Published on June 9, 2023
Updated on September 25, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom - How to Get the Autobuild Ability

The Autobuild ability allow the player to memorize his creations and summon it later without the need to move every piece back again using the Ultra Hand. This ability save up a lot of time allowing the player to summon any memorized vehicle as long as the building materials are on the ground. However, getting the Autobuild Ability is not that easy since you need to find the Temple deep under the vast underground world.

Our first destination will be Sinonok Lightroot, from there were going to follow the statue gaze as the quest request ‘ Each one looks toward the next, until the last gazes at a temple like building‘. If you don’t want to follow the statue gaze you can check the map for an easier root.

Head to the southwest until you see a lightroot it will be the Layusus Lightroot, activate it and continue to South East another lightroot will be there it’s named Nihcayam Lightroot.

After activating it keep going South to Nogukoyk Lightroot, now you’re very close to the Temple Like building just keep going to the Southwest until you notice a giant temple. At the temple doors, you’re going to notice a glowing circle similar to the ones on the main temples, interact with it to gain the Interact with the temple to gain the Autobuild Ability.

How to use Autobuild Ability?

Using Autobuild is pretty simple all you need to do is build something, let’s say a flying machine, after building the flying machine the Auto Build Ability will memorize your creation under the history tab. You can now open the history tab choose your creation and hit A to start building, if the required materials are on the ground the machine will be built automatically. Just keep in mind that if you’re missing some parts the ability can build it at the expense of some Zonaite parts, if you don’t know how to get Zonaites check out our guide here.

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