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Paladins - How to Play Jenos - In-Depth Guide & Best Loadouts

Jenos was merely a young monk in search of greater wisdom and flew among the stars, to collect that wisdom, so he ascended into the heavens, vanishing for years, while his people, waited for him for years and years on. He finally returns to give the wisdom of Cosmos to his people and join the war of the Realm.

Jenos was released in Paladins on July 26th, 2017, during the Open Beta 0.55 version. He is basically the only Support champion, till now, that can heal inside walls, and that’s his strongest attribute. Able to float away from enemies and many ways to secure kills and provide supportive damage.

By playing Paladins, I noticed a crazy amount of players complaining that they need a better healer than Jenos on their team, and well, even though he was buffed in the latest update, but still, he is doing the less heal per second, compared to other support champions.

But, on the other hand, Jenos is a “self-sustain” healer that can reach multiple players fast, and in the same way, escape vicious flanks that always aim to kill the healer. He is also an excellent choice for a double-healer team build, as he can follow the flanks and the DPS players, while Seris or Furia is watching the tank on point.

Jenos: Abilities & Talents


Weapon – Star Splitter

Jenos, Star Splitter Weapon Ability, Paladins

Jenos, Star Splitter Weapon Ability, Paladins

Jenos’ basic weapon attack, is a “Star Splitter”, an “otherworldly” weapon that deals 108 burst damage every 0.13s at medium range. It is a direct damage weapon and it can be countered by the “Haven” item.  As a mostly “second-healer,” you will get to use your weapon a lot. It’s especially useful when you buff your weapon in order to counter shields, deployables, by buying the matching items (“Wrecker“, “Bulldozer“).

Jenos’ talent called “Binary Star”, makes Star Splitter deal 360 damage every 0.4s, making him dangerous for anyone to encounter. If you still train your aim though, better not rely on this talent for the win.

Astral Mark

Jenos, Astral Mark Ability, Paladins

Jenos, Astral Mark Ability, Paladins

The Cosmic God’s healing ability is called “Astral Mark”. Apply a celestial blessing, that passes through all obstacles, healing allies for 5% maximum health and 220 additional Health every second for 10s. Quickly breaking down this heal is the lowest possible healing outcome from a Paladins Support.

Still, his advantage to heal through walls makes him ideal for a second-Support, that takes care of his DPS and Flank allies, while he is not revealing his position to enemies. He can also provide good heal to a double-Damage/Flank team with a single Tank. But he can definitely not sustain 2-Tank team build, and it is not suggested.

Void Grip

Jenos, Void Grip Ability, Paladins

Jenos, Void Grip Ability, Paladins

Void Grip” gives the enemy gravitational energy that lifts him up, dealing up to 360 damage over 2.5s. If the victim manages to move while lifting, it will interrupt “Void Grip“. This ability though is extremely useful to your team when you have sniper, crossbow and other hard-to-aim champions as allies. It gives them a brief time of immobility they need to execute.

Always try to have the enemy affected by “Void Grip” in the lowest health possible. If they are in full hp, chances are that they will escape alive from this, and your cooldown is wasted for nothing.

Champions that can interrupt “Void Grip“, are Maeve, Lian, Evie and more. When you need to counter these champions, with the “The Power Cosmeum” legendary card, “Void Grip” becomes a crippling ability and deals an additional 360 damage over its duration.

Stellar Wind

Jenos, Stellar Wind Ability, Paladins

Jenos, Stellar Wind Ability, Paladins

Stellar Wind”, is your “emergency exit” from harsh situations, and helps to reach allies that are not near you faster than the… wind! Jenos lowers his weapon and moves 65% faster and while increasing your jump height, you decrease your fall speed.

This ability’s cards can make you more resistant to damage taken, or even regenerate ammo while using “Stellar Wind”, a “helping hand”, either you play offensive or supportive. You can either gain ammo or damage reduction, by using cards like “Solar Sails” or “Cosmic Barrier” on your loadout.

Through Time and Space (Ultimate Ability)

Jenos, Through Time and Space Ultimate Ability, Paladins

Jenos, Through Time and Space Ultimate Ability, Paladins

Jenos vanishes anyone who will stand in front of his ultimate ability, “Through Time and Space”! Lock yourself in place and gather the power of the cosmos for 1.5s becoming CC immune. Then, unleash your energy in a long-range blast that pierces through all obstacles and deals 2400 damage to anyone who is standing in the area of attack. I’ve seen some massive massacres with this ultimate!


Binary Star

Jenos, Binary Star Talent, Paladins

Jenos, Binary Star Talent, Paladins

Jenos’ has already a nice burst damage to contribute, and by using the “Binary Star” talent, Star Splitter now deals 360 damage every 0.4s, which helps to secure kills flanks couldn’t reach in time, you just float on the enemy, and finish the enemy.

It makes your weapon a bit more “unforgiving” on missing shots, so give your best aim skills when using this talent, and you will be the “one-for-all” Support for your team. Also works well if your enemy team has a lot of deployables (Barik’s Turrets, Ying’s illusions, etc.)  that need to be destroyed, so not to have your DPS ally focusing on such stuff.

On item build, aim first for “Wrecker” or “Bulldozer” if it is required, otherwise, go for “Cauterize“. Then focus on lowering your healing and grabbing abilities cooldowns by buying “Chronos“.  Finish your item build with the defensive items needed (“Haven” / “Blast Shields“), and “Life Rip“.


Jenos, Luminary Talent, Paladins

Jenos, Luminary Talent, Paladins

Luminary” talent, is the best way to support your Flanks on 1v1 fights. By using this talent, any ally affected by your Astral Mark deals 15% more weapon damage, during the healing duration.

Jenos, as previously said, might not offer the highest healing output possible, but his ability to reach allies fast, and heal through walls without revealing himself, just kind of makes things up for him, especially when he uses this talent. Play Very defensive and don’t reveal yourself to enemies when you are playing this talent. Get the safest positioning possible and sustain DPS and Flank allies, while your main Support ally heals your Tank/s.

Despite the damage bonus, he is still not capable of keeping 2 tanks full sustainable against experienced damage champions, but he sure can sustain a single-tank and double-flank/DPS build. Jenos and all his abilities are fully supportive of the aspect of securing kills. He is not someone to rely on just for heals.

Your best friend in the item shop when you use “Luminary” talent, is always “Chronos“. Then focus on your defensive options (“Haven” / “Blast Shields“), and “Kill To Heal” to benefit from the eliminations.

The Power Cosmeum

Jenos, The Power Cosmeum Talent, Paladins

Jenos, The Power Cosmeum Talent, Paladins

The Power Cosmeum” talent, is the ideal choice when you and your sniper have to face annoying flying and quick-escape enemy champions (AndroxusEvieMaeveTalus, etc.). Again, you are the one to secure kills and protect low mobility DPS allies.

The screenshot I provided, is the ideal situation to use this talent. We had a sniper and a Support trying to sustain the tank, but the flank did a good job on being annoying. I stayed near to Kinessa and Ying at all times, waiting for Androxus to do his move. Every time he had to face the cripple, while Kinessa was aiming him safe and sound.

On item build, first focus on Jenos’ best friend, “Chronos“. Then continue with the defensive items needed (“Haven” / “Blast Shields” and/or “Resilience” ), and of course “Kill to Heal“, to benefit yourself by the eliminations made.


The following loadouts are made by me personally, after hours and hours testing combinations. Tried all of them multiple times, and I can tell that worked pretty good, considering I am not playing Jenos as a main.

Talent: Binary Star
Role: Damage

Jenos, Binary Star Ability, Damage Loadout, Paladins

Jenos, Binary Star Ability, Damage Loadout, Paladins

  • Retrograde (3): Reduce the cooldown of Astral Mark by 0.5s (1.5s).
  • Solar Sails (1): Gain 2 ammo per second during stellar wind (2).
  • Inertia (2): Gain 5% Reload Speed (10%).
  • Penumbra (5): Gain 5% Lifesteal (25%).
  • Cosmic Barrier (4): Gain 5% damage reduction while using Stellar Wind. (20%)

Talent: Luminary
Role: Healer

Jenos, Luminary Ability, Healing Loadout, Paladins

Jenos, Luminary Ability, Healing Loadout, Paladins

  • Star Seeker (1): Increase air control by 14% when using Stellar Wind (14%).
  • Lightyears (3): Increase Astral Mark’s range by 10% (30%)
  • Astral Cycle (4): Increase the duration of Astral Mark by 0.5s (2s).
  • Retrograde (5): Reduce the cooldown of Astral Mark by 0.5s (2.5s)
  • Relativity (2): Applying Astral Mark heals you for 40 (80) Health per second over 10 seconds

Talent: The Power Cosmeum
Role: Damage

Jenos, The Power Cosmeum Ability, Damage Loadout, Paladins

Jenos, The Power Cosmeum Ability, Damage Loadout, Paladins

  • Falling Star (4): If a victim of Void Grip dies within 4s of being hit by the ability, reduce all active cooldowns by 20% (80%)
  • Heavenly Pull (3): Increase the range you can use Void Grip by 10% (30%).
  • Inner Peace (4): Decrease the cooldown of Void Grip by 1.2s (4.8s)
  • Solar Sails (1): Gain 2 ammo per second during Stellar Wind (2).
  • Retrograde (3): Reduce the cooldown of Astral Mark by 0.5s (1.5s)

Feel free to post your own opinions and recommendations on the loadouts. They are more than welcome!

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