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Published on April 15, 2021    Updated on August 23, 2021

Valheim - 20 Insane Houses Designs & Base Building Ideas

There are thousands of Valheim base designs shared by the community, so we hand-picked the absolute best, in order to bring you more creative building ideas!

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By now we are no strangers to Valheim anymore and with about 6 million copies sold worldwide, it surely has amassed its own amazing building community that goes over the top to deliver some amazing designs for our eyes to feast on.

In this article, you will see some of the top 20 designs we found on Reddit and Youtube so you can be inspired or even enjoy what some of the creations of our fellow Vikings have made.

1. Mountain Home Bjornheim

Mountain Home Bjornheim, Valheim.

Mountain Home Bjornheim, Valheim.

Creator: u/TedeZe
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m6saxk/i_usually_dont_last_on_these_types_of_games_my/

I usually don’t last on these types of games… My first mountain home – Bjornheim, let me know what you think (no console cheats) including LOTR style beacon from valheim

This is the first build on our list, a huge mountain home with a spacious mead hall for all the Vikings to sit relax and enjoy their long day of adventuring, it has everything you need, workbenches, cooking stations, smelters, portals, you name it.

A complete base decorated with trophies and other gear adorning the whole interior as well as a beautiful flooring design.

2. Crafting Stargazing Area

Crafting Stargazing Area, Valheim.

Crafting Stargazing Area, Valheim.

Creator: u/Physgun
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m6m135/my_strangely_comfortable_craftingstargazing_area/

My strangely comfortable crafting/stargazing area. Not the biggest build, but one with lots of attention to detail. Feedback appreciated! from valheim

Another beautiful build that goes underground with an open roof for stargazing, spiraling beams coming down from the roof and pretty green lightning are giving this one a mysterious vibe, as any underground crafting hideout should be.

3. Village Castle Build

Village Castle Build, Valheim.

Village Castle Build, Valheim.

Creator: u/Fu-Maike
RedditLink: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m6k6n1/functional_villagecastle_solo_build_200_hours/

Functional Village/Castle Solo Build, 200 hours played, no cheats. Let me know what you think, thanks! from valheim

It seems like building villages in Valheim is an inherent instinct that comes into any player’s mind when playing this game so here is one of the first village builds that has everything you need to craft.

4. Gladiator Stadium

Gladiator Stadium, Valheim.

Gladiator Stadium, Valheim.

Creator: u/master_arjun
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m5zoya/built_a_stadium_inspired_by_gladiator_movie_night/

Built a Stadium inspired by Gladiator movie (night view) from valheim

You can’t have a list without a colosseum and even though this isn’t actually from the Viking culture, the freedom of expression every player has is their own, so with that being said, this build is absolutely amazing and deserves a spot on this list.

5. Swamp Forest Base

Swamp Forest Base, Valheim.

Swamp Forest Base, Valheim.

Creator: u/cwigginsNYC

Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m5xme8/heres_my_wife_giving_a_highspeed_tour_of_our/

Here’s my wife giving a high-speed tour of our Between-Swamp-and-Forest base. from valheim

Another big base with a very creative idea of using pointy beams to create a really unique design, building between biomes is also really handy when it comes to Valheim because each one has its own resources, plus the video is very well made.

6. Mountain Base

Mountain Base, Valheim.

Mountain Base, Valheim.

Creator: u/DevHend
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m5vvte/repostmountain_base_organized_and_functional_a/

REPOST-Mountain Base, Organized and Functional: A more in depth look at a few things I’ve done with my mountain base. My last video was a quick run through, this one is slowed down a bit so you can see the smaller details. Hopefully this sparks an idea or two for your next build! Happy Valheiming 🙂 from valheim

A big base atop of a mountain with numerous rooms that are functional and have everything you need to craft, it seems like there was a lot of stone used in this one and the design turned out pretty good so it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

7. Iron Age Abode

Iron Age Abode, Valheim.

Iron Age Abode, Valheim.

Creator: u/alexandresounds
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m5ircm/my_modest_solo_iron_age_abode_might_not_be_as/

My modest (solo) iron age abode! Might not be as grand as some of the stuff here, but I’m very proud! from valheim

A really beautiful place with a trench surrounding it and a dragon head bridge with iron gates connecting it to the rest of the world.

A cozy place to be with friends and a big hall to enjoy drinking mead and telling stories.

8. Honeycomb Blossom

Honeycomb Blossom, Valheim.

Honeycomb Blossom, Valheim.

Creator: u/thegnome54
Reddit Link:


I was tired of hopping next to my hives to collect honey, so I made a giant honeycomb blossom! All of the bees are happy and collection is a breeze. from valheim

This one is not only beautiful but also a good idea of a functioning way to gather all of the honey at once, looks good, works good, and if it inspires you then you should build one as well.

9. Village & Snow Lodge

Village & Snow Lodge, Valheim.

Village & Snow Lodge, Valheim.

Creator: u/mullucka
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m6uxx7/one_year_in_valheim_our_village_and_snow_lodge/

One Year in Valheim – Our village and snow lodge walkthrough from valheim

Another beautiful build on the top of a mountain, looks like those places really inspire players to build on those locations but who can blame them, they look absolutely fantastic.

And not only that but this video provides a two in one village and snow lodge connected with a portal so two extra points for this one.

10. Fortress of Helvegr

Fortress of Helvegr, Valheim.

Fortress of Helvegr, Valheim.

Reddit Link:


Fortress of Helvegr – Survival (WIP) from valheim

This build has to be one of the best ones we’ve seen so far, Drauglord decided that Bonemass’s skull was a little bit lonely by itself so he started building around it and embedded it into his fortress which looks amazing.

With the green torch addition and the way he designed this build, you can’t tell that the skull is something foreign anymore, it suits this place so well, kudos to him and whoever helped him do it.

11. Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith, Valheim.

Minas Tirith, Valheim.

Creator: Six Addams
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/k9iY1KQHuco

There can be no list without having a Lord of the Rings inspired one so here it is, Minas Tirith Valheim edition.

This one looks a lot like the one from the trilogy and the video tour shows us all the little details that have been added in.

12. Connected Islands Base

Connected Islands Base, Valheim.

Connected Islands Base, Valheim.

Creator: CrystalClear
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOzHQkrtnFc

This one is a special build that is made with small islands being connected to create a big beautiful village with everything you will ever need, there has been so much work put into it that it could probably house more than 10 players.

Hell, this one looks like some place that came out straight from an MMORPG.

13. Mountain Top Dragon Head Outpost

Mountain Top Dragon Head Outpost, Valheim.

Mountain Top Dragon Head Outpost, Valheim.

Creator: CrazySteve
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y-Ppc5RC2E

Another mountaintop base but this one has a really unique design, it looks like a freaking dragon and is functional as well just look at it, look how amazing it is, well done CrazySteve you deserve more recognition for this one and that’s why it’s on this list.

14. Hamville

Hamville, Valheim.

Hamville, Valheim.

Creator: Gladd
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTLgm6vmARI

Here’s another village that looks just amazing and clearly shows how many hours have been put into it Gladd gives us a very in-depth tour of what he has made so check his video out and be inspired.

15. Treehouse Ewoks

Treehouse Ewoks, Valheim.

Treehouse Ewoks, Valheim.

Creator: ShoryGamer
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/oHboYqPB6Rg

You can’t have a list without a treehouse build so here is our choice, this Ewoks inspired build looks absolutely fantastic, and the video walkthrough shows us exactly how ShoryGamer made it so if you want to make one by yourself you can watch his video.

16. Giant Stone Houses

Giant Stone Houses, Valheim.

Giant Stone Houses, Valheim.

Creator:  Jopenheim
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/LN14EfJBqLU

And since we posted a treehouse built we had to post a giant stone build, look how amazing this one is, the bridges, the circular buildings and balconies.

Everything looks amazing on this one good job to Jopenheim.

17. Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace, Valheim.

Westminster Palace, Valheim.

Creator: TheTikitakaa
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F4-0mghA0I

Here’s a build inspired by real-life buildings, it seems like a ton of wood and hours were spent for this one and it looks fantastic, great job from TheTikitakaa.

18. Forest Village

Creator: Rezonans Pustoty
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk4jgBb4MbM

Another insane village build that just had to be in this list, this one also looks like it’s coming from an RPG game.

At first glance, if you were to look at it, it would throw you away because you might not notice it’s a build from Valheim.

19. Skyrim Honninbrew Meadery

Skyrim Honeybrew Meadery, Valheim.

Skyrim Honninbrew Meadery, Valheim.

Creator: Bafooligan
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGMa2C61cm4

Skyrim and Vikings go well together and we were surprised that we couldn’t find more creations like this one so here’s one of the few that’s complete.

Made by Bafooligan here’s the Honningbrew Meadery.

20. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, Valheim.

Eiffel Tower, Valheim.

Creator: Vot Te Game
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbDSQSzgYxg


And lastly, we have one of the biggest builds our eyes have ever seen in Valheim, this is an exact 1:1 ratio copy of the real thing, the Eiffel Tower, just watch the video and you will see how the entire process went through, it’s truly amazing.


That’s it for our list with the best builds we found on Reddit and Youtube, we hope you enjoyed it and give to every creator you like a sub or a follow they truly deserve it.


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