Published on June 9, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom - How to Upgrade Your Armor Sets & Gear

The Great Fountain Fairies sisters return to Tears of the Kingdom; by visiting one of these sisters, you may simply improve your armors, each with its own set of prerequisites. However, in order to access the earliest Fountain Fairy, you must first complete a series of missions. In today’s article, we’re going to provide an in-depth guide on how to unlock the Fountain Fairy following several quests on the land of Hyrule.

Potential Princess Sightning Quest

Visiting Lucky Clover Gazette

Our first destination is the Lucky Clover Gazette, you can access the Gazette by simply warping to Rito village and heading to the southeast. Once you’re there you will notice a giant building that looks like a stable, step in and talk to Penn and Traysi to activate the Potential Princess Sightning Quest, in this quest, Traysi will ask you to visit all the stables on Hyrule land in order to win the Froggy Armor.

Serenade To A Great Fairy

Visiting Woodland Stable

From all the twelve stables all you need to do is head to Woodland Stable that’s where the Fountain Fairies quest awaits you. When arriving you will see Penn standing with two other people talking to them will activate the Serenade To A Great Fairy quest.

Fix the Wagon

Now all you need to do is fix the wagon in front of the stable, grab two wheels using the Ultra Hand, and attach it to the wagon, once done we need a horse. If you have already captured a horse you can claim it back from the stable, if not you can capture any horse nearby and register it.

Get a Harness

Second, we’re going to need a harness to be able to attach the horse to the wagon, in order to get a harness you need to have enough Pony Points, you can simply gather the points by capturing the horses nearby and registering them or visiting other stable for the first time. If you have enough points go inside the stable to claim your reward, after that, you can step outside and talk to the stable man to attach the harness to your horse. Now bring the horse near the wagon and attach it to.

Ride to the Great Fairy Tera

After attaching the horse to the wagon speak one more time to the musicians, they will ride the wagon and you can take them to Great Fairy Tera. Upon arriving the duo will play some music allowing the fairy to get out from her hideout. After a conversation sequence, Tera will mark down her other sister’s location, and allow you to upgrade your armor in exchange for monster parts and a small fee.

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