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Guild Wars 2 - The Best Gold Farming Methods

Money does make the world go around and for the world of Tyria, this is no exception. Gold is the main currency of the game and you can buy almost everything with it one way or another.

So obviously there are many ways to obtain gold, but everyone wants the most effective ones! This is the main purpose of this article; checking the most efficient ways of gold farming, how to do it and what does it require.

We will try to make this guide as newb-friendly as possible, in order to be easy to apply for new players! We will also try to keep it as much updated as possible!

Some might require having a specific expansion or a certain character level. Worry not, as we will point out all of them! We are gonna divide our methods to farming and things you can do every day. Let’s begin:


Silverwastes (RIBA and Chestfarm)

Silverwastes is one of the most classic maps for farming. The most common is through RIBA and Chestfarm (CF for short).

RIBA stands for (R)ed, (I)ndigo, (B)lue and (A)mber. Those are the names of the four fortresses of the map. Let’s take a look at what we farm and how do we make gold out of it.


  • Core game
  • Level 80 character for farming
  • Lower level character for opening the bags
  • Mounts for faster traversing (still not required)

How to find RIBA maps

Using the LFG to find RIBA maps

To find a map for RIBA farm use the LFG tool (press Y on default controls). Then check under the Squads category like the screenshot below.

Then join the squad and move to their instance.

What are we farming

The bags (containers) we farm at Silverwastes

The items you farm at Silverwastes include containers (bags) that contain gear and materials.

There are three types of these bags:

  • Embroidered Coin Purses (found in Lost Bandit Chests)
  • Bags of Gear (awarded from Event completion)
  • Noxious Seed Pouches (Drops from bosses and opening Nightmare chests)

In order to open Lost Bandit Chests, you will require Bandit Skeleton Keys which you can buy from the vendor at Camp Resolve, in exchange for Bandit Crests (rewarded for Event completion in the Silverwastes, found in chests).

Buying Bandit Skeleton Keys

Now don’t rush with opening the bags as they need to be opened on a character of a specific level. That is because some lower tier materials cost more than higher ones, hence make more profit.

Prices for materials tend to change over time and it can be a little difficult to keep track which ones are the most profitable. Thankfully, there’s a website called Silver Wastes! This website will keep track of the prices and indicates the level that it is the most profitable to open the bags.

Using silverwastes.loltools

So make sure your character is at the proper level to open the bags from Silverwastes. Then salvage the gear dropped from the bags and sell the materials on the Trading Post. Preferably put on a sale instead of selling instantly to maximize the profit.

How does RIBA work

Map of Silverwastes with dolyak routes

RIBA works better in a certain order of actions: People take the fortresses, one by one, starting from Red and then moving to Indigo, then Blue, and last but not least, Amber. Capturing by this order will cause defense events to spawn at the same order so the players can run around, “tag” the events then move to the next.

Defending fortress event

Essentially in order to farm these events, you will have to go around the fortresses on this order and kill 5-6 mobs, in order to get the max participation from the defense event.

For example: If you kill 5-6 mobs at the Red fortress defense event then move on to Indigo and you just repeat the process.

Dolyak escort event

In between, you will notice dolyaks on the map. Dolyaks will need an escort from one fortress to the other. Helping them move when they are attacked will get you a bonus event that will speed up your farm. Check the screenshot above for dolyak routes.


Once the bar on the side is filled, after the successful defense of the fortresses, the meta-event will commence.

At the first phase, you will split into groups and fight a boss at each fortress. After successfully defeating the bosses, you will enter a two-minute break and then the second and final phase will begin.

There are 3 lanes on the west side of the map. Each lane will push a ram to open the way to the boss, starting from the bottom, then middle and last top. Defeating all three bosses will bring the meta-event to a successful closing.

Keep an eye out for the loot of the meta-event boss. There is an ultra-rare chance that you get an account bound jewel. Now that jewel is worth nothing, but it has an infusion attached to it which costs thousands of gold.


Opening Lost Bandit Chests during chestfarm

After the meta-event, there’s a 20-minute break when a commander is usually leading a chestfarm. You will go around the map opening Lost Bandit Chests. As we mentioned earlier, in order to do this lots of Bandit Skeleton Keys are required, which you buy with Bandit Crests, so be sure to have a lot on you all the time.

Keep following the commander and you will have no problem finding and opening the chests. After the 20 minute break is over, you will resume to RIBA farm and repeat the whole process.

Wintersberry Farm (Unbound Magic) (Living World Season 3 Maps)


  • Heart of Thorns Expansion
  • Living World Season 3 Maps (just Bitterfrost Frontier and Ember bay are enough)
  • Level 80 character

For this farming, we are gonna need only two maps. Bitterfrost Frontier for farming Winterberries and Ember Bay to buy Mabgic-Warped bundles.

Farming Winterberries

Gathering Winterberries

The first step is to gather Winterberries. When consumed, Winterberries return Unbound Magic, which is the currency needed to buy the containers that will give us that sweet gold.

Winterberries are materials that can be found specific to Bitterfrost Frontier. Following the map below is a good route to ensure you won’t miss any.

Winterberry route

Now for maximizing your Winterberry and Unbound Magic income, you should do this route with every character you have up to level 80. The same route applies for every character and the Winterberries reset daily.

Exchanging Unbound Magic To Make Gold

Afterward, when you have enough Unbound Magic (I’d say around 50-100K) go to Ember Bay.

Magic Warped Bundles

Now with the Unbound Magic that you have gathered, you will buy the rare Magic-Warped Bundles. These contain valuable materials that fetch a good price on the Trading Post.

The reason we buy these in Ember Bay is that they require only 40 silver, even though they require much more Unbound Magic.

Again, put the materials on the Trading Post on sale offer for maximizing the profit.

Volatile Magic Farm (Living World Season 4 Maps)


  • Path Of Fire Expansion
  • Living World Season 4 Maps
  • Level 80 character
  • Mounts

Volatile Magic is a currency earned on Living World Season 4 maps.

These maps are:

  • Domain of Istan
  • Sandswept Islands
  • Domain of Kourna
  • Jahai Bluffs
  • Thunderhead Peaks
  • Dragonfall

Volatile Magic is earned by completing events, killing mobs and gathering nodes in these six specific maps. Currently, the best and fastest way to obtain volatile magic is to farm meta-events in Dragonfall and Thunderhead Peaks.

Another way to obtain Volatile Magic is to consume any Living World Season 4 map currency, like Kralkatitte Ore, Mistonium, Branded Masses, etc. This is not recommended if you are grinding for Skyscale or Vision or anything that needs you to have lots of these materials for that matter.

After you have farmed a lot of Volatile Magic, what do we do with it? Well, we exchange it for Trophy Shipments.

Exchanging volatile magic and gold for trophy shipments

Each trophy shipment costs 250 Volatile Magic and 1 gold, and they contain Tier 6 materials, and it’s highly recommended to sell the materials to earn gold. You can also check some extra ways to get tier 6 materials, on one of my previous articles.

You will approximately make double the gold that you spent to buy the containers! But don’t go and buy the Trophy Shipments one at a time. Get a good amount of Volatile Magic and buy them in bulk. It doesn’t change anything, it just feels much better to invest!

Karka Farm

Veteran Karkas always drop 1-2 Karka shell

Often in Southsun Cove, you will find small groups farming Karka Shells. These materials cost around 9-10 silver, and Veteran Karkas always drop 1 or 2 of them. Smaller karkas also have a chance to drop some.

The farming is most optimal in groups of 4-5 people, in order to quickly kill the karkas without upscaling them much.

You will find the Veteran Karkas most commonly in the “brown” area of Southsun Cove.

Designated area for optimal farm

Although it is achievable solo, it shouldn’t be the first option, as karkas are armored and it will take some time to “solo-fight” them. Of course, killing the Karka Queen world boss should be a priority as soon as it spawns, which can drop up to 10 Karka Shells.

Shiny Bauble Farm

In the maps of Heart of Thorns expansion, one of the map rewards is a Shiny Bauble. It is a junk trophy that its price ranges from 30 silver each. To find which map offers this reward, hover over the map’s name.

Shiny Bauble as a map reward in Auric Basin

Doing events in the map will get you the map rewards. One of the rewards is the Shiny Bauble. Every 20th reward is dropped tenfold, that means that every once in a while you will receive 10 baubles, hence 3 gold!

It will be a little hard to farm events fast and successfully on your own, so we suggest finding a group in the LFG that is farming the events. The most common maps that this farm takes place is Auric Basin and Tangled Depths, due to them having lots of events.

After you are done, go to a vendor, press the “Sell junk” button and receive your gold. Alongside you will make some Karma and loot bags to open for extra rewards.

Things You Can Do Every Day

Daily Achievements

Completing your dailies is a 10-minute process, fact that it makes it easy to farm. Apart from the 2 gold per day reward, there’s also the 10 Achievement Points one.

The dailies you decide to do is completely up to you. Any 3 achievements will do the trick, which makes the process very easy.

Daily Fractals

Doing your daily fractals every day is a good source of income. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious, as higher level fractals are more time-consuming, but the rewards are nice.

Now remember, in order to be able to do the highest tiers of fractals you will need Agony Resistance. Don’t try to rush things, take your time doing the lower levels, learn the mechanics of each fractal and slowly make your way to the top.

Daily fractal chests will reward you withFractal Encryptions which can be unlocked using Fractal Encryption Keys. You will get a lot more chests than keys, so you either sell the remaining boxes or buy keys with fractal relics in order to open more.

Using Fractal Encryption Keys on Fractal Encryptions will generate a new container called Cracked Fractal Encryption. Opening these will grant you lots of Tier 5 Materials, but most importantly lots of junk trophies that fetch a good price at vendors.

Another great source of income is theStabilizing Matrix. Keep in mind, there are lots of recipes that require this material, so sell it only if you don’t need it.

Fractals are a steady daily source of income but don’t lose your mind if you miss a day or two.

Daily Fast And Easy Dungeon Paths

Dungeons may have become obsolete since Fractals have taken over, but following some easy and fast paths will grant you some gold. Unfortunately, it may be proven hard to find groups, but in case you find one don’t miss the chance.

Here’s a list of the easiest paths:

  • Ascalonian Catacombs: Path 1 and Path 3
  • Sorrow’s Embrace: Path 1 and Path 3
  • Citadel of Flame: Path 1 and Path 2
  • Twilight Arbor: Up and Forward Paths

In order to maximize your income, you should have completed the achievement Dungeon Master (requires doing every path and story mode of every dungeon at least once). This will unlock the achievement Dungeon Frequenter, which is repeatable and will award you 5 gold every time you complete 8 different paths. Doing the paths mentioned above will complete the achievement, reset it, and complete it again.

Of course, there is no need to do all these dungeons daily, but they are a good source of extra income.

Daily Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly

The Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly is a boss-event that spawns in 3 different locations every two hours on xx:20.

Usually, there will be a commander for the event, so be sure to look in the LFG under Central Tyria – Squads category!

This is how the event works: A Ley-Line Anomaly boss will spawn somewhere on the map and it will start running. Players will need to use Crowd Control skills on it so it stops moving. This is Phase 1.

After you successfully break the Defiance Bar, the Anomaly will stop moving and it will spawn Coalescences that it will try to absorb. You will need to keep the Coalescences from reaching the Anomaly for 1 minute. This is Phase 2.

After Phase 2, the damage Phase will commence. You go all out during this Phase to deal as much damage as possible. In case the Anomaly doesn’t die during this phase, it will start Phase 1 again and you will need to repeat all the steps.

Now, why is this event profitable? After successfully killing the Anomaly, it will drop a junk trophy that costs 50 silver, as well as a Mystic Coin. Mystic Coins are currently sold at a high price (around 1.5 gold)! The Mystic Coin drops daily, so the optimal is to do the event only once per day.

Daily Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials

This method works by gathering the Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials every day. The reward is 200 points of Map Bonus Rewards of the zone you are currently in. They don’t work in zones of Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire.

In short, using one of these will get you the “next reward”. Remember that every 20th reward grants you ten times more materials.

The downside is that only 6 of these can be bought every day and they cost Karma. Buying all 6 in a day costs 31.500 Karma.

In order to buy them, you will have to travel across Tyria to find 6 different Pact Supply Network Agents (follow the link to see their current location in the GW2Wiki page).

Note: Even though the items offer reset at server reset time, their location doesn’t change for another 8 hours. For example, if the server reset happens at 00:00 UTC, the location of the vendors change at 08:00 UTC.

Each week the items offered in each map change or some areas, are way more profitable than others.

The best course of action in order to maximize the profit is to wait until the rotation reaches a good week. For example, during one of the weeks of the rotation, the Rewards offered are Vials of Powerful Blood, Charged Cores, Charged Lodestones, and Obsidian Shards. Since charged cores and lodestones are quite expensive and Vials of Powerful Blood is the most expensive Tier 6 material, you will make quite the profit.

Daily Tequatl The Sunless World Boss

Fighting Tequatl The Sunless

Tequatl the Sunless is a World Boss that lies in Sparkfly Fen. You can check when it spawns here.

You will find quite a lot of groups in LFG. Get in one of their maps and fight the boss. You will make 2 gold and some extra chests that have a rare chance of dropping ascended items and exotics, that can be sold for extra gold.

Daily Heart Of Thorns / Path Of Fire Map Meta-Events

One of the four meta-events, Tarir in Auric Basin


  • Heart of Thorns Expansion / Path Of Fire Expansion
  • Level 80 character

Each Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire map (Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths and Dragon’s Stand for HoT and Crystal Oasis, Dessert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, Desolation and Domain of Vabbi for PoF) has a unique meta-event that can be done once per day (per map). You can actually do it more than once, but you won’t get rewarded again.

Now each of events will grant you a Hero’s Choice Chest upon successful completion. One of the choices is an Amalgamated Gemstone, which currently goes for about 1.5 gold in the Trading Post.

In addition, you may open each map’s containers that spawn from doing an event (eg: Airship Cargo in Verdant Brink, Exalted Chests in Auric Basin, etc.). These will provide extra materials and make a side profit.

The Path of Fire maps have more than one meta-event. For example: Domain of Vabbi has the Serpent’s Ire meta-event, which is a bit hard and requires a great amount of coordination and Forged With Fire meta-event which is easier to do. Completing any of the two events will grant you the Hero’s Choice Chest. The chest is map-bound, which means that if you do one meta, the other will not drop the chest.

The meta-events are kinda costly in terms of time, so don’t worry about doing them every day, but in case you don’t know what else to do, this will come in handy!

Daily Flax / Mussels / Jungle Plants / Elder Wood Gathering Routes

I didn’t list this method as a farm because there’s only so much you can gather daily, but it could quite feel like one.

For this to work, you will follow specific routes and gather specific materials:

  • Flax
  • Mussels
  • Jungle Plants
  • Elder Wood

You can grab anything else you stumble upon, but these are the materials you should focus on.

Below there are screenshots of the routes and we will talk about how we make gold from these specific materials.

Just to clarify some things:

  • These are probably not the only routes, hell they might not even be the optimal ones. It’s the ones I use. I like them because they are short, easy to remember and quite doable daily.
  • Each character can gather the nodes independently. That means you can repeat the routes with as many characters are you want or can.
  • For these routes, you will require the Heart of Thorns Expansion and most of Living World Season 3 maps.

How to make gold from the materials you gathered:

  • Flax: Either sell it as it is or craft Vials of Linseed Oil and sell them
  • Mussels: The material itself isn’t worth much but the nodes sometimes drop a jewel called Freshwater Pearl which is quite costly. Sell any Freshwater Pearl you get.
  • Jungle Plants: Sell all the Cassava Roots you get, as well as any Maguuma Lilly you find (rare chance, like Freshwater Pearls).
  • Elder Wood: Sell as it is or keep it in case you need it for a Legendary or anything.

Let’s take a look at the routes by the map:

Draconis Mons

From Heathen’s Hold waypoint head west and fall down the ledge

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, head west and fall down the ledge. You will notice a patch of green that you can land on.

Fall on this patch of green then follow the path to the cave

After you land you will notice a cave. Head into the cave and you will come across a circle of flax nodes that can be harvested. Pretty easy.

Easy to farm flax nodes

Auric Basin

In Auric Basin there are two waypoints that you can travel to and gather nodes in the surrounding area.

The two Waypoints, Eastwatch and Westwatch

Now in the areas around the waypoints, Flax, Jungle Plants, and Elder Wood, nodes can be found and gathered. You can ignore Sawgill Mushrooms if you want, their value is quite low, but since you are there, why not?

Verdant Brink

Following the path that is depicted in the screenshot above, you will encounter lots of Mussels, as well as some Flax and Elder Wood nodes. Make sure to gather them all as well as any Airship Cargo that you happen to stumble upon.

Waypoint to the center of the map, at the Pact Encampment waypoint, then follow the path for some extra mussels and flax.

Bloodstone Fen

Lots of Jungle Plants, Mussels and Elder wood on this route. Careful of the White Mantle mobs, they pack quite a punch.

Siren’s Landing

Lots of Elder Wood can be found on this route. You will also come across some Ancient Wood and Orrian Ruffle along the way, so grab these as well. Also, grab any Orrian Pearls you find, which you can consume for some extra Unbound Magic.

Malchor’s Leap

This is a very short path but at the end of it, you will come across 5 Elder Wood nodes, one on top of each other. Grab anything else you want along the way.

As you can see there are multiple ways to earn gold in Guild Wars 2. You have a variety to choose from so if any method gets dull you can always try another.

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