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Breath of the Wild - How to Defeat Lynels

The Lynel is one of the most challenging enemies in Breath of The Wild, trying to beat down these monsters early on in the game will get you nowhere since they can demolish your hearts in no time.  The Lynel appears in five variations, which differ in strength and equipment, these variations include Red, Blue, White, Silver, and the master mode exclusive Golden Lynel.

Lynel has a huge array of attack types including range-type attacks and melee-type attacks. Also, the Lynel can use a bow if you keep your distance from it which can deal huge damage. In addition, the Lynel can shoot fireballs from its mouth and use its body to ram you. In today’s guide, we are going to show you some tips and tricks that can help you to defeat these fearsome monsters.

Easiest Way

The easiest and most effective way to defeat a Lynel is to use an ancient arrow, these arrows can be found in different chests across Hyrule, or you can craft a dozen at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Upon shooting the Lynel with an ancient arrow the Lynel will vanish immediately, while this method is the most effective, the Lynel will not leave any items behind wich make it a big No for me since the Lynel drops great equipment.

The Bow Method

This method is not that hard as long as you have a good bow, a dozen of arrows, and good aim. As you approach the Lynel you must act fast, you can approach the Lynel from above while gliding, or you can approach it on land if you’re confident enough. Aim for the head, hitting the head will stun the Lynel, while the Lynel is stunned keep aiming for the head nonstop, the constant hits from the bow will decrease the Lynel’s health and kill it eventually.

Melee Method

Approaching the Lynel in melee will require a good amount of food since one little mistake can cost you your whole health bar. Personally, i use the stasis to freeze the Lynel and rush toward him spamming the attack button, once the Lynel unfreezes keep your distance and dodge the upcoming fireballs and physical attacks. In addition to stasis, completing the Vah Naboris dungeon will help a lot since you can use Urbosa’s Fury ability.

Using the Urbosa’s fury will stun the Lynel and give you the opportunity to approach and mount it, once you mount it spam the attack button until it throws you from its back. Repeating this method is effective and will eventually lead you to victory as long as you keep your distance and dodge the ranged attacks.

Bow and Melee Method

You can a mix of Melee and Bow attacks to achieve victory, you can aim at the Lynel’s head and shoot your arrows, once the Lynel is stunned rush forward toward the lynel hit it a few time with your sword, and mount it once again to deal more damage. Once thrown from the back of the Lynel keep your distance and aim once again towards the head and repeat. While this methode is my least favorite a well-skilled player will like this method since it offers more challenge.


Defeating a Lynel is very rewarding depending on its strength, the Lynel mostly drops monster parts and two weapons including a bow and a sword. For example, here I got the Savage Lynel Sword and a rare Bow that can shoot up to 5 arrows at a time.

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