Call of Duty: Warzone Guide for Beginners – 16 Tips to Help You Win

Call of Duty decided to launch a (serious) Battle Royale with Warzone. The response was massive, so we're taking a deep look at the mechanics that decide if you win or lose!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new battle royale in the block, and it’s better than most we’ve seen so far. Call of Duty has finally made the sensible decision to finally have a battle royale mode, and boy is it good. The time when the game was released couldn’t be perfect as more people are indoors and would need an outlet to spend time socializing with the world.

So, why not make that in a form of battle royale with friends? COD: Warzone has been quite the fun ride so far but it could be a stressful experience for those who are not familiar with the battle royale format and might be out of their element which results in overwhelming losses in their stats.

Not to fear, here are a bunch of quick handy tips that will ensure you will get the down-low on how to survive and play a battle royale game mode. Let’s get started!

1. Use the Ping Function Frequently

Information wins you everything in life. This includes knowing what is up around your surroundings in a game where every team of 3-4 players is trying to eliminate your team. Use the ping to indicate where you’re planning to move so that your team knows your general location and could converge to your location if things go south for you.

You could also ping important equipment for your team. A well-equipped team ensures higher chances of survival. And let’s not forget pinging delicious victims that are oblivious to your presence and let’s face it, scoping first in this game wins most of your engagements.

Note: You’ll find it hard to ping targets that are in the sky area, except if it’s a helicopter or when the opponent is close enough to the ground. An alternative is you could ping the area the enemy is landing to.

2. Stick as a Team

Keep moving and stay close to your team members in case one of them bumps into another scavenging team. Play in a loose formation so you don’t all get caught in a crossfire and have no chance of flanking and salvaging the fight.

When approaching a firefight, always wait for everyone to reach the area before engaging, or if you’re planning to push them off towards your well-placed teammates, remember to communicate and ping if necessary and feed them information via voice chat.

3. Don’t Stay in One Place Too Long

All hell breaks loose when everyone starts landing around the map, and you don’t want to be a sitting duck in between clashes of two different teams. Don’t spend too much time browsing the loot. Decide earlier on your main loadout and keep sweeping forward with your team.

Only stay in well-defended buildings or rooms with minimum entry points Places with windows is a guaranteed killzone for other players when RPGs are launched or just regular ol’ grenades lobbed into it.

4. Check Your Map Before Jumping

If you’re not familiar yet, you can open your map the moment the cinematics starts for the battle royale and start planning where to jump. If you’re planning to avoid the havoc of early mayhem, you could look at the back of your plane and the counter of players in the plane (top right) to roughly gauge the areas that will be concentrated with players.

If you’re planning to learn how to just survive the onslaught, you can do the same and jump into hot zones for your early piece of the action. Both game styles are acceptable except the latter will be more rewarding as it teaches you how to handle yourself better during surprise battles.

5. Open all Caches

Maybe you found your perfect gun or perhaps you have full armor and that might dissuade from opening the cache that’s humming loudly in a building. Always.Open.Caches. You’ll have chances of getting a free killstreak or a better weapon. This will also deny other teams free loot that would help them along the way. It also helps you when you’re low in ammo and currently in active combat.

Guns from caches are loaded with at least 3 magazines of ammo ready to be used. Another important piece of equipment that you could come across when opening caches is the gas mask. The gas mask helps you in surviving in the gas for a very short period of time. But the precious couple of seconds can help you escape the gas if you got caught up in a firefight, so that might just kill off any players who are too deep in the gas field. Or perhaps you go through the gas and reposition yourself in a safer area and even flanking.

6. Use Your Cash for Equipment

Another game mechanic that is sometimes overlooked is the cash you pick up along the way. Sure, cash is the focus for Plunder mode, but cash can be your best friend in battle royale gameplay. You can use it to buy armor bundles or killstreaks.

A well-placed UAV can be between an easy win or getting flanked. You could also get gas masks if you make it into late game and plan to make plays around the gas. Do not hoard your cash as you can’t carry it forward if you come back from the gulag or revived. As a rule of thumb, only have enough to revive your fallen comrade in case they get slugged in the gulag.

7. Loadout Drops Are OP

While using your cash to get armor or other killstreaks is always a good idea, but there is one item that trumps everything else offered in the buy station; the Loadout Drop. It brings down a box where you’re able to choose your pre-set loadout which you can use in the battle royale. Now you’re playing with a familiar gun that you know you could smoke the opponents with.

This particular tip is probably for those with guns that have a good set of attachments unlocked and loaded. If you’re still a new player with barely any levels on your weapons, stick to any gun you find on the ground and learn how each of them works in the battleground.

8. Share Resources with Your Team

I cannot emphasize enough that the only way you’re winning this game is to rely on your teammates. Not even Shroud can win it by himself (unless it’s a solo battle royale, then he’ll be shredding). Share vital resources with your teammates. Give them armor if they have none. Give them bullets to even the odds of engagement. Pass along cash to compile enough to make vital purchases or even reviving your other teammates.

The point here is to keep an eye on your team’s general status. Keep them in fighting shape and they’ll do the same. Play alone without your team, and you probably won’t get help when you’re downed or even revived after failing the gulag.

9. Using Parachutes Efficiently

Your parachute can be redeployed infinite times. So, if you find yourself getting peppered by bullets at a high place, don’t hesitate to jump off the building and use your parachute. Don’t forget to cut and redeploying it so that your drop pattern cannot be traced by follow up attacks. Use your parachute and position yourself in a new area.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try doing this and try taking down an unsuspecting victim who’s floating at their leisure. Break their shields and you could finish them off easily when they land. Don’t forget to reopen your parachute before hitting the ground.

10. Pop and Cut Chute for Fast & Forward Drop

If you find yourself being the last person to hit the ground while a bunch of other players zooms towards the ground faster than you, this is the trick they’re employing. Pop your parachute early as soon your jump and quickly cut it. Repeat the process.

This will ensure that you fall faster and if you press the forward key, you’ll have better forward momentum to push you ahead to hit a certain roof or area. This will definitely take some practice, so don’t be shy to pop your chute early and cut it to get used to the momentum.

11. Take on Contracts Along the Way

A great way to earn a good amount of money early as you play Warzone is doing contracts available around you. Money in battle royale is available inconsistently. So, earning them via contracts is the easiest way to amass enough to either help revive a teammate or just get good killstreaks to keep your team in the game longer. If you’re a beginner, you might want to do Recon contracts as it is a relatively lower risk.

All you have to di is camp out at the recon spot for 15 seconds and that’s easy money. You could also take bounty contracts and even though it might be harder than a recon contract, the bounty contract still rewards you with cash if someone else kills off the target. You also snatch the XP for starting the bounty in the first, so pretty much a win-win situation.

Note: Every time you start a recon process, a flare will be launched in the air giving out your position to others. Bounty targets can also figure out your general distance from them and might take evasive measures or set a trap.

12. Personalize Your Weapons

Everyone has favorite equipment when it comes to FPS, and a battle royale is nothing different. Remember to pair equipment that would be suitable for your playstyle. If you’re a sniper, you might want to pick up a claymore instead of a grenade so you can cover the entrance to your sniper nest.

If you’re more of a fast-paced assault kinda player, pair your assault rifle and an SMG/shotgun. This will nullify the need for you to reload your assault rifle and waste precious time. Instead, switch to your secondary weapon and run towards your wounded enemy.

Remember that different equipment will come in handy in different situations. So, communicate with your team on what you have on hand and diversify the things you carry. You never know when a drone or shield turret might come in handy for future engagements.

13. Mount Your Weapon to Control Recoil

There’s a reason you’re given the option to mount your weapon to a nearby structure, and that because it helps in giving you maximum cover and helps with the recoil from your weapon. Mounting your weapon absolutely helps when shooting into corners or from rooftops. You’ll avoid getting sniped and have a better chance of downing someone in your field of view.

Mounting also allows you to sneak from corners or openings to scout of not get one shotted by a sniper. Remap the mount key if you’re feeling it’s too much of a hassle for you. This feature helps immensely and being able to do it quickly will ensure your survival. So keep in mind to always do it before engaging a target.

14. Embrace the Gulag

It gets a bit stressful when you’re in a one on one situation. This might be a daunting situation for some, so let’s try reframing that. Most battle royale games out there do not have a second chance game mechanics. Once you’re dead, you’re at the mercy of your teammates that are still alive.

The Gulag offers a chance for redemption. If you win, you get to go back to the battlefield without costing your team any cash. The gulag will force to get good with your aim and using your movement mechanics more fluidly. If you’re just starting off in this genre, here’s a couple of tips:

  • Get into a corner and camp
  • Remember to use your stun grenade
  • Throw your stun grenade in one side and flank the opposite side if the hit effect shows up
  • If you have C4, throw it one side and bait the enemy to that location
  • When the flag pops out, chuck your grenade in the middle, there’s a high chance your opponent might be there

These tips can be applied in tandem or depending on the weapons you have, so the only way to truly learn it is to go through many Gulag sessions. Remember that it’s a learning experience, so try not to stress yourself too much.

15. Pay Attention to the Kill Streak Notification

With every shot you take against your opponents, you’ll get a nifty notification on the right side of your HUD. If you’re not sure the status of a sniper that you have shot to an inch of his life behind a roof, look at the notification whether the sniper is downed. This sort of information is very useful to help you decide on your next movements.

If you bring down a player and it says “Downed”, start focusing on the surrounding area to wait for the teammates to come over and try to help their fallen comrade. If it says “Team Wiped” then it is safe to go into that area and pick up the loot left behind. You can also use this in any game modes in COD: Modern Warfare, even Plunder mode.

16. Don’t Give Up

When it comes to any high stake’s stressful gameplay, your mind is your ultimate ally. Always have a positive attitude. Keep spirits high and let your team know that you got their back. Focus on important objectives and remember to back your team up. Sure, it’ll take time for anyone to get good in a game, but having a positive attitude when coming into a dire situation will help you in the long run. Don’t give up easily on your teammates and try your best to get them out if they failed their gulag round. A full team has a better chance to win a battle royale.

All in all, no shooting games come close to the experience Call of Duty has brought over the years. Sure, they had their shortcomings with a couple of their releases over the years, but when they brought what they know in a battle royale format, they just proved to everyone that they shooting game better than most of the battle royale games out there. Shooting makes sense and engagement feel more balanced. Keep grinding and you’ll be able to see the results pretty quickly. Most importantly, have fun with your mates and discover your potential with them in the game.

Disclosure: We may sometimes use affiliate links to reputable retailers like Amazon.

I write about gaming for a living and I make friends with other writers/publishers. Into FPS, RTS and some RPG. I played Sekiro with a mouse and keyboard because I like torture. Git gud or get rekt.


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