Published on October 16, 2020
Updated on February 19, 2023

20 Best The Elder Scrolls Online Character Cosplays

The Elder Scrolls franchise is a perfect inspiration for cosplay, and this list features a close look at the 20 best TES & ESO cosplays we could find online! From beloved races to specific fan-favorite characters, you are certain to find at least a couple of cosplays that you will love!

Creating a cosplay is very complex, and it comes down to how much you can immerse yourself in the details, what tools you have at your disposal, and what dexterity you can work with. It certainly takes a lot of time – even months as a pro cosplayer told us – which varies heavily according to the outfit’s complexity.

To me, it seems like a particularly exciting task to appear in costumes, because in order to represent a game character accurately, you have to master its movements, facial expressions, and traits that make the character unique. This great video by Lightning Cosplay will show you more about the process:

But how does it feel to bring the online world of The Elder Scrolls to life? The characters are mystical creatures with an incredibly spectacular world unfolding before them, and with their armor and weapons reminiscent of old times, they perfectly represent the not-too-bloodless battle scenes we may encounter in games.

In the following galleries, we can see the work of a lot of more talented fans who definitely deserve praise for their persistent and modest work! Let us know your favorites in the comments!

Dunmer by Monono

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InstaGram: monono_creative_arts
YouTube: Monono Creative Arts
Website: monono_creative_arts
Etsy shop: KreativeSchmiede
Twitter: Monono_Creative
Facebook: Monono Creative Arts

League Assassin by niamash

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InstaGram: niamashina
Etsy shop: niacosplay
Facebook: Nia Mashina
Deviantart: niamash

 Altmer by April Gloria Cosplay

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InstaGram: _aprilgloria
YouTube: April Gloria
Website: aprilgloria
Deviantart: aprilgloriacosplay
Twitter: _aprilgloria
Facebook: April Gloria

Dark Brotherhood Assassin by Lydi Scott

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InstaGram: Lydi Scott
Twitch: Lydi Scott
Website: Lydi Scott
YouTube: Lydi Scott

Elven Cosplay by emilyrosa

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YouTube: Lightning Cosplay
Deviantart: emilyrosa
Website: Lightning Cosplay
Twitter: CosplayMonono
Facebook: LightningCosplay

Skyrim Nightingale Cosplay by Beebichu Cosplay

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Website: Beebichu
Beebichu Cosplay
Deviantart: Beebichu
Facebook: Beebichu Cosplay

Nayru Cosplay by Valara Atran

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InstaGram: Valara Atran
Deviantart: WhiteDemon19
Etsy shop: ValaraAtranCrafts
Facebook: Valara Atran Workshop, WD19

Lyris Titanborn by Tingily Cosplay

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InstaGram: Tingilya Cosplay
Twitter: TingilyaCosplay
Facebook: Tingilya Cosplay

Lydia as Danielle Debs

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InstaGram: Where is Danielle
YouTube: Danielle Debs
Website: whereisdanielle
Twitch: whereisdanielle
Twitter: whereisdanielle
Facebook: Where is Danielle Debs Cosplay

Nightingale Cosplay by zelkovena

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InstaGram: zelkovena
YouTube: zelkovena
Website: zelkovena
Etsy shop: VisuEna
Facebook: zelkovena

Azura by Katsumiyo

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InstaGram: battlemaidenkatsumiyo
Deviantart: Katsumiyo
Facebook: Battle Maiden Katsumiyo

Ashlanders by Dorianne Cosplay

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Deviantart: Carlossa
Facebook: Dorianne Cosplay

Dragonborn by AmazingRogue

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InstaGram: AmazingRogue
Website: amazingroguecosplay
Etsy shop: LeiaHaveWookiee
Twitter: Am Rogue
Facebook: Amazing Rogue Cosplay

Astrid by IreneAstral

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InstaGram: Irene Astral
Deviantart: IreneAstral
Facebook: Irene Astral

Nord by Atlas Vangaurd

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Facebook: Atlas Vangaurd

Altmer by Ewenae

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InstaGram: ewenae
YouTube: Ewenae
Twitter: Ewenae
Facebook: Ewenae

Aela the Huntress by Merisiel Cosplay

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InstaGram: Merisiel Irüm
Facebook: Merisiel Irüm

Daedric Armor by Kamui Cosplay

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InstaGram: Kamui Cosplay
YouTube: Kamui Cosplay
Website: kamuicosplay
Twitter: kamuicosplay
Facebook: Kamui Cosplay

Aela the Huntress by Chloe Dykstra

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InstaGram: skydart
Website: Chloe Dykstra
Twitch: skydart
Twitter: Chloe Dykstra
Facebook: skydart

Khajlit by Lightning Cosplay

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InstaGram: lightning_cosplay
Twitter: Lightning_Laura
YouTube: Lightning Cosplay
Website: Lightning Cosplay
Facebook: Lightning Cosplay

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