Published on June 3, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom - How to Get the Ember Armor Set

The Ember Armor set can be found exclusively around Eldin Region, the full set give the player an attack bonus in hot weather, and a faster charge attack, that put attacked enemies in flames. The armor set consists of three pieces including Ember Headdress, Ember Shirt, and Ember Trousers. In today’s article, we’ll walk you through how to obtain each of these armor sets in detail.

How to get the Ember Headdress?

Head to the marked location on the map, from there you can enter the Yonubo HQ South Cave. Upon entering you need to deal with two Horriblin, as always hit the head with an arrow to stun them, and rush to finish your work using a strong sword.

To your right, you’re going to notice a small room, enter the room to find a half-built Zonai car, use the ultra had to grab the wheels at the left and the one at the top of your head and attach them to the car to fix it.

Again use the ultra hand to grab the vehicle up to the huge lava lake, now you can drive the car to traverser the lava without getting hurt. on the other side, you’re going to find the Ember Headdress chest waiting for you.

How to Get the Ember Shirt?

Head to Goronbi River Cave southwest of Goron Hot Spring. Get in the cave, as shown in the pictures the cave is full of lava so we need to be careful. First thing jump over the other side and keep climbing to the right until you reach the upper platform.


Once you’re on the upper platform use Ultra Hand to grab the rock platforms floating on the lava, and attach two of them to create a bridge that leads to the Cave Worm.

Eliminate the cave roam, and ride the next floating lava platform to head further inside the cave, after moving out on the platform for a few seconds you’re going to notice an entry at your right, keep going through the entry until you notice a treasure chest, open it to claim the Ember Shirt.

How to Get the Ember Trousers?

Our last destination will be Cephla Lake, head to the exact location marked on the map, upon arriving you’re going to notice two adventurers muttering, talk to them to trigger the Misko’s Cave of Chest quest.

Once the quest is on just at your side you’re going to notice a dog sitting next to the camp, all you need to do is to feed the dog some meat until he guides you to the Ember Trousers chest location.

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