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Jul 22, 2020
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South Korea

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Published on July 25, 2020    Updated on April 11, 2022

V4 Global Launch Release - Impressive New MMORPG From Nexon

V4 is the latest mobile MMORPG published by Nexon, and definitely their best one so far. We're talking a closer look at the gameplay, and whether it's worth your time!

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V4 is a brand new mobile MMORPG from Nexon, and it launched globally on July 23, 2020 for Android & iOS devices. Getting an Asian game to launch simultaneously in the West is a great feat (for some reason) – especially when it concerns a very hyped and deep-budgeted game.

The game looks very impressive from the get-go, and can be easily categorised in the “next-gen” mobile mmo genre, along with Black Desert Mobile, and hopefully more that will follow (NetMarble, I’m looking at you).

Sadly V4 is gender-locked, but at least makes up for it with an amazing character creation tool, as well as a diverse set of classes, that feel unique both in combat and in their gear.

Let’s dive in, and discover what V4 has to offer, and whether it’s worth your time!

Massive Production Quality – Graphics, Audio & Storytelling

Nexon didn’t go easy on this one, and having a ton of experience in mobile games – as well as mobile mmos – it seems that they put their best on V4, creating a game that will certainly last the test of time. That’s a great thing, because Nexon is well known to shut down one game after the other, but I believe we can safely assume that this one won’t be shutting down (anytime soon).

The environments, character models and combat animations are impressive, and a great feature called “Action Camera” will let you enjoy them that much more! The cinematics’ quality is even higher, and full English voiceover will accompany you through the main story quests.

The only thing I could ask is a better storyline maybe, as it’s not anything unique or captivating. I couldn’t care less though, since the game’s production quality is really high, and there’s just too much to draw your attention!

Deep Character Progression – Combining The Best of Mobile MMOs

Reinventing the wheel is not a good way to make a successful mobile game, but combining what works from other games – and making it even better – is!

V4 feels like the perfect blend of Black Desert Mobile – with its deep enhancing system and great variety in character powerups – and Lineage II: Revolution, with the Monster collecting codex and wealth of game modes. Darkness Rises fans will also be surprised, seeing what a long way Nexon has come into the genre.

With a big variety of mounts, pets and (hot) companions to collect, there’s a wealth of eye candy, and goals to reach. And the best part, is that the user interface is complementing all that, without ever overflowing you with info, tutorials or popups – great attention to detail!

Meaningful Progression & Great Variety of Game Modes

It feels really hard to get bored in V4, I’m already 11 hours in on my 1st session (!), and I feel I haven’t uncovered even 1/5th of the main features and mechanics.

Leveling and progression are not rushed either, and the gameplay flow for new players seems to have been tested extensively, as it’s just too good! You’ll never get shoved with a huge amount of information at once, neither you will have to go through a lengthy tutorial every 30 seconds.

From AFK grinding to challenging bosses and PvP, you will find a healthy blend of idle & manual gameplay. You have the control instead of the game pushing you in every direction, and with a combination of Daily, Weekly & Monthly missions, there’s always a goal to go after!

Good Classes – Even Better Combat

I can’t not be salty with gender locked classes. It ruins a core aspect of bonding with your character, and having the minimum level of freedom an MMORPG requires.

Despite that, it will be hard to feel limited with the available options, as there’s something for everyone. And as it looks, we will be getting a lot more classes as the updates come in. I only hope the gender lock gets removed as well.

The combat feels just right, with a lot of chained skills and customization options, that truly let you advance on a certain build and employ skillful fighting, instead of just mashing buttons or dodging till your cooldowns are ready! The action camera brings combat to life, and sets a new standard for mobile MMOs.

Fair Cash Shop – F2P Friendly

The in-game shop is actually quite interesting, offering a big amount of limited daily items that you can buy for gold.

Of course there’s a ton of irl money currency items, as well as a fair amount of packages. But this is a mobile game, so not having them wouldn’t make sense. Even though they will obviously make you more powerful faster, it feels like F2P players have no real disadvantage apart from needing more time to get power.

The pricing of most items is also on the normal end, which I gotta say is quite surprising for Nexon! There’s also a cheap monthly sub available, which I always appreciate in mobiles games.

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