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Published on April 29, 2021    Updated on April 29, 2021
The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online - Wild Hunt Crown Crate Items

The 2nd Crown Crate season for The Elder Scrolls Online offers many Wild Hunt related cosmetics, in a more generous fashion than the most recent ones.

by Babalon, Mother of Abominations
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The Wild Hunt Crown Crate is the 2nd crate season for The Elder Scrolls Online, launched on March 2, 2017, and lasting until June 22, 2017. There’s a wealth of costumes and cosmetics for most races, and a “corrupted nature” theme that entangles all of them.

Below you can check all the available items that can drop from the Wild Hunt crown crate in 4K resolution, so it’s easier to browse through all of the available items. Make sure to check all ESO Crown Crate Seasons here.

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Table of Contents

Apex Rewards

Wild Hunt Bear (Mount)

Wild Hunt Camel (Mount)

Wild Hunt Guar (Mount)

Wild Hunt Horse (Mount)

Wild Hunt Senche (Mount)

Wild Hunt Wolf (Mount)

Legendary Rewards

Black Senche-Panther (Mount)

Doom Wolf (Mount)

Black Senche-Panther Kitten (Non-Combat Pet)

Blue Oasis Dragon Frog (Non-Combat Pet)

Cobalt Sep Adder (Non-Combat Pet)

Dark Moons Lynx (Non-Combat Pet)

Doom Wolf Pup (Non-Combat Pet)

12-Point Antler Skullcap (Hat)

14-Point Antler Skullcap (Hat)

Wild Hunt Antler Skullcap (Hat)

Wild Hunt Transform (Memento)

Statue of Hircine (Furniture > Courtyard)

Tapestry of Hircine (Furniture > Parlor)

Epic Rewards

Banded Guar Charger (Mount)

Ancestor Moth Swarm (Non-Combat Pet)

Baby Netch (Non-Combat Pet)

Sanguine’s Black Goat (Non-Combat Pet)

Moth Priest (Costume)

Priest of the Green (Costume)

Toxin Doctor (Costume)

Forester’s Hood with Flower (Hat)

Rootbrim Hat with Flower (Hat)

Amethyst Eyelashes (Facial Hair)

Azure Feather Eyelashes (Facial Hair)

Eight-Fang Nose Chain (Major Adornment)

Uricanbeg Antler Tattoos (Body Marking)

Wild Vines’ Embrace Tattoos (Body Marking)

Wyrd Root Tattoos (Body Marking)

Floral Swirl Aura (Memento)

Superior Rewards

Banekin (Non-Combat Pet)

Bravil Retriever (Non-Combat Pet)

Feathered Kelp-Scalp (Hair)

Mane-of-Many-Rivers (Hair)

Rotmeth Hangover Bed-Head (Hair)

Flannel Forester’s Hood (Hat)

Wild Hunt Rootbrim Hat (Hat)

Black Marsh Keeper (Costume)

East Skyrim Scout Outfit (Costume)

Orcish Scout Armor (Costume)

Tree-Minder (Costume)

Valenwood Spinner (Costume)

West Skyrim Scout Outfit (Costume)

Winterborn Hunter’s Costume (Costume)

Winterborn Shaman’s Costume (Costume)

Winterborn Warrior’s Costume (Costume)

Uricanbeg Antlers Face Tattoo (Head Marking)

Wild Vines Face Tattoo (Head Marking)

Wyrd Root Face Tattoo (Head Marking)

Wild Hunt Leaf-Dance Aura (Memento)

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