting point for most classes is 261 AP Kutum and 308 DP. With anything less, you would gain more profit on Aakman or Hystria.

There are some examples of going there under that requirement (Berserker – 245 AP Kutum / 301 DPStriker – 245 AP Kutum / 308 DP), but I would not recommend it, since it requires lots of constant cautiousness, which will be tiring after a couple of hours.

269 AP Kutum coupled with 324 DP is the point where you will reach high efficiency. By acquiring at least 7 more DP you will be also meeting gear requirements for Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Abyssal Zone), which offers not necessarily better, but more consistent profit than Star’s End.

Here is an example of a 265 AP and 313 DP build suitable for Star’s End with an emphasis on CC resistance and Damage Reduction:

Gear Crystals
TRI: Blackstar Crossbow
Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power
HAN Magic Crystal – Hoom
TET: Kutum Ra’ghon
2x Corrupted Magic Crystal
TET: Dandelion Greatbow C2
TET: Griffon’s Helmet
2x HAN Magic Crystal – Hoom
TET: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
2x Dark Red Fang Crystal – Armor
TET: Bheg’s Gloves
JIN Magic Crystal – Viper
HAN Magic Crystal – Hoom
TET: Urugon’s Shoes
2x Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine
2x TET: Ring of Crescent Guardian
  2x Capotia Earring
TET: Ogre Ring
TET: Basilisk’s Belt
Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Destruction
(Green Version)
Hunter’s Clothes (Costume Exchange)

Next important stat is your Accuracy and Accuracy Rate. You can see it by pressing I and clicking the “View My Stats” button.

To hit the mobs with 99% chance you need 450 of All Accuracy with at least +4% Accuracy rate. Some of the classes have additional Accuracy Rate or Evasion Debuff on their skills. If you have either of them in your kit, you might make it with less Accuracy. We will see how to increase your Accuracy with the buffs in the section below.

Grinding in Star’s End

Agris Fever & Combat XP Gain

If you decide to get rid of your Agris Fever in Star’s End, you won’t be on the losing side. Besides Elvia spots and others such as Olun Valley, it is quite an efficient spot for your Agris Points. In one hour you will be burning around 70 000 Agris Points, depending on your gear.

In terms of Experience, it is slightly better than the main Mirumok Party spot, but worse than solo. You will be looking at ~0.8% an Hour at level 61 with 260% Experience Buff.

Monster Consumed Agris Fever
Apostle of Corruption 40
Harbinger of Corruption 40
Apostle of Defilement 40
Harbinger of Defilement 40
Apostle of Immorality 40
Harbinger of Immorality 40
<Possessed> Apostle of Malevolence 50

Spot Mechanics

Throughout your grinding you will make use of the structure called Unstable Star Debris.

As monsters are immune to Crowd Control, this is the only way to CC them. Once destroyed it will knock down nearby monsters, even the ones that are ignoring you, due to aggro limitation of 10. It also has the chance to kill them instantly!

It is important to use skills with a Down Attack Damage modifier on them in order to deal most damage. As your AP is growing at a certain point it won’t make a difference in terms of clearing speed if you group around the crystal or not. Some classes as Awakening Sorceress don’t have many Down Attack Damage modifiers and it is faster for them to skip the crystal.

Occasionally you will have a chance of spawning an Elite Monster called <Possessed> Apostle of Malevolence. He has more HP comparable to other monsters.

If not defeated within 5 minutes he will disappear. It is reasonable to kill him in your next cycle of rotation, since you can agro respawned mobs simultaneously, as opposed to only focusing him. Also, he is guaranteed to drop at least 1x Caphras Stone and 1x Ancient Dust.

One thing to keep in mind for players with low DP, is the debuff applied by Remnants of Corruption, especially at nighttime.

This is something you will have to get used to.


Let’s do a quick review of all Rotations on Star’s End.

  • Main Rotation is suitable for melee classes, because of its density. Maximum reachable amount of trash with blue loot scroll is around 6000 – 6100. It is arguably the most contested spot.
  • On Cliff Rotation you can do up to 6400 Trash/Hour, best suitable for ranged classes.
  • Temple Rotation has a cap of 5600 Trash/Hour.
  • The least popular spot is Side Rotation, an amount of 4500 Trash/Hour is reachable.
  • Players with low ap can grind at House Rotation because it’s the shortest one of all and you can easily overclear it.
  • Mountain Rotation has the lowest density and it’s gonna be a chore to group the mobs together. Melee classes will have a harder time on this spot.

Vessels of Inquisition

Players with at least 341 DP might try grinding a recently added spot called – Vessels of Inquisition. Once you attack the pillar, monsters will start spawning around it and try to destroy the pillar. It will flash red indicating low health. After it gets destroyed you will need to wait 2 minutes for it to respawn. You can expect around 5,000 Trash Loot per Hour at this spot with just Blue Loot Scroll. It is lower than at Main, but at least you won’t be bothered with proper grouping.

Randomly you will see Unstable Star Debris appearing from nowhere, you can use it here to your advantage as described above.

The mobs might look the same, but do not let Apostles of Immorality (big guys) surround you. They can easily oneshot you if their attacks are synchronized. Beware of back attacks!

Ranged type of mobs – [Sin-filled] Harbinger of Defilement will appear around Vessel and throw spear from the distance at you or the tower. They were added to prevent players from standing in one place. Now you will be forced to move around more often. Spear throwers have very low HP and are easily defeated in 1-2 skills.


There are 2 relevant Daily Quests relating to Star’s End at Calpheon Northwestern Outpost. Speak to Elionian Priestess to receive [Repeat] Evidence of Corruption Quest that rewards you with a Caphras Stone.

At the South West exit of Calpheon Northwestern Outpost you will meet a Soldier and can take [Repeat] Stenchful Frontline Quest, which will reward you with an item exchangeable for Mass of Pure Magic.

Bring 15x Destructive Illusions to the NPC located at Star’s End to receive 1x Mass of Pure Magic.

Quest Goal Reward
[Repeat] Evidence of Corruption Collect 10 tentacles from the Remnants of Corruption Caphras Stone
[Repeat] Stenchful Frontline Defeat 10 Apostles of Corruption. Destructive Illusion

Scrolls & Buffs for Star’s End Grinding


Blue vs Yellow Loot Scroll in Star’s End?

No Loot Scroll 2 hours
Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)
1 hour
Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min)
Item Drop Rate +100%
Item Drop Amount +50%
Item Drop Rate +100%
ItemDrop Amount +100%
Trash amount 3,500 10,500 7,000

The answer to that question comes to personal preference, I will just present you with the data. Comparing 2 hours of Blue and 1 hour Yellow Loot Scroll, you will have ~33% more trash amount by grinding  2 hours with Blue.

Use the Yellow Loot Scroll, if you are fine with giving up a third, but grinding 1 hour less.

If you are running low on Loot Scrolls or have more free time, use the Blue Loot Scroll.

Using Loot Scroll & Agris for Trash Loot

It is a known fact that in Black Desert decimal places of trash number get rounded down. (That is the reason Blue Loot Scroll does not affect drop amount at Mirumok Ruins!)

Except Elites, Star’s End monsters drop either x1, x2 or x3 trash.

Agris and Blue LS Agris and Yellow LS
Increase +200% +250%
Trash amount x1, x2, x3 x3, x6, x9 x3.5, x7, x10.5

As you can see, Agris and Yellow LS will get rounded down to x3, x7, x10 instead of x3.5, x7, x10.5. Obviously, it is better to use Agris and Blue LS due to odd numbers appearing more often in the loot table.


Alchemy Stone

Obviously Vell’s Heart is what you want, except if you are not at that point of your gear progression viable option would be Alchemy Stone of Destruction. I would not advise buy anything more expensive than the Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Destruction green version.

Vell’s Heart Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Destruction
All AP +8
All Accuracy +10
Ignores All Resistance +5%
Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +5%
All AP +6
All Accuracy +8

Church Buff

You can get the Church Buff in Calpheon by talking to the NPC Leona and exchanging 5x Gold Bar 1G (~500k Silver) for the following buffs which are rolled randomly and stay on you for 2 hours:

  • Elionism’s Blessing – Attack – All AP +3/+5/+8 / All Accuracy +3/+5/+8
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Protection – HP +50/+100/+150 / DR +3/+5/+8

Meal Buff

Simple Cron Meal is what you wanna go for, because of its Monster Damage. If you feel like you lack Accuracy and Duel for the spot frequently use Exquisite Cron Meal.

Simple Cron Meal Exquisite Cron Meal
Extra AP against Monsters +30
Combat EXP +20%
Skill EXP +10%
Attack Speed +2
Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +3
Max HP +150
Chance to Gain Knowledge +10%
Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +5%
Weight Limit +100LT
Down Attack Damage +5%
Damage from Monsters -6%
Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10%
All AP +8
All Accuracy +15
Attack Speed +2
Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +2
All Evasion +15
Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Back Attack Damage +5%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
All Resistance +4%
Ignores All Resistance +4%

Elixir Buff

While Draughts and normal Elixirs don’t stack, you can stack a Perfume with either of them:


Spirit Perfume Elixir is the best in slot Elixir. You will never run out of the secondary resource and your Critical Hit Rate will hit the maximum amount. There is no reason not to use it. Although, if you still feel yourself squishy and have some Event versions of Khalk’s Elixir laying around it is a viable option as well.

Spirit Perfume Elixir Khalk’s Elixir
MAX HP +300
Critical Hit Rate +5
MP/WP/SP +3 per every good hit
All Resistance +10%
Damage Reduction +15
Max HP +100
Movement Speed +5%

Frenzy Draught is generally the best choice for any class, it offers everything you need for Star’s End, except tankiness. For the lack of later, consider substituting it with Beast’s Draught, which also is a cheaper option.

Frenzy Draught Beast’s Draught
Extra AP Against Monsters +30
All Accuracy +12
Max Stamina +200
HP Recovery +3 per hit
All DP -15
Critical Hit Damage +10%
Weight Limit +100 LT
Extra AP against Monsters +15
Combat EXP +20%
Skill EXP +10%
Recover HP +1 on Attack
Damage from Monsters -10%
Weight Limit +100 LT

To make the maximum use of Star’s End specific knockdown mechanic we can run Elixirs instead of Draughts, since the latter doesn’t offer Down Attack damage modifier. In general it is better to use Elixirs, but not always convenient. Note that Elixirs and Draughts do not stack with each other.

  • Elixir of Sharp Detection – Critical Hit Damage +15%
  • Elixir of Endless Frenzy –  All DP -8 / All AP +13
  • Elixir of Brutal Carnage – Down Attack Damage +15%
  • Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir – Extra Damage Against Demihumans +15

House Furniture Buff

The only buff I will recommend is Master’s Stuffed Black Leopard Head:

  • Master’s Stuffed Black Leopard Head – All AP +9 for 1 hour

Villa Buff

Since there is no Repair NPC at the node, you will need a Naphart Campsite, which is debatably a P2W item. By placing it on the ground and interacting with it you will have an option to purchase a Body Enhancement buff for 60/90/180 minutes priced at 1,000,000/1,500,000/4,500,000 Silver respectively.

Make sure that you have a valid Villa Invitation (7 Days) in your inventory, or the Pearl Shop Item – Secret Book of Old Moon active:

  • [Villa] Body Enhancement – All AP +10 / All DP + 10 / Max HP +200 / All Resistance +10% / Ignores All Resistance +5%

Buffs Overview

In summary that’s how your buffs will look like:

  • Alchemy Stone – Vell’s Heart
  • Meal – Simple Cron Meal
  • Perfume – Spirit Perfume Elixir
  • Elixir – Frenzy Draught
    • OR Elixir of Sharp Detection
    • Elixir of Endless Frenzy
    • Elixir of Brutal Carnage
    • Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir
  • Villa Buff – [Villa] Body Enhancement
  • Church Buff
  • Furniture Buff – Master’s Stuffed Black Leopard Head

Extra Tips for Star’s End

  • Ask your guildies to look for Star’s End Guild Mission to boost your profit even higher.
  • Group monsters around big guys – Apostle of Immorality, since they move slower. It’s gonna save you precious time in the long run.
  • A skill with a big AoE should be used to group mobs. That way they will transit faster into their attack or chase animation. Great example of such skill is Maewhas – Oppression, Archers – Arrow Explosion or Sorceresses – Mark of The Shadow.
  • Have a skill with +30 AP against monsters addon. If you don’t, visit the Skill Instructor at the nearest city.
  • Try not to absorb your Z buff at the same time with your E/Q buff, but prolong them. Use one when the other is not active.
  • You can use Traveler’s Map to instantly teleport you to Calpheon, saving some travel time.
  • Place plenty of HP Potions in your Calpheon Storage and transfer them to you with Maids, in case you don’t have Infinite Potion.

Check the grinding videos below for your specific class, and try to mimic the pulling and skill rotations:

AP Trash/Hour, Blue LS
Warrior Succ 299 299 전워 별무 폐허 일줌, 노아그 6685 / BDO Warrior Succession Star’s End 6685 (+50% scroll, no agris) 6685
Warrior Awa 278 Blackdesert Warrior – Star’s end 5400/hr(50% loot scroll) : AP 274/278 5400
Sorceress Awa 294 5100
Ranger Succ 298 BDO Ranger Succession 6.2k/hr Star’s End Trash Normal Loot Scroll 6200
Ranger Awa 274 4800
Archer 286 BDO – Archer 286AP Kutum – Star’s End Rotation 5500-5600 trash 5600
Lahn Succ 269 BDO Lahn Stars End 269AP 5300/hr 50% lootscroll 5300
Lahn Awa 281 [RU] Lahn 5k+/hour star grave 281 kutum 5000
Kuno Succ 274 Куноичи звездная гробница 4900+/Kunoichi Star’s End 4900+ 4900
Witch Succ 279 BDO Witch Succession Star’s end Grind(Kutum 279AP) [검은사막 위치 그녕] 쿠툼 279공 전승위치 별무덤 5200++ 5200
Witch Awa 281 Волшебница 281 и звёздная гробница 5100-5200 5200
Hashashin Succ 246 BDO Hashashin 246 AP / 5.0k+ trash/hour at Star’s End (blue, no agris) 5000
Hashashin Succ 275 BDO – Hashashin succession 275 ap 5600 Stars End: Temple Rotation (Blue Loot Scroll) 5600
Hasshashin Awa 289 BDO Hashashin Awakening Stars End/Хассашин БДО Звездная Гробница Пробуждение 289 289 Ремастер 5к+ 5000
Valk Succ 269 BDO SEA 269kutum Succession Valk 5100+ trash/hr Stars End Temple Rotation 5100
Valk Awa 269 BDO Valkyrie Kutum 269 AP Star end 5000+ [ 50% Scroll, No Agris ] 5000
Shai 272 BDO SHAI 272 kutum | 4350+/h Stars End 4350
Sage  Awa 267 [BDO] Sage Awakening 267AP Star’s end 5.6k+/hr (blue 50%, no agris) | 검은사막 각성 세이지 별무덤 해안가자리 5600+ 5600
Guardian Awa 305 BDO Guardian Stars End Cliff 6400+ trash per hour 6400
Maewha Awa 286 Maehwa Awakening Star’s End 5800-5900/hour. Blue LS, No Agris. 286k 5900

Happy Grinding!

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