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RUST - The 10 Best Base Builds & House Designs for PvP (2023)

Rust is a game that’s been around for ages and is one of the first survival games that lean more into the PvP aspect of this kind of genre. It’s not a game for the faint of heart and not for those who get triggered easily, as a lot of things can happen and you might lose your progress or your base many times while playing this game.

Its first release was in December 2013 as an Early Access game by Facepunch Studios, and it had a rocky start in terms of optimization but it slowly built a very devoted fan base and has now sold over 12 million units.

Because the main feature of Rust is PvP it receives frequent updates and the meta keeps changing constantly, so for now we made a list with the top 10 bases that you by yourself, or with friends, and even with an entire clan can have a chance to defend your precious items and your life.

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10. The Hades

The Hades.

Creator: CEEG

This is a clan base with a wide shooting floor, a lot of early and late peeks, and a decent amount of turrets to fend off enemies, a good amount of respawn points provided with a lot of boxes for inventory as well as two cores and the main loot area.

A roof covered with turrets so you can snipe enemy players from afar and vending machines to get you back on your feet.

This build requires a lot of resources so it will take some time to complete when you start early, this might seem daunting at first but this build is really strong and the tutorial is very detailed.

It also includes some flank bases and last but not least, it has some optional China walls to provide even more security.

Bonus points for the cinematic at the start of the video.

9. The Shadow

The Shadow.

Creator: Dust

Another base building video with a very festive and beautiful intro.

This is primarily used for three people. It has a disconnectable TC that can easily be replaceable, has a lot of peeks without requiring any blueprints to make, a shooting floor with three turrets that can shoot enemies from any angle, and a core room on the same floor.

On the next floor, there are some respawn points and gaps so you can have a clear shot from the shooting floor.

On the final floor, there’s the secondary loot room with 15 rocket bunkers to distribute the loot when you log off.

And finally, a rooftop which is covered with 6 turrets.

The tutorial is detailed and explained thoroughly but requires a lot of resources to build and maintain.

8. The Spector

The Spector.

Creator: Hoody71

This base is more compact and best suited for solo players, the video begins with a pretty neat cinematic and has a detailed tour.

This build offers a ramp which is also the main access to the base, and it can stop raiders from blocking it with incendiary rockets by making them roll down.

The main floor has shotgun traps and a flame turret protecting it from raids, with a tier 3 workbench and a corner with more than enough storage for one player.

The roof has a chem bench, more storage, furnaces, and more flame turrets covering the peeks and the vending machines.

One of the best parts is the wide peeks that offer more visibility.

Next to the flame turrets, there are some floor grills that can be removed and act as a drain for incendiary rockets.

Also, the rooftop is expandable allowing you to create more room, and add more beds for you or for your friends.

The core is hidden below an armored twig bunker which is filled with even more storage boxes, a few sleeping bags, and shotgun traps.

The tutorial is pretty detailed and easy to follow, so if you are a new player it might be a good idea to start from here.

7. The Booget

The Booget.

Creator: spinky.

This base has three TCs, it is a 4 to 5 man base so it’s a little costly for a solo player, and is suggested to do it with a group of friends.

The ground floor is spacious with a lot of storage and garage doors that work as a buffer for raids.

The first floor has even more storage, respawn points, a tier 3 workbench, vending machines, and two siege peek turrets that will shoot enemies through ramps, and can not be destroyed with rockets or C4.

The third floor is the main defense area with numerous peeks looking at the open core area, most of them placed on ramps with more respawn points, lockers, and spots for batteries

The same area has some outside peeks overlooking the shooting floor with wide gaps to shoot off enemy raiders with no blind spots, and it’s not attached to the main base meaning that it will still be standing even if the main base falls.

The shooting area reaches onto the roof where it has peeks that you can see outside the rooftop and is covered by turrets.

6. Heimdall


Creator: Sven

This is a shell base with a simple and easy to build design that has double peek downs a few outside TCs.

The ground floor is covered by spiked walls and 4 entrances, each one with its own storage and respawn units to quickly get back on your feet and return to the fight, it also has some hidden turret spots that prevent enemies to come closer and cross the outer ring.

The inner ring has some peeks looking from above, after that on the next floor there’s the center 2×2 that leads to the main loot area.

The next floor just before the roof is the shooting floor. which consists of a few turrets and some peeks as well as some storage boxes and respawn points that are next to said peeks looking at the rooftop so you won’t need to leave the shooting floor.

The roof has some garage doors installed for access and protection and upward ramps that can help you shoot off enemies with greater cover.

The cost of the build is quite a lot so this build is suggested if you plan to play with four people.

Don’t forget to check the second version of this build.

5. The Crypt

The Crypt.

Creator: Dust

This is a Solo-Duo base design, the cost for this base is not as crazy as others on the list.

The video starts with the disconnectable external TC, a standard three triangle gate leading to the yard compound that has a few welcoming turrets to greet enemies with a few bullets as gifts.

The moment you enter through the ramp you will see a design that helps you open the way to the bunker which consists of a core with workbenches, storage boxes, a vending machine, and a TC.

Above the bunker, there are more storage boxes, a locker, and a tier 2 workbench accompanied by a couple of respawn points.

On the floor above there are a couple more beds a locker as well as an auto turret, and also a few peeks that look outside to the shooting floor and downstairs the compound with a couple of shotgun turrets to defend the doors.

The rooftop is pretty empty but has enough room to place turrets or traps.

4. The Abuser

The Abuser.

Creator: CEEG

This is the second video featured from CEEG this is an absolute unit of a base that can fit an entire clan and is very expensive with about 1.4 mil resources to make you have to be determined to build it.

It has 12 external TCs and this base is recommended for heavily modded servers like Vital and Affinity

Entering the compound the first thing you notice is a big buffer zone with one more after you pass through the wall.

The main shooting floor can be seen from up high and a few breach peeks for ground defense.

On the ground floor you can see plenty of furnaces for early game expansion, and a middle room with everything you need to fight a raid and store items, it also has a chute that leads to the upper floor with an identical core and as this isn’t enough there’s one more floor above with the same things.

All of them are covered with a few shotgun traps to prevent enemies from spawn killing you if they get inside.

The floor above is the main area with beds and has a heightened platform in the middle with a couple of turrets on.

Afterwards, you can find the open core on the next floor which has a full turret ramp protected coverage.

Lastly, just before the rooftop, there’s an empty room with a collapsable floor panel.

The shooting floor is filled with peeks that overlook the entire compound and some bedrooms for nearby respawning to keep on fighting.

3. The Ominous

The Ominous.

Creator: LeftyyP

This is a small base for solo or duo play with a ramp entrance, starting off with an airlock and once you get inside you are greeted with all the benches that you need along with two beds on the side and enough storage to keep everything you need.

Next to the storage, there’s the bunker entrance guarded by a shotgun trap, and you can find the core there which is hard to squeeze through, even by yourself so keep that in mind.

In there you can have all the things you need with enough storage that is more than enough for as long as you play, also the upkeep for this base is really cheap so it’s not saying that you can build this as a starter base.

Up on the last floor, there are more lockers and a few peeks to help defend your base and on the rooftop, you can find one small peek and a turret.

2. Apocalypse


Creator: Clowny Gaming

Another base design for solo or duo players that has a decent cost to build.

Starting off the entrance is ramped with a standard airlock and window to check for campers.

Up on the first floor, you can see some drop boxes, six furnaces, benches, and boxes for general loot, as well as some pixel gap boxes that are stored under your feet.

Moving up on the chute you can see the shooting floor which features a 360 degree view with peeks looking down and up in case you are invaded by helicopters.

In the middle, there’s a heightened platform that has all you need to respawn and get back to the fight as well as another place under your feet with more pixel gap loot.

And on the last floor is the rooftop with a small indoor area just before you go out that can be used for any purpose you desire, defended by a couple of turrets and having one more small space with a bed and some storage boxes.

Lastly, on the first floor, you can go downstairs to the bunker that has a tier 3 workbench a few storage boxes, and sleeping bags.

The bunker is sealed by a twig frame which you can simply remove it when you are online but don’t forget to place it back again along with a roof upgraded to sheet metal.

1. Mamba


Creator: Crow

Lastly one more solo or duo base which is cheap enough to make and is easily expandable, with a decent shooting floor, two turrets covering most of the entrance, and spots to place more if you like.

Entering this base you can find a few hidden shotgun traps just below your feet to prevent door campers, onto the second floor there’s enough space for two beds and a large room for storage boxes, on the same floor there’s a pixel gap bunker and by placing a roof next to it the bunker door will open.

After that dropping down to the core you can see six large boxes, furnaces a tier 3 workbench, and sleeping bags.

The third floor has two more beds a few more boxes and batteries, and moving on to the outer area you will find the shooting floor with multiple peeks to defend your base.

Reaching the rooftop you are greeted by a couple of turbines, two turrets, and enough space for a chopper.

This base is spacious and cheap enough for early game and is easily expandable, a great small base to start your game, and have a friend join you as well.


These are the best bases we found on the internet for Rust if you have any suggestions please leave a comment with your recommendations.

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