Estimating the population of an MMO game is a daunting task, and publishers are not willing to share their numbers on these matters. The reason? I guess WoW’s population is so big, that the rest are embarrassed for their numbers.

So let’s dive in, and sort the most popular MMOs by their user base, with any and all (authority) data that is available on the subject.

World of Warcraft | ±7 Million Players

World of Warcraft Population
World of Warcraft Population


Avg. Monthly Queries on Google: 28M+
YouTube Videos: 8M+
Twitch Followers: 2.5M+
Reddit Subs: 600K+

Social Media

Website Visits: 20M+ / month
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers: 1.5M+
YouTube Subscribers: 1M+

No one has managed to surpass WoW’s extreme population, ever.If you want to experience the most alive community of the past 15 years, and compete or play along with millions of other players, then there is no other choice.

The biggest source of population information on World of Warcraft, has been for years. They currently report 44 million characters on US realms, and 41 million on EU realms.Be aware though, that:

  • They only get data for characters that a) have posted an item in the auction house at any time, or b) have joined a guild with a member that posted an item in the auction house at any time. So there is many more characters not accounted for, but:
  • Keep in mind also that RealmPop offers data on character number, and not player number (unique accounts).

Another great source for WoW population metrics, is Their numbers differ on that:

  • They offer data on unique accounts, and not characters. So they can reflect the player number better.
  • But, they only count accounts that have a) a 110 character that killed anything in Tier 20 Heroic Mode or b) a 110 character in a guild that killed anything in Tier 20 Heroic Mode.

Based on that, they report 900K players on US realms, and 1 million players on EU realms.

The most accurate, though outdated data that has been published on WoW population, is from

They have been tracing the numbers that Blizzard posted with each Quarter Earnings report, and the last time these data were made available the number of active subscribers was at 7.1 million.

It’s worth noting that the peak of active accounts was with the release of Cataclysm, and 12 million active subscribers.

You can create a World of Warcraft account, and try the game for free up to level 20 here (official). You can also buy the game straight away here (official) or get it cheaper here (g2a) or here (kinguin).

The Elder Scrolls Online | ±3 Million Players

The Elder Scrolls Online Population
The Elder Scrolls Online Population


Avg. Monthly Queries on Google: 6.5M+
YouTube Videos: 1M+
Twitch Followers: 250K+
Reddit Subs: 140K+

Social Media

Website Visits: 10M+ / month
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers: 850K+
YouTube Subscribers: 100K+

It’s hard to estimate the population of ESO, or find adequate data for that matter.ESO’s director Matt Firor claimed to that the game has sold 8.5 million copies as of February 2017, and also stated that this amount is evenly split in PCs and consoles. Of course, the number of total copies sold doesn’t reflect the actual active player base of the game.


Another valuable source of data for ESO, can be found on, where the statistics only reflect a small amount of players that use a well known mod, and there are 900K known characters (not players).

In order to create a The Elder Scrolls Online account, you have to buy the game from here (official) or you can get it cheaper here (g2a) or here (kinguin).

Guild Wars 2 | ±1.5 Million Players

Guild Wars 2 Population
Guild Wars 2 Population


Avg. Monthly Queries on Google: 6M+
YouTube Videos: 3M+
Twitch Followers: 250K+
Reddit Subs: 170K+

Social Media

Website Visits: 15M+ / month
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers: 350K+
YouTube Subscribers: 150K+

GW2 was one of the first “wow-killers” back in the day, and it came close, for a very small time frame.

The only data we can use to estimate the active population of the game, is a reddit user’s “study” on the matter, using a simple algorithm to estimate the amount of players to 3 million. There’s no real data to back him up, he just multiplies reddit subscribers by 20. Strangely enough, applying this formula to other games, comes close to real numbers.

What’s more interesting, is that this small post, inspired to make a much more in-depth and data-backed study on Guild Wars 2’s population, claiming than 1.5 million active players is way closer to reality.

Guild Wars 2 has turned Free 2 Play on 29 August 2015, and you can create your account here (official). Feel free to top up your Guild Wars 2 gems for less here (g2a) or here (kinguin).

Final Fantasy XIV | ±1 Million Players

Final Fantasy XIV Population
Final Fantasy XIV Population


Avg. Monthly Queries on Google: 2.7M+
YouTube Videos: 850K+
Twitch Followers: 400K+
Reddit Subs: 175K+

Social Media

Website Visits: 18M+ / month
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers: 200K+
YouTube Subscribers: 250K+

Again, there is little data to confirm the population of FFXIV, so we will look at the most important metrics.


The suggests that there are 12 million characters in all the regions combined, out of which they mark 500K as active (having the “Yol” mount from 4.0).

Some other interesting numbers include the number of pre-orders for all expansions, surpassing the 650K.

You can create a Final Fantasy XIV account, and try the game for free for 14 days here (official). You can also buy the game straight away here (official) or get it cheaper here (g2a) or here (kinguin).

Black Desert Online | ±1 Million Players

Black Desert Online Population
Black Desert Online Population


Avg. Monthly Queries on Google: 10M+
YouTube Videos: 6M+
Twitch Followers: 660K+
Reddit Subs: 80K+

Social Media

Website Visits: 10M+ / month
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers: 60K+
YouTube Subscribers: 30K+

The only thing close to an official announcement, is an infographic published by Kakao games, showing close to 3 million characters in EU & US servers combined.

If we take that statement, and compare the Google interest of BDO & FFXIV, then both games sit at almost the same amount of players.

In order to create a Black Desert Online account, you have to buy the game from here (official) or you can get it cheaper here (kinguin).

Comparing the 5 Most Populated MMO Games

The Google Trend graph below, summarizes the interest for each game in the last 5 years. Of course WoW makes the graph a bit unreadable, but you can play with the tool for yourself, and let us know in the comments for any interesting findings!

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  1. The intended use of +- is as a margin of error. ie, game x has 1milliion active players +-100k would mean the game has between 900k and 1.1m users.

  2. While the numbers might be right on WoW you have to realize about 90% of those numbers are bots and gold farmers that game is pretty much dead any true mmo player knows that so this is very misleading. Same for ESO there is absolutely no way they have more active players then FFXIV. The content is crap on ESO they have a very poor end game also they never could never retain that many people. I play almost all these MMO still so I can say this pretty confidently. If anyone is looking for an active population your best bet would be FFXIV or Guildwars the rest I would not waste my time on unless you want no end game content worth it with ESO or bot and gold tell hell with WoW.

    • Thanks for the input talon, I gotta say I think you’re over-exaggerating.

      I am an active player on all 5 MMOs mentioned in the article (and many more).

      Using bots, gold farming, or in any other way “manipulating” the way a game was originally meant to be played, is nothing new. There is no single MMO that is “healthy” on that aspect.

      The article doesn’t aim to compare the games, as in “more people = better game”, so there is no reason to take it personally with FFXIV!

      I wouldn’t say WoW is dead, hell, I don’t think that day will ever come! Especially with Battle of Azeroth coming out now, it will be a while before we can criticize on WoW’s population again, it will be packed for a long time!

      Unfortunately I agree with you about ESO’s end-game, it’s lacking. There is so much tons of content in this game, yet there are features which are not properly utilized, resulting in an end-game that feels the same with leveling your first character.

      However, I disagree on the population aspect. Personally, the most “active population” MMO experiences I had in 2016-2018 are ESO, and Black Desert Online. I’m talking about going for that boss, and there’s a few hundred players around. Doing side quests, and there’s 20 people running around the same area. Selling stuff in the Auction House, that people actually buy, fast!

      FFXIV and Guild Wars 2 might not be THAT populated, but they have a great community, that is passionate about the game, and dedicated.

      To be honest, I don’t think someone can “go wrong” with any of the 5 choices, since there are millions of other players in each, and the games have gone a long way with content. It’s mostly a matter of personal preference!


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