Published on December 27, 2020
Updated on August 27, 2022

16 Majestic World of Warcraft Cosplay Costumes

Welcome to our best World of Warcraft cosplays list, where we’ve handpicked the top 16 cosplays in the theme of Blizzard’s MMORPG! The game is almost 2 decades old, yet it has an incredibly large player base, and a lot of the biggest cosplayers, have already made at least one WoW themed costume!

World of Warcraft is also an excellent raw material for cosplay makers, as it offers the cosplayers amazing locations, spectacular in-game appearances, and plenty of options to create the perfect live copy. The result is quite different than the other MMORPGs. Perhaps this is due to the age, the mystical creatures, and, of course, the overwhelming story that the game’s creators reveal to us during the game!

So here’s a list where we’ve brought you the top 16 WoW cosplays we’ve found on the internet. All I can tell you is that in addition to stunning creations, a little extra stuff is waiting for you! ?

Yrel by Mayweda Cosplay

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Elf Mage by Faerie Blossom

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Draenei by Courtney Leigh

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Tyrande Whisperwind by Akishuna

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Night Elf Hunter by Oshley Cosplay

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Druid Tier 9 by Kamui Cosplay

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Demon Hunter by Ardsami

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Heroic Tier 10 by Danielle Cosplay

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Warrior Tier 13 by Yuks General

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High Exarch Turalyon by Henchmen Studios

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Alleria Windrunner by Henchmen Studios

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Sally Whitemane by Jessica Nigri

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Void Elf by Azura Cosplay

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Jaina by Narga and Aoki Cosplay

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Sylvanas Windrunner by Cinderys

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Arthas Menethil by Minana & Desti

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 +1. World of Warcraft themed weddings

And we’ve got to the extra content on our list, which is the WoW themed weddings! I think it’s all amazingly cool, as are all the little accessories, greeting cards, badges … and it’s all in the spirit of WoW. However, this is not about literal cosplay, but it takes your enthusiasm to a new level, and with a variety of game-related accessories, we can take everyone into the world of WoW. Could you imagine your Big Day in this form?

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