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Breath of The Wild - Dragon Parts Farming

Dragons are mythical creatures that inhabit the world of Breath of The Wild. These fearsome creatures are roaming Hyrule every day and can’t be taken down. The only way to exploit these beasts is to shoot their different body parts for dragon parts.

Although this might sound easy every dragon has its own way of protecting itself from curious visitors. The dragon parts are one of the rarest items in BOTW. The pieces can be used to craft different powerful armors or you can use them to extend the timing of any potion to a great length. Today we are here to offer you a guide on how to farm these parts out of every dragon.


The requirement for this mission is not that hard. All you need is to head to the forest chop or remote bomb as many trees as you can and gather some wood. Depends on how much you’re going to camp in every location but at least take 30 wood pieces. Second thing, take a decent bow if not many, and stack up on arrows.

You can buy arrows from Rito Village or even visit the special arrow shop in Gerudo Town. Last but not least, you need a fire source as you can see here if got an elemental weapon but you can use anything in your hand’s flint, Chuchu jelly or even fire arrows will do the trick also.

Naydra Farming

Naydra is the ice dragon, it mostly roams the Lanayru region. Our camping spot is located west of Mountain Lanayru, exactly on the east gate of Lanayru road. Here you will find some old ruins, camp right under this pillar to protect the fire from the rain. As always put some wood light it up and sit until morning.

Now all you need to do is climb the rocks near you. You will see the dragon coming right at you as seen in the screenshots. Once the dragon is close enough glide towards it and use the slow-motion aim to carefully choose the part that you need. continue to glide and follow the dragon part location. Just keep in mind that the dragon will eventually unleash some elemental attack so don’t get too close.

Farosh Farming

Farosh is the thunder dragon he mostly emerges from lake Hylia roaming the region freely. Our first destination will be Lake Tower and from the lake tower, we will glide down to the side of the Bridge of Hylia. Once there we are going to camp until the morning.

In the morning head up toward the bridge and wait for the dragon to pass over your head, or you can glide toward it and shoot it down. Just keep an eye on the thunderbolts around the dragon since on little zap will make you lose your bow. Once you shoot it down follow the dragon part and take it. If the part land in the lake, don’t worry, the Dragon parts will always float over the water.

Dinraal Farming

Dinraal is the fire dragon it mostly roams the Tanagar Canyon all the way to the north of Gerudo highlands. First let’s head east of Deplian Badlands, as shown in the screenshot head to this specific little mountain and camp there until morning.

During the morning climb the little mountain to the top and wait for the dragon to reach your location. As always glide toward the dragon and use the slow-motion feature to shoot down any of the dragon parts. Keep gliding and claim your reward.


These methods are guaranteed to work anytime, you can camp in every location as much as you want. In some rare occasions the dragon might not spawn, all you need to do is leave your location and head back to it later. You can also visit a different dragon to fix the other dragon spawning problem. These parts can be very useful especially for crafting potions, some of these parts can extend the effect duration up to 30 min.

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