Published on May 19, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom - How to Defeat Queen Gibdo

Queen Gibdo is a massive moth-like creature who guards the final trial of the lightning temple. Its attacks are largely ranged but lethal since it can deplete your whole health bar in a single strike. To be clear, this boss fight is quite difficult in comparison to the other temples, so you should be well-armed and pack enough food to recover if things go wrong.

In this article, we’ll show you how to defeat the fearsome Queen Gibdo with a combination of swords, bows, and the incredible Riju lightning ability.

First Phase

The first phase is quite manageable since all you need to do is keep your distance and switch up and forth between offense and defense. Queen Gibdo has three different attacks, the tornado attack which launches three moving tornado’s toward you, a cutting beam attack which is very deadly and fast, and an enraged form where the queen runs towards you trying to crush you with its feet. Most of these attacks can be easily avoided by just running around, so your main defense strategy will be just your feet work.

Okay, as you’re rushing around, keep an eye on Riju since her ability is critical in this fight. Approach Riju and press A to unleash her aura. Run about until the aura covers Queen Gibdo, then shoot your arrow at her. The attack will deal some damage, but the Queen will remain on her feet, so keep moving and repeat the procedure. The second strike will stun the Queen, allowing you to approach her and use melee weapons to reduce her HP. Just keep in mind that the queen is vulnerable to any thunder attacks so you could also use thunder-based weapons and arrows to gain some advantage.

Second Phase

Alright, the second phase is where things get heated, after bringing Queen Gibdo’s health to half, she will enter an enraged form flying high and summoning a bunch of zombie-like monsters. You need to act fast here so you can’t stand still keep running and try to activate Riju’s ability, once activated start to destroy the purple monster spawner on the terrain using the lighting arrows.

Once you destroy one of the monster spawners you can use the light to protect yourself from the incoming hordes of enemies, but don’t take so long since the Queen can shoot you with its cutting attacks, so keep moving and use Riju’s ability once more to destroy the remaining spawners one by one.

After you’ve destroyed all of the spawners, you must clear the room of the little monsters. After then, you can confront Queen Gibdo using the same methods you used in the previous phase. So keep moving, escape the strikes, and use Riju’s ability to fire the queen with lightning attacks, then rush in and use melee attacks to deplete its health. Rinse and repeat until victory is yours.

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