Published on May 26, 2023
Updated on May 26, 2023

Tears of The Kingdom - How to Access Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower

The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower is located deep within the Gerudo Highlands; activating this tower would display a large chunk of Hyrule to the southwest. However, after you approach this tower, you will not be able to access it normally. When you investigate its doors, you will see that the entrance is covered with snow. In order to access the building we need to try a different root by visiting the cave approximately.

As I said above our first destination is the cave nearby just ahead of you, you will notice a cave entrance. Reach up for the cave and enter it, once again use the Ultra hand to use one of the wood platforms as a bot. Put in the water and ride the wood plank, don’t worry the water stream will keep moving without the need for any extra tools.

After reaching the waterfall you can jump off the wood plank and glide your way down. okay, now we need a solid platform to stand below the tower and use Ascend. You can use the original wood plank that you came in as shown in the pictures, simply activate the Ultra Hand and grab it as shown in the pictures.

Once it’s placed jump on it and grab the other wood plank to place it below the tower. Now move to the second wood plank and use ascend to access the tower, and voila! you’re there. You can now activate the tower and open up the map to discover the area.

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