A real smile arrived with the announcements of the game companies in E3 2018 , and as you will see for yourself in the next few days, this year’s exhibition is a real joy for gamers, as far as the titles & franchises announced. One of the most interesting is Bethesda’s:The Elder Scrolls VI, for which we have the first teaser!

The company did not reveal the release date or any details about the game, but promised to deliver it on many platforms after launching Starfield, another great game officially announced by the company. One thing is certain, our expectations are through the roof – almost 7 years have passed since The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim. (damn, it’s been so long? I still play SSE!)

How far along is The Elder Scrolls VI’s development?

Before showing the teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI at E3, Bethesda’s Todd Howard showed another trailer for Starfield, Bethesda’s first new wholly original franchise in 25 years. We don’t know much about Starfield, but we know that it’s coming before The Elder Scrolls VI.

That means Bethesda likely won’t be devoted to full work on The Elder Scrolls VI until after Starfield ships, which puts it many years away. Full development on The Elder Scrolls VI likely won’t start until that project is finished, which likely puts The Elder Scrolls VI’s release date sometime in the early 2020s.


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