Old School Runescape – Best In Slot Gear for Melee, Range & Mage

As with everything in OSRS, figuring out the best in slot gear for each combat skill (melee, range & mage) is not an easy task, so we've gathered the BiS armor & weapons in easy-to-read tables!

Choosing the best gear in Old School Runescape and how to spend your Gold wisely is so confusing for the majority of OSRS players. The new players specifically will be having a hard time to decide whether to buy this item or that item and which one is better.

This guide will be introducing the best-in-slot gears for every combat style in OSRS as well as the most suitable game activity for each gear. The aim of this guide is to reduce the gear choice confusion for everyone in OSRS.

Best OSRS Melee Gear

Tables below will be showing the best possible Melee gear for the various activities in the game, keep in mind that you can always downgrade to a cheaper gear.

Best Melee Gear for Raids #1

The table below includes all the best Melee items needed in Raids #1.

Item nameScythe of viturAvernic defenderBerserker ring (i)Amulet of torturePrimordial bootsSerpentine helmFerocious glovesBandos chestplateBandos tassetsInfernal capeGhrazi rapierDragon warhammerDragon pickaxe
Stab bonus70+30+015+2+016+004+94+4-38+
Slash bonus110+29+015+2+016+004+55+4-2-
Crush bonus30+28+015+2+016+004+095+32+
Magic bonus6-5-004-5-16-15-21-1+04-0
Ranged Bonus04-001-5-16-10-7-1+000
Stab Defense2-30+0022+52+098+71+12+000
Slash Defense8+29+0022+55+093+63+12+001+
Crush Defense10+28+8+022+58+0105+66+12+000
Magic Defense05-000006-4-12+000
Ranged Defense04-00050+0133+93+12+000
Strength Bonus75+8+8+10+5+5+14+4+2+8+89+85+42+
Ranged Str Bonus0000000000000
Magic Damage0000000000000
Prayer Bonus0002+0001+1+2+000
Attack Speed3 secs2.4 secs3.6 secs3 secs
Required Defense0700075758065650000
Required Attack7570000080000756060
Required Strength750007500000000
OthersWarriors’ Guild AccessNMZ75 HitpointsQuest ReqBoss

Best Melee Gear for Training (60-99)

Tables below will be showing the best training Melee gear starting from Level 60 till 99. The last table will include the best Melee Weapons and you will have to pick according to your level and your needs.

Level 60+

Item nameDragon defenderBarrows glovesHelm of neitiznotFighter torsoObsidian platelegsDragon bootsBerserker ring (i)Amulet of tortureFire capeHoly blessing
Stab bonus25+12+0000015+1+0
Slash bonus24+12+0000015+1+0
Crush bonus23+12+0000015+1+0
Magic bonus3-6+040-03-001+0
Ranged Bonus2-12+0001-001+0
Stab Defense25+12+31+62+46+16+0011+0
Slash Defense24+12+29+85+43+17+0011+0
Crush Defense23+12+34+62+41+18+8+011+0
Magic Defense3-6+3+10-10-00011+0
Ranged Defense2-12+30+67+40+00011+0
Strength Bonus6+12+3+4+1+4+8+10+4+0
Ranged Str Bonus0000000000
Magic Damage0000000000
Prayer Bonus003+00002+2+1+
Attack Speed
Required Defense601554060600000
Required Attack0000000000
Required Strength0000000000
OthersWarriors’ Guild AccessQuest ReqQuest ReqMinigameNMZ75 HitpointsBoss

Level 80~99

Item nameAvernic defenderFerocious glovesSerpentine helmBandos chestplateBandos tassetsPrimordial bootsBerserker ring (i)Amulet of tortureInfernal capeHoly blessing
Stab bonus30+16+0002+015+4+0
Slash bonus29+16+0002+015+4+0
Crush bonus28+16+0002+015+4+0
Magic bonus5-16-5-15-21-4-001+0
Ranged Bonus4-16-5-10-7-1-001+0
Stab Defense30+052+98+71+22+0012+0
Slash Defense29+055+93+63+22+0012+0
Crush Defense28+058+105+66+22+8+012+0
Magic Defense5-006-4-00012+0
Ranged Defense4-050+133+93+00012+0
Strength Bonus8+14+5+4+2+5+8+10+8+0
Ranged Str Bonus0000000000
Magic Damage0000000000
Prayer Bonus0001+1+002+2+1+
Required Defense7080756565750000
Required Attack708000000000
Required Strength00000750000
OthersWarriors’ Guild AccessQuest ReqNMZ75 HitpointsBoss


Item nameDragon scimitarAbyssal daggerAbyssal tentacleGhrazi rapierDragon hunter lanceScythe of vitur
Stab bonus8+75+094+85+70+
Slash bonus67+40+90+55+65+110+
Crush bonus2-4-0065+30+
Magic bonus01+0006-
Ranged Bonus000000
Stab Defense000002-
Slash Defense1+00008+
Crush Defense0000010+
Magic Defense01+0000
Ranged Defense000000
Strength Bonus66+75+86+89+70+75+
Ranged Str Bonus000000
Magic Damage000000
Prayer Bonus000000
Attack Speed2.4 secs2.4 secs2.4 secs2.4 secs3 secs
Required Defense000000
Required Attack607075757075
Required Strength0000075
Required Slayer000000
OthersQuest ReqQuest Req
Mainly Used to TrainAll Melee StatsAll Melee StatsAttack & DefenseAll Melee StatsSharedAll Melee Stats
Mainly Used AgainstLow Slash DefenseLow Stab DefenseLow Slash DefenseLow Stab DefenseDragons OnlyLow Slash Defense
Using Two handsNoNoNoNoNoYes

Best Melee Gear for NMZ

The table below shows the best Melee gear for the Nightmare Zone and it should be used with the Dwarven Rock Cake.

Item nameDharok’s greataxeDharok’s helmDharok’s platebodyDharok’s platelegsPrimordial bootsBerserker ring (i)Ferocious glovesInfernal capeAmulet of tortureHoly blessing
Stab bonus4-0002+016+4+15+0
Slash bonus103+0002+016+4+15+0
Crush bonus95+0002+016+4+15+0
Magic bonus4-3-30-21-4-016-1+00
Ranged Bonus01-10-7-1-016-1+00
Stab Defense045+122+85+22+0012+00
Slash Defense048+120+82+22+0012+00
Crush Defense044+107+83+22+8+012+00
Magic Defense01-6-4-00012+00
Ranged Defense1-51+132+92+00012+00
Strength Bonus105+0005+8+14+8+10+0
Ranged Str Bonus0000000000
Magic Damage0000000000
Prayer Bonus00000002+2+1+
Attack Speed4.2 secs
Required Defense070707075080000
Required Attack700000080000
Required Strength700007500000
OthersNMZQuest ReqBoss75 Hitpoints


Best OSRS Ranged Gear

Tables below will be showing the best possible Ranged gear for the various activities in the game.

Best Ranged Gear for Raids #1

The table below includes all the best Ranged items needed in Raids #1.

Item nameArmadyl helmetArmadyl chestplateArmadyl chainskirtAva’s assemblerNecklace of anguishPegasian bootsBarrows glovesToxic blowpipeTwisted bowDragon arrows
Stab bonus5-7-6-00012+000
Slash bonus5-7-6-00012+000
Crush bonus5-7-6-00012+000
Magic bonus5-15-10-0012-6+000
Ranged Bonus10+33+20+8+15+12+12+60+70+0
Stab Defense6+56+32+1+05+12+000
Slash Defense8+48+26+1+05+12+000
Crush Defense10+61+34+1+05+12+000
Magic Defense10+70+40+8+05+6+000
Ranged Defense8+57+33+2+05+12+08+0
Strength Bonus0000012+000
Ranged Str Bonus002+5+00020+60+
Magic Damage000000000
Prayer Bonus1+1+1+02+0004+0
Attack Speed1.8 secs3.6 secs
Required Defense70707000751000
Required Ranged70707070075075750
OthersQuest Req75 HitpointsQuest Req

Best Ranged Gear for Training (75-99)

The table below will be showing the best training Ranged gear starting from Level 75 till 99. The last table will include the best Ranged Weapons and you will have to pick according to your level and your needs.

Item nameArmadyl helmetArmadyl chestplateArmadyl chainskirtArchers ring (i)Ava’s assemblerNecklace of anguishPegasian bootsBarrows glovesTwisted buckler
Stab bonus5-7-6-000012+7-
Slash bonus5-7-6-000012+8-
Crush bonus5-7-6-000012+7-
Magic bonus5-15-10-00012-6+10-
Ranged Bonus10+33+20+8+8+15+12+12+18+
Stab Defense6+56+32+01+05+12+22+
Slash Defense8+48+26+01+05+12+24+
Crush Defense10+61+34+01+05+12+22+
Magic Defense10+70+40+08+05+6+26+
Ranged Defense8+57+33+8+2+05+12+58+
Strength Bonus00000012+0
Ranged Str Bonus0002+5+000
Magic Damage00000000
Prayer Bonus1+1+1+002+000
Required Defense70707000075175
Required Ranged707070070075075
OthersQuest Req75 HitpointsQuest Req


Item nameToxic blowpipeArmadyl crossbowDragon hunter crossbowTwisted bow
Stab bonus0000
Slash bonus0000
Crush bonus0000
Magic bonus0000
Ranged Bonus60+100+95+70+
Stab Defense0000
Slash Defense0000
Crush Defense0000
Magic Defense0000
Ranged Defense0008+
Strength Bonus0000
Ranged Str Bonus00020+
Magic Damage0000
Prayer Bonus01+04+
Attack Speed1.8 secs3.6 secs3.6 secs3.6 secs
Required Defense0000
Required Ranged75706575
Mainly Used AgainstLow Ranged DefenseHigh Ranged DefenseDragons OnlyHigh Magic Attack
Using Two HandsYesNoNoYes

Best Ranged Gear for Chinning

The table below shows the best Ranged gear for Chinning. It gives the highest Ranged damage and accuracy.

Item nameBlack chinchompaTwisted bucklerElite void topElite void robeVoid knight glovesVoid ranger helmPegasian bootsNecklace of anguishAva’s assemblerHoly blessing
Stab bonus07-00000000
Slash bonus08-00000000
Crush bonus07-00000000
Magic bonus010-000012-000
Ranged Bonus80+18+000012+15+8+0
Stab Defense022+45+30+6+6+5+01+0
Slash Defense024+45+30+6+6+5+01+0
Crush Defense022+45+30+6+6+5+01+0
Magic Defense026+45+30+4+6+5+08+0
Ranged Defense058+45+30+6+6+5+02+0
Strength Bonus0000000000
Ranged Str Bonus30+0000005+2+0
Magic Damage0000000000
Prayer Bonus003+3+0002+01+
Attack Speed2.4 secs
Required Defense0754242424275000
Required Ranged657542424242750700
Required Magic00424242420000
Required Hitpoints004242424207500
Required Strength00424242420000
Required Attack00424242420000
Required Prayer00222222220000
OthersMinigame & DiaryMinigame & DiaryMinigame & DiaryMinigame & DiaryQuest Req

Best OSRS Magic Gear

Tables below will be showing the best possible Magic gear for the various activities in the game.

Best Magic Gear for Raids #1

The table below includes all the best Magic items needed in Raids #1.

Item nameAncestral hatAncestral robe topAncestral robe bottomArcane spirit shieldImbued saradomin capeOccult necklaceTormented braceletSanguinesti staff
Stab bonus00000000
Slash bonus00000000
Crush bonus00000000
Magic bonus8+35+26+20+15+12+10+25+
Ranged Bonus2-8-7-00004-
Stab Defense12+42+27+53+3+002+
Slash Defense11+31+24+55+3+003+
Crush Defense13+51+30+73+3+001+
Magic Defense5+28+20+2+15+0015+
Ranged Defense00052+0000
Strength Bonus00000000
Ranged Str Bonus00000000
Magic Damage2+2+2+02+10+5+0
Prayer Bonus0003+02+2+0
Attack Speed2.4 secs
Required Defense65656500000
Required Magic7575750070075
OthersMinigame75 Hitpoints

Best Magic Gear for Training (75-99)

The table below will be showing the best training Magic gear starting from Level 75 till 99. The last table will include the best Magic Weapons and you will have to pick according to your level and your needs.

Item nameAncestral hatAncestral robe topAncestral robe bottomArcane spirit shieldSeers ring (i)Imbued saradomin capeOccult necklaceEternal bootsTormented bracelet
Stab bonus000000000
Slash bonus000000000
Crush bonus000000000
Magic bonus8+35+26+20+6+15+12+8+10+
Ranged Bonus2-8-7-000000
Stab Defense12+42+27+53+03+05+0
Slash Defense11+31+24+55+03+05+0
Crush Defense13+51+30+73+03+05+0
Magic Defense5+28+20+2+6+15+08+0
Ranged Defense00052+0005+0
Strength Bonus000000000
Ranged Str Bonus000000000
Magic Damage2+2+2+002+10+05+
Prayer Bonus0003+002+02+
Required Defense6565650000750
Required Magic75757500070750
OthersNMZMinigame75 Hitpoints


Item nameKodai wandTrident of the swampStaff of the deadSanguinesti staff
Stab bonus0055+0
Slash bonus0070+0
Crush bonus0000
Magic bonus2825+17+25+
Ranged Bonus0004-
Stab Defense02+02+
Slash Defense3+3+3+3+
Crush Defense3+1+3+1+
Magic Defense20+15+17+15+
Ranged Defense0000
Strength Bonus0072+0
Ranged Str Bonus0000
Magic Damage15+015+0
Prayer Bonus0000
Attack Speed2.4 secs2.4 secs2.4 secs2.4 secs
Required Defense0000
Required Magic75757575
OthersLevel 75 Attack

Best Magic Gear for Bursting/Barraging

The table below shows the best Magic gear for Bursting/Barraging. It gives the highest Magic damage in the game.

Item nameAncestral hatAncestral robe topAncestral robe bottomArcane spirit shieldImbued saradomin capeOccult necklaceTormented braceletKodai wandSeers ring (i)Eternal bootsHoly blessing
Stab bonus00000000000
Slash bonus00000000000
Crush bonus00000000000
Magic bonus8+35+26+20+15+12+10+286+8+0
Ranged Bonus2-8-7-00000000
Stab Defense12+42+27+53+3+00005+0
Slash Defense11+31+24+55+3+003+05+0
Crush Defense13+51+30+73+3+003+05+0
Magic Defense5+28+20+2+15+0020+6+8+0
Ranged Defense00052+000005+0
Strength Bonus00000000000
Ranged Str Bonus00000000000
Magic Damage2+2+2+02+10+5+15+000
Prayer Bonus0003+02+2+0001+
Attack Speed2.4 secs
Required Defense656565000000750
Required Magic75757500700750750
OthersMinigame75 HitpointsNMZ


Note that this article is covering the best possible gears in the game ignoring the prices or the rarity of any piece included.

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