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Published on November 8, 2019    Updated on November 6, 2021

13 Stellaris Expansions, Story & Species Pack DLCs - What's Best?

You need a lot of Stellaris expansions to make the most out of the best 4X space strategy ever made, so we have created this list to help you!

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Stellaris expansions come out every few months, and they offer either more advanced mechanics & gameplay features, or aesthetic upgrades, making for a necessary addition to the game.

All of us “hate” Paradox Interactive’s DLC policy (releasing 50 DLCs per game, if you weren’t aware), but we (have to) buy most of them either way. This guide aims to clear out confusion from your buying choices, and help you concentrate on which expansions are the most important to your own gameplay style.

Stellaris Expansions in Numbers
Total Cost Total DLC Expansions Story Packs Species Packs
13 5 4 4

Stellaris Expansions

Paradox Interactive is following a similar DLC strategy with all of their grand strategy titles, Stellaris being no exception.

With each main expansion, they are adding new features, mechanics & systems to Stellaris, offering more variation & depth to your campaign in meaningful ways.

Truth is, all Paradox games are too “niche”, therefore those who enjoy them the most will probably need to get hold of every single expansion in order to get the most complete experience the game can offer.

Let’s break down all Stellaris expansions from the newest one to the oldest one, and identify the core additions each one makes to the game.

Nemesis (April 2021)

Nemesis, Expansion Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: April 15, 2021

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 19.99$ / 19.99€ / 15.49£

Most 4X games introduce a Spying mechanic through one of their earliest DLCs, but Stellaris decided to come late to the party. I’ve never felt this type of mechanic made for an interesting expansion, but hopefully there are a few more things included in Nemesis, making it a worthwhile DLC all over.

More specifically, the endgame gets more attention, with new Crisis mechanics, that even put you under the driver’s seat! Stellaris already offers a strong endgame in a genre that’s desperate for it, and Nemesis will definitely make your experience better – if you do own most of the other expansions!

Nemesis Feature List:

  • Become the Crisis – A new mechanic lets your civilization become the endgame Crisis itself, unlocking powerful bonuses as you grow, and letting you ultimately destroy the whole galaxy if you aren’t stopped on time!
  • Galactic Custodians – You can acquire one through the Galactic Community, offering you ways to combat the endgame Crisis, and choose the Galaxy’s fate afterwards.
  • Espionage System – You can spy on friends and enemies alike, growing your intelligence, or even turning civilizations against each other, while keeping your identity a secret.
  • New Ships – Many new vessels inspired by famous Science Fiction empires.

Federations (March 2020)

Federations, Expansion Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: March 17, 2020

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 19.99$ / 19.99€ / 15.49£

The “diplomatic” expansion – Federations – aims to advance the diplomacy part of the game, and let you influence or manipulate the other empires without resorting to warfare.

It’s one of the most essential Stellaris expansions, since even though micro-management is at the core of the game, diplomacy always lacked major attention, and using warfare was pretty much necessary even for the most peaceful races.

A must-have for players that prefer alternatives to war, and a worthy continuation to the Stellaris franchise.

Federations Feature List:

  • Expanded Federations – Being a member of a Federation provides at last a ton more benefits, whether that’s a Trade League, Martial Alliance, or a Hegemony.
  • Galactic Community – Stellaris catches up with other major 4X titles, and now provides a Galactic Senate, where all the leaders can vote on resolutions & legislative agendas that affect everyone – some positively, others negatively – letting you become a main influencer of the board, if you have what it takes to scheme your way up the ladder!
  • Empire Origins – A new empire customization system, Origins, will let you shape your civilization’s background, therefore altering your starting conditions, and roleplaying capabilities.
  • New Structures – You can construct a Juggernaut, which is a massive mobile starbase (able to repair your fleets even in enemy territory), and a Mega Shipyard, a new Megastructure that can produce new fleets as fast as possible.

MegaCorp (December 2018)

MegaCorp, Expansion Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: December 6, 2018

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 19.99$ / 19.99€ / 15.49£

MegaCorp, as is obvious, focuses on mega galactic corporations, and advancing the economical side of the game.

It introduces many missing features to the game’s trading mechanics & profitability, as well as population management and expanding.

MegaCorp Feature List:

  • Branch Offices – You can build them inside the planets of your trade partners, to increase the Trade Value of your own network.
  • Ecumenopolis – Will allow you to increase the population density of your core planets by far more, creating an actual megacity!
  • Slave Market – Even more options to decide the fate of your pops, and use them to your heart’s desire.
  • Caravaneers – Nomadic trading fleets which may drop by your planet with great bargains, or you may visit them at their own home.
  • Additional Megastructures – Matter Decompressor, Mega-Art Installation, Interstellar Assembly & Strategic Coordination Center.
  • Additional Ascension Perks
  • 3 Additional Advisors
  • 4 Music Tracks

Apocalypse (February 2018)

Apocalypse, Expansion Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: February 22, 2018

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 19.99$ / 19.99€ / 15.49£

Apocalypse features big things, but is probably one of the “smallest” Stellaris expansions to date. It adds several warfare-based mechanics, that really feel like a free update, instead of an expansion.

What’s more, its main features are mostly experienced quite late in the playthrough, or require you to be the “evil” guy. Definitely try to get Apocalypse on sale!

Apocalypse Feature List:

  • Planetary Destruction – You will be able to construct the special “Colossus” Ship in late-game, which offers six different configurations, with one of them being able to entirely destroy a planet!
  • Titan Class Ships –  You get access to “Titan” Capital Ships, which you can use to offer great bonuses in the fleets under their command, offering an epic feeling of conquest!
  • Ion Cannons – You can fortify systems with huge orbital installation modules, that provide extreme defense capabilities.
  • Marauders – Another feature that should have been in the main game, Marauders are space pirates with no base, that roam around and raid settlements. You can also hire them as mercenaries, and take advantage of some cheap warmongering!
  • Additional Civics
  • Additional Ascension Perks

Utopia (April 2017)

Utopia, Expansion Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: April 6, 2017

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 19.99$ / 19.99€ / 14.99£

Utopia is a must-have Stellaris DLC, adding a lot of depth to many mechanics that will make ruling your empire that much more fun and efficient!

It’s the first step in the right direction, and an essential expansion in order to experience the later expansions’ features as well (due to Ascension Perks). It should be the first one you get!

Utopia Feature List:

  • Megastructures – Similar to Civilization’s “World Wonders”, Megastructures are huge buildings you can create, in order to gain unique buffs to your systems.
  • Habitat Stations – You gain the ability to build “tall” instead of wide, with massive space stations that can house more population, and serve as planets in a small empire.
  • Ascension Perks – A great progression system that should have been a part of the main game, Ascension Perks are unlocked through Unity Points, and offer three main paths: Biological Mastery, Synthetic Evolution & Transcendance.
  • Indoctrination – Gain the ability to influence primitive civilizations by using observation stations, and make them slowly adopt your ethics, until you can enlighten or annex them.
  • Advanced Slavery – Enthralled species gain new purposes, as you are now able to assign a special role to them. Slaves can become Domestic Servants and serve your population, Battle Thralls in order to fight for your empire or just Livestock to feed your people.
  • Advanced Governments – Gain access to unique civics and authorities for your government. Eradicate diplomacy by being a Fanatic Purifier, avoid political strife by becoming a Hive Mind or adopt Syncretic Evolution to become a multi-species empire.

Stellaris Story Pack DLCs

One of the first things that made me fall in love with Stellaris, is how rich the lore is, and how alive and purposeful everything feels – from a small discovery to a planetary war!

I can’t blame Paradox for bringing more storytelling in the form of paid expansions, but these are definitely targeted only to the most loyal followers. Story packs also offer unique events and questlines, that make every playthrough more memorable!

Ancient Relics Story Pack (June 2019)

Ancient Relics, Story Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: June 4, 2019

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 9.99$ / 9.99€ / 7.19£

If you enjoy discovering the unknown in Stellaris, then Ancient Relics is a great addition to your collection!

There are many nice micro-mechanics added, and they definitely make for a more thorough experience in your campaigns.

Ancient Relics Feature List:

  • Ancient Relics – When completing a dig in a multi-stage archaeological site or finishing other game events, you have a chance to uncover an Ancient Relic, which will provide various benefits to your empire.
  • Archaeological Sites – You can explore the newly added archaeological sites in various planets, where each one will provide you with a story that may last from 1 to 6 chapters, and provide helpful buffs on completion.
  • 2 Precursor Civilizations – The Baol – a former sprawling plantoid hivemind, and the Zroni – the most powerful psionics that ever existed, are added as Precursor Civilizations to the game, and you can take advantage of their knowledge by investigating their home systems.
  • Relic Worlds – Inside Relic Worlds you will find all the archaeological sites that contain the powerful relics and artifacts.
  • Minor Artifacts – A new consumable resource, Minor Artifacts are use to empower your empire, and harvested from archaeological research.

Distant Stars Story Pack (May 2018)

Distant Stars, Story Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: May 22, 2018

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 9.99$ / 9.99€ / 7.19£

A story pack that focuses on.. story, Distant Stars is a great expansion for Stellaris – if story & lore is your main thing!

Space becomes more alive, with more occult creatures, and a ton of new events and anomalies, so it’s a worthy addition to your Stellaris expansions gallery.

Distant Stars Feature List:

  • Ancient Gateway Network – You can discover hidden traces to an ancient gateway network, which leads to a constellation outside of the galaxy, and exciting discoveries!
  • New Solar Systems – Explore various solar systems, each one with its own unique story, technology and resources.
  • Behemoths – Meet new gargantuan creatures that roam space for ages, and can either help your empire’s advancement, or contribute to its demise.
  • A lot of new Anomalies & Events – More than a dozen anomalies and events added, and even more through a free update for Distant Stars owners.

Synthetic Dawn Story Pack (September 2017)

Synthetic Dawn, Story Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: September 21, 2017

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 9.99$ / 9.99€ / 6.99£

Synthetic Dawn doesn’t bring much to the table, apart from a new Robot race that is quite customized, with unique gameplay features and events, for the “machines taking over” enthusiasts.

So unless you are looking to create the ultimate AI empire, there’s not much for you here sadly.

Synthetic Dawn Feature List:

  • Machine Empire – Synthetic Dawn provides you with a new empire, formed completely from robots, opening up a completely new gameplay experience with unique features and event chains.
  • New Portraits & Expanded Voice Packs

Leviathans Story Pack (October 2016)

Leviathans, Story Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: October 20, 2016

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 9.99$ / 9.99€ / 7.49£

The first story pack for Stellaris – Leviathans – doesn’t offer too much, or too little. It will definitely enrich your gameplay, and unlock some quite useful features like the Enclaves.

You can live without it, but it’s a nice addition, especially on sale!

Leviathans Feature List:

  • Guardians – Powerful entities roam space, with unknown motives and needs. You can investigate them and unlock new technologies, or fight them to gain treasure.
  • Enclaves – Many independent outposts will show up in the galaxy, inhabited by artists or traders, that can help you exchange resources, sell you information about the galaxy or prepare a great work of art that will boost your empire.
  • Fallen Empires – Choose sides in the War in Heaven, where two ancient Fallen Empires revive their differences while your playthrough is progressing.

Stellaris Species Pack DLCs

Paradox are well known for their DLC-galore, and inventing new types of DLCs.

“Portrait Packs” are one of these types, and they exist in Stellaris too. Hopefully they are not just portraits, but provide new Species to play as too. If you’re not a hardcore Stellaris fan, you can simply ignore them.

Necroids Species Pack (October 2020)

Necroids, Species Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: October 29, 2020
Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 7.99$ / 7.99€ / 5.79£

Aside from a lot of extra cosmetic flavor, the Necroids Species Pack brings us the Necrophage Origin, that offer 3 civics that are quite appropriate to their nature.

If sacrificing populations, raising undead armies or taking advantage of tomb worlds sounds like you, then you won’t be disappointed with this DLC!

  • Necrophage Origin & Necroid Species
  • 3 New Civics (Death Cult, Reanimated Armies, Memorialists)
  • 16 New Portraits (15 Organic & 1 Robot)
  • New Ship Set
  • New Advisor Voiceover
  • New City Set & Diplomacy Room
  • New Name Lists & Building Appearances

Lithoids Species Pack (October 2019)

Lithoids, Species Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: October 24, 2019

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 7.99$ / 7.99€ / 5.79£

Another underwhelming species pack, which however offers a very interesting species – Lithoids.

They offer a mineral-based / “relentless” colonization gameplay, which will appeal to most 4X fans, and provides a nice gameplay variety to Stellaris.

  • Lithoid Species
  • New Mechanics for Lithoid Empires
  • 15 New Lithoid Portraits & 1 Lithoid Robot
  • New Mineral-based Ship Models
  • New Voice Pack

Humanoids Species Pack (December 2017)

Humanoids, Species Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: December 7, 2017

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 7.99$ / 7.99€ / 5.79£

The Humanoids Species Pack is a bit more packed than its predecessor, and definitely appeals to a larger audience, since more people like.. people, than plants!

All in all it’s a nice aesthetic pack if you’re a fan of playing with Humans / Humanoids, so you be the judge of your wallet here!

  • 10 New Humanoid Portraits
  • New Human-Inspired Ship Models
  • 3 New Voice-over Sets for VIR
  • 3 Remixed Music Tracks
  • 6 Humanoid Species have 5 New Male & Female Hairstyles
  • New Royalty Themed Clothing for Humans, Humanoids and Mammalians

Plantoids Species Pack (August 2016)

Plantoids, Species Pack, Stellaris

Release Date: August 4, 2016

Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 7.99$ / 7.99€ / 5.59£

The Plantoid Species archetype gets introduced, and will probably appeal to old-school horror fans – or those seeking a more “earthy” feel on their space domination.

Nothing much to add here, you know better if it’s right for you, or you just want to grab it on a sale and complete your Stellaris expansions collection!

  • Plantoid Species
  • 15 New Species Portraits
  • New Plantoid Civilian & Military Ship Templates
  • New Cityscape Art
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