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The Elder Scrolls Online - How to Get Max Inventory Bag Space

One of the biggest issues new ESO players face, is inventory management. The game is designed to “force” you into getting a subscription, but fear not! Through this guide, you will learn everything you need to know in order to be efficient with your inventory space, and never have to stop every 5 minutes to sell, discard or salvage stuff!

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What’s the Max Inventory Space You Can Have in ESO?

The max inventory you can have in ESO is 1,300 Slots (or 1,550 with ESO Plus and 2 paid pets), and 210 Slots per extra maxed-out character. Reaching this number won’t be easy or fast, but stick with this guide so you can maximize your storage space as efficiently and quickly as possible!

  • Character Inventory – 210 Slots
    • 60 Slots by default
    • 80 Slots by Bag Upgrades (180,600 Gold)
    • 60 Slots by Mount Carry Capacity Upgrades (15,000 Gold & 1,200 hours of waiting)
    • 10 Slots from 2 P2W Non-Combat Pets. (1,200 Crowns each)
  • Bank Inventory – 240 Slots (or 480 with ESO Plus)
    • 60 Slots by default
    • 180 Slots by Bank Upgrades (769,200 Gold)
    • Double Bank Slots with ESO Plus
  • Personal Guild Bank – 500 Slots
  • House Inventory – 360 Slots
    • 120 Slots from 4 Storage Coffers (1 for Free, then 300 Master Writ Vouchers or 300,000 Tel Var Stones or 3,000 Crowns for the rest)
    • 240 Slots from 4 Storage Chests (800 Master Writ Vouchers, 800,000 Tel Var Stones or 8,000 Crowns)

How to Get Max Inventory Space in ESO F2P

There are many different ways to upgrade your account’s storage space without any real money, so make sure to check all the sections below, and start working towards all of the goals!

Bag Upgrades

The fastest way to upgrade your inventory in ESO, is through Bag Upgrades, which you can buy from any Pack Merchant (they are located in any main city, usually around the area where most crafting stations are).

These upgrades only apply to a certain character though, so make sure to max out your main’s bag size first!

You can get up to 80 additional inventory slots this way, and the cost for them rises exponentially:

  • 60 to 70 inventory slots – 400 Gold
  • 70 to 80 inventory slots – 2,000 Gold
  • 80 to 90 inventory slots – 5,900 Gold
  • 90 to 100 inventory slots – 11,900 Gold
  • 100 to 110 inventory slots – 19,200 Gold
  • 110 to 120 inventory slots – 30,700 Gold
  • 120 to 130 inventory slots – 46,000 Gold
  • 130 to 140 inventory slots – 64,500 Gold

Getting all of them will cost you 180,600 Gold, which is not very easy to come by as a new player, but it’s definitely an investment you need to make.

I suggest you start with 4 upgrades, which will give you 40 inventory slots, with just 20,200 Gold!

You can also buy these bag upgrades by using Crowns, which costs a steady 1,000 Crowns per upgrade. This is a terrible investment of course, from any side you look at it. Are you a whale? Just sell crowns for gold then, you will get a much better price for your Crowns, and in turn you can also buy bag upgrades. ?

Bank Upgrades

Bank upgrades work exactly the same way with Bag upgrades, but this time the storage space affects your whole account!

Therefore it’s one of the most essential upgrades you should go after, as it will always be there, no matter what character you are playing.

Similar with bags, the cost rises with each step, but this time it’s more linear than exponential:

  • 60 to 70 Bank Slots – 1,000 Gold
  • 70 to 80 Bank Slots – 3,300 Gold
  • 80 to 90 Bank Slots – 6,800 Gold
  • 90 to 100 Bank Slots – 11,400 Gold
  • 100 to 110 Bank Slots – 20,500 Gold
  • 110 to 120 Bank Slots – 28,300 Gold
  • 120 to 130 Bank Slots – 32,700 Gold
  • 130 to 140 Bank Slots – 37,500 Gold
  • 140 to 150 Bank Slots – 42,700 Gold
  • 150 to 160 Bank Slots – 45,000 Gold
  • 160 to 170 Bank Slots – 50,000 Gold
  • 170 to 180 Bank Slots – 55,000 Gold
  • 180 to 190 Bank Slots – 60,000 Gold
  • 190 to 200 Bank Slots – 65,000 Gold
  • 200 to 210 Bank Slots – 70,000 Gold
  • 210 to 220 Bank Slots – 75,000 Gold
  • 220 to 230 Bank Slots – 80,000 Gold
  • 230 to 240 Bank Slots – 85,000 Gold

Getting all of the upgrades will get you up to 240 bank slots, up from the 60 original ones, and will cost you a whooping 769,200 Gold!

Keep in mind also that ESO plus doubles your bank capacity, so you can have up to 480 bank slots by being an ESO plus subscriber.

Mount Carry Capacity Upgrades

Mounts in ESO have 3 upgradable abilities:

  • Mount Speed
  • Mount Stamina
  • Carry Capacity

Each one can be leveled up to 60, therefore you would need 180 * 20 = 3,600 hours (150 days) in order to unlock all of them for one character. Each upgrade costs 250 gold, so upgrading all of them will cost 45,000 Gold (or 15,000 Gold just for the inventory upgrades).

You have the option to get scroll upgrades from the Crown Store, but you can also receive a few of them for free during Daily Login rewards, or special events, so I personally suggest you never spend your crowns for them – it’s really not worth it.

Keep in mind that each character needs to level these separately, but hopefully each one also has a separate 20-hour cooldown, so you can train all of them at the same time.

House Storage Containers

Another great – but slow – way to raise your inventory in ESO, is through the Storage Chests & Coffers you can place in your home, introduced with Update 17.

They work like furnishing items, and you can deposit / withdraw any items from them (your visitors won’t be able to), but keep in mind that materials or gear you store in them, won’t show up in the crafting or deconstruction menus respectively.

Personally I use these to store the gear sets I’m not currently using, as well as furniture items that I have no other space for.

You can buy these chests by using Master Writ Vouchers, Tel Var Stones or Crowns (paid currency), and in total, they can provide you with 360 additional storage slots! I definitely don’t suggest spending real money on these, as you can easily acquire the in-game currency required with patience and planning!

  • 4 Storage Coffers – 30 slots each for 100 Master Writ Vouchers or 100,000 Tel Var Stones or 1,000 Crowns each.
  • 4 Storage Chests – 60 slots each for 200 Master Writ Vouchers or 200,000 Tel Var Stones or 2,000 Crowns each.

Keep in mind that you will receive 1 out of 4 Storage Coffers for free, as a level up gift on your first level 18 character! To buy the rest, you will need a total of 1,100 Master Writ Vouchers, 1,100,000 Tel Var Stones or 11,000 Crowns.

Dedicated Alts

The best option for F2P players, is to use a couple of “storage alts”.

Every new character will start out with 60 inventory slots, so make sure that you take advantage of all your available character slots.

It’s worth noting, that if you want to spend any real money regarding inventory upgrades, the best way to do it is with extra character slots, as you can get many more uses from alts, than just buying inventory or bank upgrades, which are also available with in-game Gold if you are patient.

Personal Guild Bank

Last but not least, the most convenient storage you can have in ESO, is through your own personal Guild, providing a whopping 500 guild bank slots!

It’s free to create your own Guild (just open the Guild window and choose Create), but there is a drawback of course – you will need at least 10 members in your Guild in order to unlock the Guild Bank’s usage.

In case the members drop below 10, you will still be able to withdraw from the guild bank, but you won’t be able to deposit anything, unless the member count rises above 10 again.

I have more than 50 inactive members in my Guild, and it wasn’t too hard to recruit for it. Just ask people in chat to help you by joining, they are free to leave any time! Many will end up staying, so I definitely suggest you invest in this tactic early on.

Keep in mind that you won’t be the only person able to deposit / withdraw from the guild bank, but you can also set the appropriate role permissions to accomplish that.

P2W Storage

As expected in MMORPGs nowadays, you can also get storage space for real money, and sadly it’s worth it, so learn more below.

P2W Pets

There are 2 different Non-Combat Pets (Bristleneck War Board and Mournhold Packrat), that you can buy from the Crown Store for 1,200 Crowns each, and each one will provide you an additional 5 inventory slots to each of your characters.

Any extra slot is precious, so investing in them is definitely wise. If you don’t want to spend real money on them, you can still find someone that will take your Gold, and send them as a gift to you (this is allowed by ESO’s ToS). Gold / Crown exchange rates fluctuate heavily, but you should expect to pay 300 Gold per Crown on average (so around 350,000 Gold per  Pet).

P2W Crafting Storage Bag

The most convenient storage system in ESO is usable only with real money, and that’s the Crafting Bag you get as an ESO Plus subscriber.

Any kind of Crafting materials you loot, can be deposited directly to it, it has no limits, and you can obviously use your Crafting materials straight to the Crafting Stations, without the need to withdraw them first.

If your ESO Plus is not active, you can still withdraw anything from your Crafting Bag, but not deposit to it. The Crafting Bag affects crafters more than anyone of course, but anyone looking to make some easy Gold will be crafting either way.

You can easily cover all your storage needs without the Crafting Bag if you follow the rest of this guide, but inventory management will be painful sadly.

The truth is that if you’re actively playing the game, getting an ESO Plus subscription is quite worth it, so I will leave this decision up to you!

Keep in mind that any Crafting Materials you already have won’t be automatically transferred to the Crafting Bag, but all you need to do is “Stow Materials” from the Inventory screen.

How to Manage Your Storage Spaces Effectively

This has been a long list, so below I’m going to also suggest how to best split your item types between all these storage spaces, based on if you are using ESO Plus or not.

Inventory Management without ESO Plus

This is obviously the hardest scenario, so managing your storage spaces effectively can go a long way to how much you can enjoy the game.

  • Personal Inventory – 210 Slots – Keep as empty as possible so you can adventure worriless.
  • Bank Storage – 240 Slots – Gear for Deconstruction, Treasure Maps, Crafting Surveys & Sealed Crafter Writs
  • Personal Guild Bank – 500 Slots – Crafting Materials, Recipes & Siege Items
  • House Storage – 360 Slots – Gear Sets, Furniture, Crown Items & Other Uniques

Depending on how often you venture to grind your Treasure Maps, Crafting Surveys & Crafter Writs, you can keep them in the bank or your House Storage.

Inventory Management with ESO Plus

This is the easiest scenario, as all your Crafting Materials will automatically be deposited to the Crafting Bag.

I suggest you follow the same logic as above, so you won’t even need a Personal Guild for extra storage, or you can take advantage of it in any other way that suits you.

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  1. A says:

    The personal guild one is unreliable, no one wanted to help me get the personal guild bank so now I only have a guild with just me in it, I also tried to turn it into a trade guild and still no one wanted to join me so it is still just an empty guild…

    • Avatar photo Babalon, Mother of Abominations says:

      Running a trading guild is a very hard task, and equal to a part-time job at least! I’m having a hard time selling my minimums as a seller to all my trading guilds (100K+ per week minimum sales for each guild), so I can’t even begin to imagine how much organization these guys need to provide such a strong market for 500 players!

      It really comes down to how many people you know from the game, but another cool trick you can try, is just get a few friends to download ESO through a free-trial period, so they can just stay in your guild forever!

  2. anon says:

    Pack merchant prices are very out of date. My last backpack upgrade was over 100k gold. Sadly it doesn’t tell you how much you need until you have the correct amount. I can only assume the last upgrade is over 200k gold but Ihave no idea how much.

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